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8 Best Drag and Drop WordPress Page Builders 202417 min read

Just got fed up with coding in editing and customizing your website? A super-easy way to build and customize your WordPress website would be choosing the Best Drag and Drop WordPress Page Builders Plugins or Themes. Well, I am here to give you a better idea.

Hey! You don’t need to worry because most of them are free and some cost a little bit. Actually, the price is nothing when you get extremely impressive features.

Now a question may arise that, why should you go to drag and drop WordPress page builders? So far, it has been known that many WordPress beginners find difficulties in changing or customizing page layouts.

On the other hand, the premium ones come with a lot of different page layouts and they seem really difficult to customize for the one who is not familiar with HTML, CSS, and other coding stuff.

So, when you are going for drag and drop WordPress website builder Plugins you don’t need to be a professional web developer rather you can simply drag and drop images and customize and edit your website page as you want.

Why waste time in coding if you can make websites just by dragging and dropping images? The drag and drop website builders help to design and change layouts in websites and provide responsive styles. You can make a website in your own style having zero coding knowledge.

There has been a lot of drag and drop website builders in recent time. So, there always remains confusion about which one to choose and which one to leave. Different drag and drop website builders provide different features and functions.

I would like to recommend you 8 best drag and drop page builders for WordPress. You can choose any one of them according to your needs. The following information will definitely help you to select the suitable one for your website.

8 Best Drag and Drop WordPress Page Builders 2024

  1. The Avada Theme
  2. Beaver Builder
  3. The X Theme
  4. Monstroid Theme
  5. Site Origin Page Builder
  6. Divi Builder
  7. Themify builder
  8. Layers Theme


The Avada theme is maintained a satisfied position for more than 4 years. So far released, its sales volume is going on increasing which is more than 100000 sales. Without the help of an expert or web developer, you can absolutely proceed toward a website.

It is exactly what you are looking for because the developers of the Avada theme have included everything in it to make you satisfied. Actually, Avada believes in customer’s satisfaction. The extended features of Avada provide a vast scope for building a website.

In a logical sense, it’s just more than responsive and the powerful framework will allow you to do any kind of design of your own. You can just be proud to have Avada by your side as you go through the amazing features of the theme.


  • The framework is totally amazing and is built with a lot of effort, time and care.
  • The responsive style declares that it is compatible with any category of web browser and you can resize it to any browser. At the same time, it is highly mobile optimized.
  • Once you purchase it you will get free updates which are completely free from any kind of payment.
  • The fusion slider, the elastic slider, the layer slider, revolution slider, and other multiple sliders help to create amazing sliders for a particular page.
  • It has numerous unlimited colors.
  • This theme is compatible with woo commerce.
  • It is retina ready having high resolution.
  • From the five headers designs, you can select your own choice.
  • Through pre-built pages, you can set up your site translation system.


If you are the Avada user, you will get the most priority support. The admin party is always there to serve you with their utmost effort. The Avada developers are much conscious and they know that anyone can face problem in building up their website. So, they try to provide you support as much they can. You will also get another source of help from youtube and other posted videos.

The theme is SEO optimized and is also popular in social media. It is always improving and the update is also not a thing to be paid for. Therefore it is worth it to go for Avada theme for making your beautiful website utilizing your time and effort.

Price: $ 60.00

Visit Avada Theme


Whether you are new or old to building a website with WordPress, you are definitely going to love Beaver Builder. The best part of this builder is it allows customers and users to turn a page or photo into a page with less effort. Additionally, it saves you valuable time.

You can build a faster and more responsive website than ever before. Simultaneously, you can take complete control of your website. You don’t need months to design a website rather spend some days. The pages built by the beaver builder are completely professional looking. The beaver builder is my first choice and I believe that it would be yours also when you get introduced to its great features of it.


  • It works with any WordPress theme including one’s custom design.
  • The beaver builder is a front-end page builder and editor.
  • There is already 12 pre-built homepages and 11 inner page layouts.
  • The beaver will speed up your design process.
  • With this builder, you can fully customize your all layouts.
  • The homepages built can be set or adjusted to be full width.
  • You can double the landing pages up.
  • The impressive modules that are allowed to be inserted into the layouts will definitely amaze you. Among in numerous, you will be getting access to maps, sliders, pricing, action buttons, icons, and social buttons to be counted a few.

Using Beaver Builder is something that is even more than worth it. It is certainly a great feature pack. Once you get the builder you can proceed as a professional web developer and the coding knowledge doesn’t matter. You can use the beaver builder to design both pages and posts of yours.

Actually, there are a lot of drag-and-drop website builders to be used and you should go for the one which will serve you the ultimate benefits, shouldn’t you? Therefore, I suggest you leave the HTML and coding stuff, if you are not an expert and utilize your time in the Beaver Builder.

