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8 Best Google Adwords Certification Online Training 20239 min read

Are you looking for the Best Google Adwords Certification Online in 2023? These Best Google Adwords Training Courses Online, Tutorial, and Classes 2023 will help you to pass the Google Adwords Exam from the Academy.

Do you want to get Google AdWords Certified? With these best Google Adwords tutorials you will learn everything about Google Adwords account opening, campaign type, maintaining campaign settings, and running Google Adwords campaigns.

You will get an idea of how to run online advertising with google ads for your business to get potential customers.

Previously, Google Adwords Certification Cost was $100 for two exams. You had to pay $50 for each exam.

But, the good news is now the Google AdWord Exam is now completely free to take, near about 120 mins long, and contains multiple-choice questions.

If you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert it is worth the time to have a look at these Google Adwords tutorials and get certified. 

You can also integrate Analytics with Adwords to monitor your landing page and conversion rate optimization according to to click through rates.

8 Best Google Adwords Certification Online Training, Tutorial, Courses, and Classes 2023

1. Ultimate Google AdWords Training–Stop SEO & Win With PPC!


You might be thinking that this is a good course. This Google AdWords Training is worthy of being at the top of the list. Because it is the highest-rated Google AdWords course on the internet.

This google ads tutorial will teach you how to drive traffic to your website consistently. Not just any traffic but the traffic that will convert and get you more sales.

You might be losing your customers because your competitors are doing competition research and selling their products and services through better ads.

However, every dog has its day. And your day has come. If you take this course then you can take control of your business.

If you take this course and do not understand any part then you can simply ask the course instructor.

Additionally, he is going to help you. You will also be able to communicate with all the students who have taken this course.

Besides, you do not need to have any experience at all to take this course. Because the instructor will teach you all the very basics about Google AdWords.

All in all, this course is updated almost every month. So you will find that this course is updated for the new Google AdWords dashboard.

The instructor will teach you the following:

  • How to get started with your Google AdWords account from scratch.
  • The concept behind successful internet advertising.
  • You will get concepts on keywords and how to use them to your advantage.
  • Learn how to track your conversions.
  • Track the sales and revenue from your Google AdWords account.
  • Doing a/b tests is very important for ads
  • Cost per click is a very major factor in creating your ads.
  • You are also going to see how to analyze your keywords in Excel.
  • It is very easy to lose money while doing Google AdWords.

Students Enrolled: 164.6K+

Instructor: Isaac Rudansky

Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0

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2. Google AdWords for Beginners

This is a short course on Google AdWords. However, you must not underestimate the knowledge that you can get from this course.

Because the instructor can teach you everything that you need to know about Google AdWords within such a short time.

This Best Google Adwords Certification will teach you the following:

  • The fundamental knowledge.
  • You will learn campaign targeting.
  • You will learn how to manage budgets and also bidding.
  • Keyword research is a very important part of Google AdWords. And you are going to learn how to do that exactly.
  • Competitive research is a very important part of Google AdWords. You are going to learn just that.
  • There are several optimization techniques for optimizing your ad. The instructor will teach you how to do it.

The instructor will walk you through the whole Google AdWords environment. So you will get very familiar with the platform. And once you are familiar with the platform you can use it too.

If you are a marketing professional or an entrepreneur who is trying to make a big bag for his business then this course is for you

Students Enrolled: 27.3K+

Instructor: Corey Rabazinski

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0

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3. The Complete Google AdWords: Beginner to Expert!

If you want to convert web traffic into sales then you need to tap on the most powerful marketing platform in the world. The platform that you need to leverage to get more sales.

The structure is a famous influencer.

He teaches you how to do the following in this course:

  • Operating your Google AdWords Login account.
  • Mobile advertising to get more conversions from your ads.
  • Effectively do Google AdWords campaigns.
  • Increasing the conversion rate from your advertising.

This is the perfect course for you if you are looking to get more attraction to your business. Or if you are promoting a product to get a sale or commission from your sale.

Students Enrolled: 23.5K+

Instructor: Superman

Rating: 4.4 out of 5.0

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4. Google AdWords – Become Certified & Earn More!

Do you want to be a Google AdWords certified professional? Then you should take this training.

Because this course has been crafted to meet every concept that you need to know for the Google AdWords training certification.

If you are AdWords certified then you will have a great understanding of AdWords. You will be able to get more job opportunities. And also get people to hire you for their advertising campaigns.

The instructor of the Best Google Adwords Certification course has promised that you should not take more than 2 days to finish studying for the certification. That is if you follow this course correctly.

The instructor will provide you with all the necessary materials that you need to study for your Google Adwords certification exam. You will receive all the cheats and also the best study guides that you can use.

