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19 Best Artificial Intelligence Courses Online 202411 min read

Looking for an Artificial Intelligence Tutorial to learn an introduction to artificial intelligence? Grab the list of Best Artificial Intelligence Courses Online, Tutorials, and Training are offered by several massive open online course (MOOC) providers like Udemy, Coursera, and edX.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine intelligence are the most booming topics in every industry now.

Some of these popular MOOC providers offer in-depth artificial intelligence programs. The list of the Best Artificial Intelligence Certification is often taught by industry top AI researchers or experts and you will learn the best applications of artificial intelligence.

However, these online courses are cheaper compared to university courses.

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Best Artificial Intelligence Courses Online

Artificial Intelligence can perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent machines like computers or computer-controlled robots that work and react like humans.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been an attractive idea of science fiction for years, but numerous researchers think we’re at the final point of getting close to making AI a reality.

There are a lot of opportunities now a day and open places to start Artificial Intelligence (AI) research and learn clear AI concepts, robotics, natural language processing, machines, machine intelligence, and industrial applications of AI.

The initiation of automated transportation, customer service, handling dangerous duties for humans, solving climate change, and improving the healthcare system through AI is significantly influencing the future of AI in daily life.

According to a report by McKinsey Global Institute, “half of today’s work activities could be automated by 2055, but this could happen up to 20 years earlier or later depending on various factors, in addition to other economic conditions. At the same time, less than 5% of jobs might be interchanged by technology”.

So it’s a vital time to learn ML, DL, Data Science Courses, Analytics, and digital marketing along with Big Data courses. This is how you’ll be prepared and stand out in the future workplace with highly upgraded and smart technology.

If you are interested in learning and staying in touch with top-notch industry technology, there are a lot of online learning MOOCs (massive open online courses) available nowadays, to facilitate your learning process.

19 Best Artificial Intelligence Courses Online, Tutorial, Training, and Certification to Standout in The Future 2024

Based on the reviews, ratings and current demand here is the Best Artificial Intelligence Tutorial which includes the ‘Best Course,’ ‘Product Description,’ ‘Ratings,’ ‘Students Enrolled’ as well as ‘Product’s Image’ and a ‘Call to Action to purchase the Courses from the respective learning platforms or website for your convenience.

1. Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Certification (Tutorialspoint)

Master fundamentals and advanced skills in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with comprehensive tutorials

Language – English [Subtitles Added]

**Guarantee: 30-day Money-Back Guarantee

Course Curriculum
Explore the extensive curriculum of carefully crafted video courses.

1. Practical Machine Learning Using Python
2. Hands-on Deep Learning Training
3. 12 Real-World Case Studies For Machine Learning
4. Artificial Intelligence Projects: Project-Based Learning
5. Machine Learning & Self-Driving Cars: Bootcamp with Python
6. ChatGPT Masterclass: Navigating AI and Prompt Engineering
7. Building an A.I ChatBot with OpenAI and Node.js
8. Artificial Intelligence with Python

Learning Outcomes

  • The fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Build your own AI framework.
  • Improve business operations using AI technologies.
  • Understand Core ML libraries, Python, Deep Learning, etc.
  • To use practical Machine Learning for Data Analysis.
  • In-depth details of advanced algorithms.
  • Data analysis and visualization fundamental principles.

**Tutorials Point offers lifetime access to all its Certifications/ Courses
Career Options with this Certification –

  • Big Data Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Researchers
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Research Scientist
  • Product Manager
  • AI Engineer
  • AI Data Analyst
  • Data Mining and Analysis
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Developer


2. Deep Learning A-Z™: Hands-On Artificial Neural Networks (Udemy)


Learn to create Deep Learning Algorithms in Python from two Machine Learning & Data Science experts. Templates included.


  • High school mathematics level
  • Basic Python programming knowledge

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Fundamentals and applications of Artificial Neural Networks
  • Basics and practical use of Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Essentials and implementation of Recurrent Neural Networks
  • Understanding and applying Self-Organizing Maps
  • Insights into and usage of Boltzmann Machines
  • Concepts and real-world application of AutoEncoders

Students Enrolled: 371.4K+

Instructors: Kirill Eremenko, Hedelin de Ponteves, Ligency | Team, Ligency Team

Ratings: 4.6 out of 5.0


3. Artificial Intelligence A-Z: Build 5 AI (incl. ChatGPT) (Udemy)


One of the best artificial intelligence courses for beginners to combine the power of Data Science, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning to create powerful AI for Real-World applications!