Price: $ 99.00

Visit Beaver Builder Theme


If you are not aware then let me inform you first that the X Theme of WordPress has been the best theme from the very beginning of 2016 till now. It is indeed an awesome WordPress page builder tool that will help customize your page layouts without wastage time. It is actually an impressive up-to-date page builder tool having a ton of features.

This X theme comes with multiple designs within 1 package. If we take theme forest into the account, it is undoubtedly the best as its sales have voluminously increased which is around 62000 in total.

Let’s get introduced to its versatility:



  • There are multiple responsive styles that allow you to create something unique through customizing.
  • The amazing 4 stalks: 1. Integrity 2. Renew 3. Icon 4. Ethos

Well, stalks are individual themes and actually that are templates built into themes so that you can choose to use a starting point for your unique design. From the time of release the X theme has been updated chronologically and till now the fourth version is running with the definite and wonderful 4 stalks.

  • If you register the developer’s website after you activate the X theme, it will automatically be updated through the WordPress admin area.
  • Get over 600 Google fonts.
  • It is developer friendly indeed.
  • The demo content is equally wonderful as it is not required to import posts and portfolio stuff. All you need to do is just import the data. Consequently, the changes will automatically occur in the WordPress customizer.
  • The WOO COMMERCE comes with 4 layouts to be used in your design.
  • Font and the major elements are customized using the WordPress Customizer.


You can term these extensions as a kind of WordPress plugin and most of them are made by theme co in order to build sites with the X theme. The following extensions or plugins come with the following themes:


The best part of this theme is that it is going to offer you 35 demos 62 in 4 wonderful stacks.


Using a great number of themes the X theme has actually served me the best. Honestly, it is much more user-friendly and comes with different choices of functionality and features. So, to me, it is good enough to deal with it as a single package is all in one.

Price: $ 64.00

Visit X Theme


With the monstroid theme, you can build absolutely whatever you want to. Those who are web lovers and want to build their website at their own ease of use can definitely go for the monstroid theme. It will fulfill your demands if you are searching for a multipurpose page builder. Just go through the features and get to know why it is so popular and wonderful.


  • From the premium, MotoPress Page Builder builds your own site having zero coding knowledge.
  • You can build a unique design with Multiple Layouts for Each Design.
  • In each month you will be receiving 15 extra child themes with the regular ones to provide you with some extra scope.
  • With the Instant Skin Switcher, you can switch to any style.
  • There are a good number of designed shortcodes which will let you design your content in your style.
  • There are multiple sliders to be chosen from.
  • With this theme, you are receiving more than 50 qualified graphical images.
  • All the monstrous owners will receive a good number of extensions.
  • You can link your site to different social networking sites.
  • Fully compatible with Woo Commerce.
  • Once you go for this one, you will get a lifetime update.
  • Google Analytics, Google maps, and 500 Google fonts are there by your side.
  • 100 plus fully customized PSDs files to serve.
  • A personal portfolio section that can be managed and edited any time you want.
  • If you want to create a pie chart or graphic info go with graphs n charts.


So, finally what I see from the above-stated features is that it has a ton of it and they are too much extended which is able to describe and present your inner thoughts and creativity. So, what are you waiting for join monstroid today and increase the amount of traffic to your website.

Price: $ 79.00

Visit Monstroid Theme


Do you want to build a responsive page layout for free? Do you want to build an effortless website? Then you are on the right way.

As you go through you will love the page builder by site origin. The site origin is mobile responsive which comes with a bundle of benefits. Similarly, the drag-and-drop editing is done smoothly and properly.


  • It is search engine friendly. It uses lightweight and SEO-friendly codes in the background.
  • This theme works with any WordPress theme.
  • It doesn’t conflict with any other plugins or themes.
  • You should not jump from one area to the other. I mean, remaining on a single page you can create your site and there is no need for interference from any third-party builder.
  • This is considered to be 100 times lighter than the other grid systems.
  • Your content loads super-fast without any kind of mess.
  • With the help of live editing features, you can edit in real time.

Build sites like a professional with the help of a site origin builder. It is over to you that for which one you will go. The page builder by site origin differs a bit from the others by providing the best ever services to you in building your website. It is recommended that you use the site origin builder if you want to avoid coding, are not interested to invest money, and build an effortless website.

Price: Free



For the very first time, the Divi page builder tool is available by Elegant themes which is also a leading WordPress theme shop as a standalone WordPress plugin. This refers that whatever theme you are using you can use Divi’s exclusive drag-and-drop post, editing, and customizing features for any website that is powered by WordPress.

I am ensuring you that the Divi builder is exactly what you are looking for. It is super easy to use and operate.


