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6 Best WordPress Tutorial and Training Course 20244 min read

Are you looking for the Best WordPress Tutorial 2024? Grab the list of Best WordPress Training Courses, Classes, and Certification to learn WordPress and become an expert.

WordPress is one of the most widely used Content Management systems (CMS). The world’s top brands are using WordPress like:

  • TechCrunch.
  • The New Yorker.
  • BBC America.
  • Sony Music.
  • MTV News.
  • Bloomberg Professional.
  • Star Wars Blog.
  • Variety etc to name a few.

Whether you are a Digital Marketer, Web Developer, Search Engine Optimization, or Personal Branding Expert you need to WordPress for your Digital Branding.

This list of online WordPress Training courses will assist you to take your WordPress site worldwide and to the next level of branding.

If you are a developer you can use this WordPress Tutorial to help you to built-in internationalization features and functions to make your themes and plugins translation-ready.

Also, learn how to build, extend, and distribute your own WordPress plugins with the WordPress API and PHP.

6 Best WordPress Tutorial and Training Courses 2024

1. The Complete WordPress Website Business Course (Udemy)

In this best WordPress Tutorial, you will master WordPress with this complete WordPress online course, without learning how to code and without any programming knowledge!

What you will learn:

  • Create all kinds of commercial websites using WordPress, to sell to clients
  • Master the inner workings of WordPress, for fixing, troubleshooting, and building websites
  • Set up server and hosting environments in the most economical and secure way
  • Build and edit websites within staging and development environments
  • Migrate and transfer WordPress websites from staging to live and vice-versa
  • Master the three types of email needed to support a WordPress website
  • Sell Website Care and Maintenance plans to happy clients for recurring revenue

Students Enrolled: 77.9K+

Instructors: Rob Percival, Gregg Davis, Codestars by Rob Percival

Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0

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2. Best WordPress as a Network: Mastering WordPress Multisite Certifications (Pluralsight)

Learn WordPress with hands-on training on a variety of aspects to build, customize, and secure a website like an expert. These WordPress tutorials are for beginners, intermediate and advanced as well.

  • WordPress for Beginners: Getting Your First WordPress Website Up in Under 24 Hours
  • Introduction to WordPress Plugin Development
  • Your First Day with WordPress CMS
  • WordPress Fundamentals Intermediate: WP_Query and the Loop
  • Working with JavaScript and WordPress
  • WordPress for Advanced Learners: Designing Custom Sites Using Child Themes in WordPress and CSS
  • WordPress Custom Theme Development
    WordPress as a Network: Mastering WordPress Multisite

Instructors: Chris Reynolds

Ratings: 4.7 out of 5.0

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3. WordPress Tutorial for Beginners – Master WordPress Quickly (Udemy)


This WordPress Tutorial will assist you to build WordPress Website even if you have no previous experience in building a website. You will be able to build a beautiful responsive WordPress site that looks great on all devices.

Students Enrolled: 125.5K+

Instructor: Andrew Williams

Rating: 4.6 out of 5.0

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4. WordPress Theme Development with Bootstrap (Udemy)


In this best WordPress Tutorial, you will learn how to confidently develop custom & profitable Responsive WordPress Themes and Websites with no prior experience.

Students Enrolled: 53.8K+

Instructor: Brad Hussey

Rating: 4.4 out of 5.0

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5. WordPress Tutorial for Developers: Unlocking Power With Code (Udemy)


One of the best WordPress Tutorials to learn WordPress theming, PHP, JavaScript,  & the WP REST API to Create Custom & Interactive WordPress Websites.

Students Enrolled: 106.8K+

Instructors: Brad Schiff

Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0

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6. Build a Full Website using WordPress (Coursera)

Offered By: Coursera Project Network

In this WordPress Tutorial and Guided Project, you will learn to build a complete WordPress Website from scratch.

You will also learn WordPress step-by-step:

  • In a video that plays on a split-screen with your work area, your instructor will walk you through these steps:
  • Set up a New Site for Development in WordPress
  • Update Homepage Settings and Edit Content
  • Edit the Homepage
  • Add and Link Secondary Webpages
  • Edit and Publish Webpages and Blogposts
  • Embed Links
  • Add Social Media Buttons

Students Enrolled: 154K+

Instructor: Stacey Shanklin-Langford

Rating: 4.4 out of 5.0

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These are the Best WordPress Tutorials around the web online. You can learn WordPress with these online courses at your own pace from your home.

Grab the list of Best WordPress Training Courses, Certifications, and Classes online to learn WordPress and become an expert.

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