High school mathematics level
Basic Python programming knowledge

Course Outcome

  • Build an AI
  • Understand the theory behind Artificial Intelligence
  • Make a virtual Self Driving Car
  • Make an AI to beat games
  • Solve Real World Problems with AI
  • Master the State-of-the-art AI models
  • Q-Learning
  • Deep Q-Learning
  • Deep Convolutional Q-Learning
  • A3C

Students Enrolled: 250K+

Instructors: Hadelin de Ponteves, Kirill Eremenko, Ligency | Team, Luka Anivin, Ligency Team, Jordan Sauchuk

Ratings: 4.4 out of 5.0

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4. Artificial Intelligence Tutorial: Machine Learning, Data Science and Generative AI with Python (Udemy)


Complete hands-on machine learning and AI tutorial with data science, Tensorflow, GPT, OpenAI, and neural networks.


  • Need a desktop computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux) capable of running Anaconda 3 or newer
  • Some prior coding or scripting experience
  • At least high school-level math skills

Course Highlights

  • Creating Artificial Neural Networks with Tensorflow and Keras.
  • Leveraging Apache Spark’s MLLib for scalable machine learning.
  • Deep learning applications for image, data, and sentiment classification.
  • Predictive modeling with linear, polynomial, and multivariate regression.
  • Data visualization using MatPlotLib and Seaborn.
  • Building a Pac-Man bot with reinforcement learning.
  • Classifying data with various methods including K-Means, SVM, KNN, Decision Trees, Naive Bayes, and PCA.
  • Model optimization using train/test and K-Fold cross-validation.
  • Developing a movie recommender with collaborative filtering.
  • Data preprocessing to eliminate outliers.
  • Designing and analyzing A/B tests with T-Tests and P-Values.

Students Enrolled: 187.7K+

Instructor:  Sundog Education by Frank Kane, Frank Kane, Sundog Education Team

Ratings: 4.6 out of 5.0


5. Deep Learning and Computer Vision A-Z + AI & ChatGPT Bonuses (Udemy)


Become a Wizard of all the latest Computer Vision tools that exist out there. Detect anything and create powerful apps.


  • Only High School Maths
  • Basic Python programming knowledge

Course Outcome

  • Have a toolbox of the most powerful Computer Vision models
  • Understand the theory behind Computer Vision
  • Master OpenCV
  • Object Detection
  • Master Facial Recognition
  • Create powerful Computer Vision applications

Students Enrolled: 48K+

Instructors: Hadelin de Ponteves, Kirill Eremenko, Ligency | Team, Ligency Team

Ratings: 4.7 out of 5.0


6. Artificial Intelligence Courses Online: Reinforcement Learning in Python (Udemy)


Complete guide to Reinforcement Learning, with Stock Trading and Online Advertising Applications.


  • Calculus (derivatives)
  • Probability / Markov Models
  • Numpy, Matplotlib
  • Beneficial to have experience with at least a few supervised machine-learning methods
  • Gradient descent
  • Object-oriented programming skills

Course Learning Outcome

  • Apply gradient-based supervised machine learning methods to reinforcement learning
  • Understand reinforcement learning on a technical level
  • Understand the relationship between reinforcement learning and psychology
  • Implement 17 different reinforcement learning algorithms

Students Enrolled: 45K+

Instructor: Lazy Programmer Team,  Lazy Programmer Inc.

Ratings: 4.7 out of 5.0


7. Artificial Intelligence: The Big Picture of AI (Pluralsight)

Discover the role of artificial intelligence in shaping your career, personal life, and the future.

This course offers insights into the technologies, tools, and current trends that are propelling the AI revolution forward.

Course Outcome 

  • Understanding AI’s significance in various aspects
  • AI’s potential to reshape economy, society, and world
  • Impact of AI on careers and the future
  • Exploring data-driven AI: machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning
  • Skills in building and using AI tools
  • AI’s influence on IT industry and labor economy
  • AI’s societal implications
  • Comprehending AI’s tools, technology, and trends

Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0
Level: Beginner
Duration: 1hr 15mins

Instructor: Matthew Renze


8. The Beginner’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence (Unity 2022)

A practical guide to programming non-player characters for games in the Unity Game Engine with C#

A practical guide to programming non-player characters for games. Learn, design, and program NPCs with C# in Unity.

This is one of the introductions to artificial intelligence courses online appropriate for beginners. You will also know how AI has been applied in computer games and Implement AI related Unity Asset plugins into existing projects

You should be familiar with C# and the Unity Game Development Engine.

Students Enrolled: 41K +

Instructors: Penny de By, [email protected]

Ratings: 4.6 out of 5.0


9. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for Business (Udemy)


The Ultimate Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning course for CxOs, Managers, Team Leaders, and Entrepreneurs.