  • One of its core features of it is the drag-and-drop page builder tool which will work on any post and page doesn’t matter what your content is.
  • The layout system of Divi builder is followed by columns and rows which clearly indicates that you can make as sections of your wish and later divide them into columns.
  • This tool is both a front and back-end builder tool.
  • You can create your own page without any coding skills so; web designers with no skills can also go for it.
  • There are prebuilt 30 layouts to be chosen from.
  • The pre-built layouts cover everything starting from different homepage designs to blog post templates and even e-commerce layouts.
  • The 40 useful content modules can be inserted into any row layout or column.
  • Divi comes with a role editor that is super easy to monitor which level of user will access which element of the builder. So, the maintenance can be accessed by choice even.
  • You can easily switch themes without breaking your custom design, page layouts, and other arranged stuff.
  • The most important part is what everybody thinks about the affordability level, don’t be tense it’s very affordable.

The best part of Divi builder is it provides full-width content with a great visual capacity and there is no need to hack template files or themes to get adjusted.

So, I can probably give thumbs up to it, and so do you. Isn’t it? The process of improvement is ongoing and its quality of service is also increasing. As we know that it will work for any kind of website project whatever your content is about, you better go for the Divi builder.

There are so many child themes available that save you time to build a website. Check out Creative Child themes to get an idea.

Price: $ 69.00

Visit Creative Child Themes


When we are talking about drag-and-drop builders then why should we avoid the exclusive Themify builder? When making decisions about your site you will never take an indefinite decision, right?

The Themify drag-and-drop website builder is a popular one that has made tasks easier and faster than ever before. It is counted as one of the oldest ones in the field of word press as because very are there to continue in their sixth year.

The builder is a collection of themes and plugins that are bought individually that is it sits comfortably under the word press theme shop. Its aim was to offer people the best services by receiving a minute amount of yearly subscription.

Besides, for those who are looking forward and are new to it before signing up the themify word, press page builder offers a set of free plugins and themes on the official repository.


  • The extensive demo support will definitely please you on your website and will be identical to that demo in seconds.
  • Supports extensive customization.
  • The dedicated styling panel through which the customization is controlled lets you swap colors, fonts, and icons with just a click.
  • This theme is extremely known for its good collection of built-in shortcodes which help you to add wonderful content to your site.
  • Another wonderful feature is that the shortcodes are also available to be used as a plugin which you can use on the non Themify
  • Like the other ones it not only will guarantee you compatibility with WOO COMMERCE but also WPL and the updated word press version.
  • If we compare it to the other themes it is relatively small that comes with up-to-date 50 themes though they are distinct.

Overall, you will be satisfied enough with what you expect from a word press club you will definitely find it. Again, though it restricts small theme styles the membership is easily affordable and the product and services are highly qualitative. So, it isn’t a bad idea to get into it and it would perfect option for the creative ones.

Price: $ 49.00

Visit Themify Builder


The layers theme allows you to customize your own WordPress website. The layers theme is much more efficient and interactive. This can be termed the world’s most user-friendly WordPress theme. The best part is it can be used for free. Yes, it is one of the free drag-and-drop website builders. The theme is good and decent enough to get started and operate as well.

The intent of the team was to create such a theme that allows you to create great websites quickly and easily as well.


  • Layers extend the core functionality of WordPress.
  • This theme fully integrates with woo commerce.
  • The theme contains a good number of preset layouts.
  • As with the other ones this theme doesn’t require coding knowledge at all. Still, it builds wonderful pages.
  • The pages can be built from scratch and can also be edited with a beautiful interface.
  • 1000-pixel grid structure is offered which ensures that your content is going to look perfect on any device.
  • Layers can be customized through presets or style kits.
  • There is no lacking of customer support and documentation.

Well, the features of the layers are much to be described and said. But from the above, it is clear that the layer is one of the best themes to use. Ultimately, make a well-structured and responsive website within a few moments.

Honestly to me, using layers is the most straightforward procedure I have used so far. As said above the documentation and the support provided by the layers team are just more than enough. Since you are not attached to any kind of coding there is no chance of breaking anything.

Finally, the layers theme is an amazing theme to customize your website for free. They have also a paid version too.

Price: $ 49.00-199.00

Visit Layers Theme


The above discussion shows a broad idea about some of the best Drag and Drop WordPress page builders.

Nowadays the majority of people are trying to build their websites on their own and more than 70 percent of them don’t know the coding language though they have creative ideas in their minds. But they can’t bring it to reality due to a lack of coding knowledge.

On the other hand, coding is boring for most people who are already known for it. That’s why the most asked question was “Can’t I make WordPress websites with dragging and dropping features?”. The awaited solution is here.

So, with the help of drag-and-drop website builders, you can immediately start your professional website. Therefore, go for the one which serves you the best indeed.

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