If you want to practice before the exam then you can also practice with the 200 practice questions with explanations that the instructor provides.

Students Enrolled: 10.9K+

Instructor: Daragh Walsh

Rating: 4.3 out of 5.0

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5. Google AdWords For Beginners and Businesses

You will master this online advertising platform with the help of this Best Google Adwords Certification.

The revenue of your business should increase exponentially if you can perform the AdWords campaign settings correctly. Because the meaning of your computers might be doing shopping advertising on Google.

No matter if you have a running small business or thinking of starting a new business model you need to leverage advertising through AdWords.

You can use this platform to promote anything that you want. Through the Google AdWords campaign, you cancer B2B consulting, beauty care services all even informational products.

If you have a complete understanding of search advertising through AdWords then you are not going to have a mediocre business anymore.

Get yourself this guide to get started with advertising.

This course will help you to achieve your goals as an entrepreneur or marketer.

Students Enrolled: 9.2K+

Instructor: Sara Shikhman

Rating: 4.2 out of 5.0

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6. Google AdWords Certification in 2 Days – 2 courses in 1


One of the Best Google Adwords certifications online is a two-course that will help you to get certified in Google AdWords.

You do not have to study for months. Studying for 2 days is enough if you do it the way the instructor tells you to do it.

The instructor is going to provide you with study guides for the certification exam. You are also going to get a detailed overview of the AdWords certificate exam.

There are also 200 practice questions you can try before taking the exam. Solving these questions will increase your chances of getting the certificate.

You need to get yourself a Google AdWord certificate if you want to be a digital marketer. Because you need a certificate to signify that you know very well about the most powerful advertising platform.

The good news is there is no more Google Adwords Certification Cost for the exam.

You never know that this certification might just be the gateway to your new digital marketing job.

Enrollment: 1.7K+

Instructor: Nidhi Gupta

Rating: 3.4out of 5.0

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7. 2023 New Google Ads (AdWords) Course – From Beginner to PRO


Google Ads (AdWords) Step-by-Step Course to help you Succeed with Search, Display & Remarketing.

You will learn:

  • To understand the Quality Score of Google Ads Search Campaigns
  • Discover the Right Audiences (based on Interests, Keywords, and Remarketing) for your company to Target on Google Display Network
  • Create Professional Text Ads to Convert the Maximum % of People who Search Online
  • Create Professional Images & Responsive Ads to Convert the Maximum % of People who Browse Online
  • Make the Right Decisions on which options to choose in the platform
  • The right bidding strategy to spend less and gain more
  • Step-by-step AdWords Search Campaigns with 10/10 Quality Score and great ROI
  • Google Ads Display Campaigns with high ROI
  • Google Ads Remarketing Campaigns with high ROI


  • No experience with Google Ads is required.
  • Basic Browser Skills
  • Need a laptop, tablet, or smartphone with an internet connection?

Enrollment: 15.1K+

Instructor: Simon Koss

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0

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8. Advanced Google Ads Training 2023: Master Strategies & Techniques


A hands-on Google Adwords Certifications course exploring Google Ads techniques, ad rank, and phrase match that developed over 10 years. Module-based & concise + Free eBook included.

You will learn:

  • Google Ads Campaign Experiments: Best Use Cases, Step-by-Step Setup, Analysis, Implementation
  • Access Google Ads tools for forecasting performance
  • Budget Optimization techniques using a regression formula
  • Advanced Concept Testing: moving beyond A/B ad testing to testing concepts
  • Improving Geotargeting for Local Businesses With A Double Campaign Structure
  • How To Setup, Run, Pivot & Interpret the Paid & Organic Report
  • Make A Strong Argument For Running Branded Ads Using the Paid & Organic Report
  • Identify Opportunities Between Organic & Paid Listings
  • To use a free Google Sheets template for automating and tracking budgets in multiple ad accounts
  • How to find the key pitfalls in any Google Ads account


  • Able to set up your own Google Ads account
  • Be confident navigating Google Ads accounts
  • Basic exposure to excel filtering & pivot tables

Students Enrolled: 5.8K+

Instructor: Mark Meyerson

Rating: 3.9 out of 5.0

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So that was our list of Best Google AdWords Certification Online Training, Tutorial, Courses, and Classes.

You can bookmark this page of Best Google Adwords Training for future reference of search terms and google searches.

If you want to display advertising for your online business this best Google AdWords Course and study guide will help you to learn how to run Google ads, ad rank, search advertising, search results, and mobile advertising.

As you already know that the Google Adwords Certifications Cost is no more, so what are waiting for? Go take the test.

Happy Learning!



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