Students Enrolled: 9.0K +

Instructors: Analytics Vidhya

Ratings: 4.4out of 5.0


10. Artificial Intelligence Online Tutorial I: Basics and Games in Java


A guide on how to create smart applications, AI, genetic algorithms, pruning, heuristics, and metaheuristics.

Instructor: Holczer Balazs

Students Enrolled: 8.1K +

Ratings: 4.0 out of 5.0


11. Artificial Intelligence Tutorial II – Neural Networks in Java


Hopfield networks, neural networks, backpropagation, optical character recognition, feedforward networks

Students Enrolled: 5.2K+

Instructor: Holczer Balazs

Ratings: 4.2 out of 5.0


12. Artificial Intelligence for Business


Learn to Solve Real-world Business Problems with AI Solutions.

Students Enrolled: 29.4K +

Instructors: Hadelin de Ponteves, Kirill Eremenko, Ligency | Team, Ligency Team

Ratings: 4.4 out of 5.0


13. Artificial Intelligence Certification: Advanced AI – Deep Reinforcement Learning in Python


The complete guide to mastering Artificial Intelligence using Deep Learning and Neural Networks

Students Enrolled: 38.9K +

Instructor: Lazy Programmer Team, Lazy Programmer Inc.

Ratings: 4.6 out of 5.0


14. Game Devs Unleash Artificial Intelligence: Flocking Agents

Artificial Intelligence for Game Development in Unity to understand & implement the beautiful bird’s natural Flocking Behavior

Students Enrolled: 1.2K +

Instructor: Razvan Pistolea

Ratings: 4.3 out of 5.0


15. Microsoft Excel: Business Intelligence w/ Power Query & DAX (Udmey)


Get up & running with Excel’s data modeling & business intelligence tools, taught by a best-selling Excel instructor!

Students Enrolled: 104.5K +

Instructor: Maven Analytics, Chris Dutton

Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0


16. Deep Learning Specialization – Master Deep Learning, and Break into AI (Coursera)

In this in-depth course, you will learn how to build models for natural language, audio, and other sequence data. The deep learning, sequence algorithms are working far better compared to the last 2 years.

This is enabling numerous exciting applications in speech recognition, music synthesis, chatbots, machine translation, natural language understanding, and many others.

Courses Module:

  • Neural Networks and Deep Learning
  • Improving Deep Neural Networks: Hyperparameter tuning, Regularization, and Optimization
  • Structuring Machine Learning Projects
  • Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Sequence Models


  • Andrew Ng: Co-founder, Coursera; Adjunct Professor, Stanford University; formerly head of Baidu AI Group/Google Brain
  • Teaching Assistant – Younes Bensouda Mourri: Mathematical & Computational Sciences, Stanford University,
  • Head Teaching Assistant – Kian Katanforoosh: Adjunct Lecturer at Stanford University,, Ecole Centrale Paris
  • Algorithms, Part 1

Students Enrolled: 703.8K+

Rating: 4.9 out of 5.0


17. Artificial Intelligence Course: Machine Learning (Coursera)

More importantly, you’ll learn about not only the theoretical underpinnings of learning but also gain the practical know-how needed to quickly and powerfully apply these techniques to new problems.

Finally, you’ll learn about some of Silicon Valley’s best practices in innovation as it pertains to machine learning and AI.

This artificial intelligence tutorial provides a broad introduction to machine learning, data mining, and statistical pattern recognition. Topics include:

(i) Supervised learning

(ii) Unsupervised learning

(iii) Best practices in machine learning

Created by:  Stanford University

Instructor: Andrew Ng: Co-founder, Coursera; Adjunct Professor, Stanford University; formerly head of Baidu AI Group/Google Brain.

Students Enrolled: 52.4K +

Ratings: 4.9 out of 5.0


18. Artificial Intelligence (Columbia University) (Coursera)

Learn the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and apply them. Design intelligent agents to solve real-world problems including, search, games, machine learning, logic, and constraint satisfaction problems.


Students Enrolled: 63.0k+

Instructor: Nicola Gatti, Annamaria Italiano, Marcello Restelli, Viola Schiaffonati, Manuel Roveri

Ratings: 4.8 out of 5.0


19. Machine Learning for All (University of London) (Coursera)

Master the essentials of machine learning and algorithms to help improve learning from data without human intervention.

Instructor:  Prof Marco Gillies

Ratings: 4.5 out of 5.0


Hope these Best Artificial Intelligence Courses Online, Certification, and Training will help you throughout your journey to learn and build a career in AI.

This artificial intelligence tutorial will assist you to learn the introduction to artificial intelligence from some of the online courses as well as some advanced knowledge.


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