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10 Top eCommerce Companies in Bangladesh (BD) 202413 min read

Do you know about the Top eCommerce Companies in Dhaka, Bangladesh (BD)?  Here is the Bangladeshi eCommerce website list 2023.

ECommerce Sectors in Bangladesh

The e-commerce sector has seen growth since the early 2000s when Bangladesh had widespread internet access and a reliable online transaction system.

According to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the number of internet users has nearly tripled from 6.5 percent of the population in 2013 to 18.2 percent in 2017 and continues to grow.

The eCommerce Association of Bangladesh (e-Cab), the trade body for eCommerce in Bangladesh, estimates there are 700 eCommerce sites and around 8,000 eCommerce pages on Facebook.

Facebook remains a popular method for advertising and selling products, to a point that many businesses forgo creating websites.  Ten billion taka in transactions takes place on eCommerce sites per year according to a 2017 e-Cab report.

Current Market Trends

The following four types of eCommerce are popular in Bangladesh currently

  • Business-to-Business (B2B)
  • Business-to-Consumer (B2C)
  • Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C)
  • Business-to-Employees (B2E)

Top 10 eCommerce Companies in Bangladesh

Here, are the top 10 eCommerce sites in Bangladesh,

  1. MyOrganic Bd
  2. Daraz
  3. Evaly
  4. Chaldal
  5. Bikroy
  6. Rokomari
  7. Bagdoom
  8. Shohoz
  10. Meena Click

10 Top eCommerce Companies in Dhaka, Bangladesh (BD) 2024

1. MyOrganic Bd

MyOrganic Bd is one of the top eCommerce companies in Bangladesh specially serving a niche market. A 360-degree green beauty & well-being eCommerce for Authentic Natural Super Foods & Organic Products with tailor-made services like Dieticians, Dermatologists, and Personal Wellness.

MyOrganic BD is the only green beauty eCommerce online shop that is producing, marketing & distributing natural and uncontaminated foods and products with the facility of transporting the products to your doorstep.

It provides Superfoods, Super Spices, Healthy Oil, Wellness Products, Healthy Drinks, Green Beauty Products, Super Fruits, Certified Organic Products, and some tailor-made services in its online organic shop.

2. Daraz

Daraz is an online marketplace and logistics company that operates in markets of South Asia and Southeast Asia. It was founded in 2012 as an online fashion e-commerce marketplace in Pakistan

Area Served by Daraz: This marketplace with an active presence in-

  • Pakistan
  • Bangladesh
  • Sri Lanka
  • Myanmar, and
  • Nepal

Sellers & Brands: Supported by a wide range of tailored marketing, data, and service solutions, Daraz has 30,000 sellers and 500 brands and serves 5 million consumers across the region.

Daraz Products: It has more than 2.5 million products to offer, growing at a very fast pace. Daraz offers a diverse assortment of categories

  • Ranging from consumer electronics to household goods, beauty
  • Fashion, sports equipment, and groceries

Daraz is focused on providing an excellent customer experience, ease-of-purchase, comprehensive customer care, and hassle-free shopping and returns experience.

This company was acquired by Alibaba Group in May 2018.

Daraz Values

  • Biggest Variety: Daraz offers millions of products at a great value for their customers.
  • Best Prices: They provide great value by offering competitive prices on all products.
  • Ease & Speed: You can download their app for a smooth shopping experience.
  • Fast Delivery: Daraz provides fast delivery services and an easy tracking system.
  • 100% Protected: Daraz ensures 100% protection for every purchase from click to delivery.

3. Evaly

E-valy is an e-commerce site that will be capable of providing every kind of goods and products from every sector to every consumer located in Bangladesh.

The world’s market place will be only finger-tips away for any customer in possession of a smartphone/computer and an internet connection. They will be able to purchase everything from Evaly’s website.

It gathers the brightest minds of Bangladesh and gives the platform to perform to their fullest extent. All the data-mining and optimization has been done in-house and no outsourcing from any organization has taken place. Evaly utilizes 100% Bangladeshi personnel and resources and keeps the flow of cash within borders.

Evaly is a platform where people can purchase all kinds of goods from a single website. From a pencil to a book to a dress to a cell phone to cars to lands; everything is available on this website.

Management Team: This company is built by a team of developers who have the sharpest minds in this sector and they are dedicated to only Droplet Limited. Evaly hires no outsourcing outlets and that ensures the security of all the users.

Security: There is absolutely no chance of any information being leaked. Their website is the most secure e-commerce platform. Evaly separates them from other platforms of such sorts is the diversity of their product range and the security that they provide to their users.

It is absolutely cutting-edge and state-of-the-art and Evaly guarantees that no other platform has this much diversity in its product range. Their website is convenient and user-friendly for customers.

Goal: Evaly achieve their targets in Bangladesh, the target is they will start expanding towards other countries and present themselves on a much broader and global scale and encompass the entire world with their website in a short amount of time.

4. Chaldal

Chaldal is a Bangladeshi online grocery and food products provider, founded in 2013. It sells fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and dairy, groceries, and personal care and household items via its website and mobile apps.

Area Served: Dhaka

Type of Industry: Food and grocery is an online shop in Dhaka, Bangladesh. They deliver everyday needs to their customers’ door-steps across Dhaka. They value their customers and time.

“Chaldal” Product Categories

  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Meat and Fish
  • Cooking
  • Beverages
  • Home and Cleaning
  • Pest Control
  • Office Products
  • Beauty Products
  • Health Products
  • Pet Care
  • Home Appliances
  • Baby Care

Chaldal is a work in progress, and getting better over time. They are firm believers in using technology and education to improve Bangladesh and continue to invest all their effort in pushing the boundaries of technology.

Fast Delivery: Get your order to delivering within 1hour at Chaldal.

Founder & CEO

Waseem is the founder and CEO of Chaldal. Before Chaldal, Waseem worked at Sigfig, a Silicon Valley financial technology startup. He led the development of a web-based portfolio management software and designed algorithms to monitor over $100 billion in brokerage assets held by retail investors.

Waseem aspires to change the culture in Bangladesh so that people value investment in bold ideas and are more accepting of new technology.

5. Bikroy is the Largest Marketplace in Bangladesh, established in 2012. Their mission is to serve the underserved markets and to create sustainable value for the community in the process.

This company 200+ employees with 6 offices in the major cities of Bangladesh, continuously working in the spirit of facilitating trading, entrepreneurship, innovation, and an unwavering focus on meeting the needs of the community.

The Most Prominent Categories of the top eCommerce companies in Bangladesh Portfolio are

  • Mobiles, Electronics, Vehicles, Property, and Jobs
  • Home & living items, pets & animals
  • Hobbies, sports and kids items, fashion, health and beauty items, education, services, business & industry products
  • Food & agriculture products on the site.

Bikroy is a subsidiary of Salt side Technologies which also runs the largest marketplace in Sri Lanka ( and Ghana (

At Bikroy, they aspire to grow as a company along with their talent. They are committed to offering career development opportunities and benefits within the framework of a diverse work environment. They encourage creativity and provide the environment to achieve great things at work.

Bikroy is one of the few organizations in Bangladesh, which is actively working towards ensuring increased female participation in the workplace and the result is quite encouraging. They work with smart and passionate people who can deliver great results. is a website where people can buy and sell almost everything. The best deals are often done with people who live in their own city or on-street, so on, it’s easy to buy and sell locally.

It takes less than 2 minutes to post an ad on Anyone can sign up for a free has the widest selection of popular second-hand items all over Bangladesh, which makes it easy to find exactly what people are looking for.

If anyone is looking for a car, mobile phone, house, computer, or maybe a pet, they will find the best deal on does not specialize in any specific category. Everybody can buy and sell items in more than 50 different categories.

6. Rokomari or Rokomari dot com is a Bangladeshi top eCommerce site. Initially, it started selling only books, but now sells DVD, video tutorial, sporting goods, Onnorokom Science boxes, calculator, watch, Pendrive, computer accessories, and more.

Owner: Onnorokom Group

Type of Site: E-commerce

Launched On: It officially launched on January 19, 2012.

The founder of Rokomari is Mahmudul Hasan Sohag. Rokomari is available in both Bengali, English Language is an e-commerce venture of “Onnorokom Group Web Services Ltd”, a sister concern of Onnorokom Group. The journey of begins as an online book store. But after receiving humongous positive responses from our customers.

Now they are selling CDs/DVDs, sports jerseys, stationery items. In the future, will also start selling eBooks, mobile phones, computers and accessories, home appliances, apparel, gift items, directly imported goods, and many more. is the first-ever online shopping portal in Bangladesh that has introduced some path-breaking services like “Cash On Delivery (COD)”, where customers can buy the product of their own choices first and pay for those after receiving them. is on a mission to drive Bangladesh’s most comprehensive virtual business that helps customers make informed choices and extract the best value for their money.

7. Bagdoom

Another top eCommerce companies in Bangladesh is bagdoom.’ is the new identity of ‘’. The rebranded face of, the first e-commerce platform to enter the Bangladesh market back in 2010 took the form of Bagdoom, with promises of the grandest of online shopping experiences across the country. has been designed with the splendid experience of purchasing online with more fun. has more convenience, ease, and a better experience of online shopping. It does not just sell lifestyle products, Bagdoom is also to become a lifestyle.

It usually presents simple, casual, or luxurious; trendy, unique, or traditional items. Daily lives, occasions, needs and necessities, celebrations, desires, and wish lists Bagdoom checks it all off.

Bagdoom prime focus is the youth, referred colloquially as the “Bagdoom generation” and to be a part of the lives, not just by selling the brands which rest under their hood but also by writing a part of their daily life stories.

This also presents a one-stop lifestyle platform, holding products of various local and international brands together. The different deals offer the whole year round, so buyers get the best products at the lowest prices and the sellers promote and build their brands big.

8. Shohoz is operated by Shohoj Limited, is a premium online and on-demand service provider committed to making life convenient, easier, and smarter. One of the top eCommerce companies in Bangladesh.

They started their journey in 2014 with one goal in mind- to make lives easier. As a technology-first company, Shohoz develops tech-driven solutions for the everyday challenges of Bangladeshi people.

The Shohoz Super App serves as a single portal connecting local people to local businesses providing a wide range of products and services like food, tickets, rides, truck rentals, and healthcare.

Their, on-demand service platform provides all the customer care. They have a digital marketplace, speedy logistical support, and a customer support call center. This company is more than just a service platform, it is a lifestyle.

Shohoz empowers people by solving and simplifying their daily needs problem and let them enjoy life.

Shohoz Values

  • Love to Innovate

Shohoz is the pioneer in digitizing transportation in Bangladesh. They want to solve daily problems leveraging technology so everyone can enjoy their life.

  • Care About Safety

Shohoz goes the extra mile to address the road safety challenges in a holistic manner. They are working very hard with riders, passengers, and key stakeholders to make the roads safer.

  • Believe in Empowerment

Shohoz gives its service providers the economic empowerment to pursue a better life and offers the freedom to choose from its multiple services to make life easier.

  • Value People

Shohoz is a people-centric organization. They believe that their employees and service providers are the key reason for the success and growth of Shohoz.

  • Responsible

Shohoz wants to deliver services that are value-for-money and do not harm the environment. They care about the community and are proactive about social responsibility.

9. is a service-oriented e-commerce business that gives them the authority to unleash a shopaholic attitude from home with quality products and world-class customer support.

At, they strive to utilize the power of the internet at its highest peak to fulfill the needs of their busy life.
They cover the whole of Bangladesh right now and still, anyone from outside of Bangladesh can purchase products online providing a Bangladeshi shipping address.

On Shopping is hassle-free. Customers need not take the hassle of going out or find a flexible time for shopping when they can choose to shop just in one click.

A large platform of quality products at a reasonable price is in People can find products at their own choice. is a concern of PRAN-RFL Group.

10. Meena Click

MeenaClick is a cornerstone of Bangladesh’s thriving e-commerce sector, building upon the capabilities and reputation of Meena Bazar, one of the largest retail chains in the country.

Meena Click Services

  • With a diverse range of product offerings
  • A committed 2-hour home delivery service, cashless payment facilities
  • 8 favorable delivery slots, send products as a gift option
  • Dedicated 365 days’ call center operations, and
  • The best support from delivery partners

MeenaClick has capitalized on the coronavirus pandemic by prioritizing customer needs and assuring the indisputable quality of service.

The brick-and-mortar Meena Bazar stores are the delivery dispatch points for MeenaClick. This is both a unique sales proposition and a point of difference for the brand.

In addition to being a popular destination for groceries, MeenaClick has a collection of books, electronics, home appliances, fashion accessories.

Mission: The goal of MeenaClick is to help save customers’ time and effort by providing a thoroughly streamlined digital shopping experience. They achieve enhanced e-commerce-compatible website interface and mobile apps on both Android and iOS platforms.

Their aim is to make the user experience as effortless and simplified as possible by driving business awareness in order to uncover untapped consumer pain points through analytics, data, and insights as part of our Omni Channel Strategy.

Meena Click Categories

  • Get Nuts
  • Baby Care
  • Bakery & Snacks
  • Beauty & Hygiene
  • Beverages
  • Dairy
  • Fish
  • Fresh Produce
  • Grocery
  • Healthy Living
  • Household & Cleaning
  • Meat
  • Pet Care

So, these are the top eCommerce companies in Bangladesh. There are other eCommerce companies that are growing fast in this Bangladeshi emerging e-commerce market.

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