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27 Best Edureka Courses, Tutorial, Training, and Certification in 202418 min read

Are you looking for the Best Edureka Courses? Grab the list of the Best Edureka Tutorial, Classes, Degrees, and Certifications.

Edureka is an online technical training platform that offers Big Data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and blockchain-based courses.

The classes can be attended to at any place and any time as per your choice Use our Android and iOS App to learn on the go.

Their engaging learning platform, expert industry practitioners, and support ninjas make sure that you complete the course.

Get lifetime access to the entire content including quizzes and assignments as the technology upgrades your content gets updated at no cost?

Choose from a number of batches as per your convenience if you got something urgent to do, reschedule your batch for a later time.

If you want to get started with top Edureka free courses check out the Edureka course catalogue from the Edureka site. You will get tons of free courses online Edureka on the Edureka platform.

Even after taking Edureka free classes, you are eligible to get an Edureka certificate.

These courses never expire; with Edureka online courses learn anything anywhere on most devices.

Better yet, with Edureka free and paid whatsoever each course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can start learning risk-free. Accomplish your goals with valuable, in-demand skills.

So just get started with some free Edureka classes and Edureka Online Courses to test the platform. You can find different best Edureka courses all the time from below:

You Can Find Edureka Courses by Category:

  • DevOps
  • Cloud Computing
  • Big Data
  • Data Science
  • Programming and Frameworks
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Project Management and Methodologies
  • Blockchain
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cyber Security
  • Databases

Table of Contents

27 Best Edureka Courses List:

A) Edureka Courses on DevOps

  • DevOps Certification Course
  • Docker Training and Certification

B) Edureka Courses on Cloud Computing

  • AWS Architect Certification Training
  • OpenStack Certification Training
  • Microservices Architecture Training
  • Migrating Applications to AWS Training

C) Edureka Courses on Big Data

  • Big Data & Hadoop Certification Training
  • Hadoop Administration Certification Training
  • Splunk Training & Certification- Power User & Admin
  • Python Spark Certification Training using PySpark

D) Edureka Courses on Data Science

  • Python Programming Certification Training
  • Statistics Essentials for Analytics – Data Science

E) Edureka Courses on Programming and Frameworks

  • Mastering Python Certification Training
  • Java, J2EE & SOA Certification Training
  • Mastering Perl Scripting Certification Training

F) Edureka Courses on Robotic Process Automation

  • Robotic Process Automation Training using UiPath
  • RPA using Automation Anywhere

G)Edureka Courses on Project Management and Methodologies

  • PMP Exam Certification Training
  • PMP® Certification Exam Training

H) Edureka Courses on Blockchain

  • Blockchain Technology Certification Training
  • Ethereum Developer Certification Training Course

I) Edureka Courses on Artificial Intelligence

  • Artificial Intelligence Certification Courses –
  • Machine Learning with Mahout Certification Training – Artificial Intelligence

J) Edureka Courses on Cybersecurity Certification

  • Cyber Security Certification Course

K) Edureka Courses on Databases

  • SQL Essentials Training & Certification
  • MongoDB Certification Training
  • Apache Cassandra Certification Training
  • MySQL DBA Certification Training

27 Best Edureka Courses, Certification & Training Online 2024

A) Edureka DevOps Courses

1. DevOps Certification Training Course


Get your best cheap Edureka courses. By attending these classes online you will become a certified practitioner through hands-on training.

Any Prior experience in any scripting language and the Linux fundamentals is needed. From that, you can get started with the lectures right now.

You will be getting an in-depth knowledge of the various DevOps tools such as Git, Jenkins, Docker, Ansible, Puppet, Kubernetes, and Nagios. The DevOps Certification Training Program will provide you with in-depth knowledge.

This training is completely hands-on and designed in a way to help you become a certified practitioner. Now build and automate tests using Jenkins and Maven.

Learn different Roles and Command Line usage of Ansible. You can now perform continuous monitoring using Nagios.

Students Enrolled: 164.3k+

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0

Enroll Now

2. Docker Training and Certification


Edureka’s most affordable courses are here. This course serves as preparation for learners who seek to pass the Docker Certified Associate certification exam. Ultimately, the certification.

This docker, certification course provides an end-to-end learning experience for core Docker technologies.

That includes the Docker Hub, Compose, Swarm, file,  Containers,  Engine,  Images, Network,  Daemon and  Storage.

Docker Hub is the world’s largest. library and community for container images. Browse over 100,000 container images from software vendors, open-source projects, and the community.

Students Enrolled: 7.7k+

Rating: 5.0  out of 5.0

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B) Edureka Cloud Computing Courses

1. AWS Architect Certification Training


Best cheap online tutorials of Edureka. From these online classes, you can have instructors who are industry professionals to provide you with the knowledge that complies with the industry’s demands and requirements.

Prepare for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect (CSA) Associate Exam with the lectures. Edureka’s AWS Architect Certification Training is curated by industry professionals.

It will help you prepare for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam.

You will be able to effectively deploy secure and robust applications on AWS.  You can now design and deploy scalable, highly available, and fault-tolerant systems on AWS.

Try to identify the appropriate usage of architectural best practices.

Students Enrolled: 162.3k+

Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0

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2. Open Stack Certification Training


Learn your most affordable and cheap online tutorials through Edureka. A collection of certified OpenStack Training Partners worldwide.

Edureka’s OpenStack Certification Training makes you an expert by mastering concepts like Swift, Nova, Glance, Keystone, Neutron, Cinder, Trove, Heat, Ceilometer, and other OpenStack services.

This training is designed to help you pass the Certified OpenStack Administrator Exam.

Certified OpenStack Administrator (COA) is a vendor-agnostic exam designed by the OpenStack Foundation in conjunction with a number of international partners to test an administrator’s abilities in cloud management and day-to-day operations.

Students Enrolled: 6k+

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0

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3. Microservices Certification Training Course


Most affordable online classes from Edureka you can now get microservices architecture training. Microservices Architecture is one of the methods for implementing a service-oriented architecture.

This training helps you gain expertise in developing a Microservices Architecture-based solution. Apply Microservices principles to specific business requirements to build a scalable & performing solution.

After completing this training, you will have gained knowledge about various Microservices architectural styles.

You can also learn how to select the appropriate architecture design and how Netflix has used Microservices to scale.

Students Enrolled: 13.7k+

Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0

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4. Migrating Applications to AWS Training


Edureka’s Online Workshop on Migrating applications to AWS will help you gain expertise and experience in managing cloud migration without any downtime.

Migrating to AWS. Assess cloud migration strategies and readiness. Discover your portfolio and plan for migration. Plan and design your application migration strategy.

Perform and validate application migration to the cloud. Optimize your applications and operations after migration.

Migrating Applications to AWS (Amazon Web Services) Training will help you become proficient in Migrating Strategies.

You can also learn to migrate web applications, database migration, batch processes, and backend processing pipelines to AWS Cloud.

Students Enrolled: 6.1k+

Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0

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C) Edureka Big Data Courses

1. Big Data & Hadoop Certification Training


Now you can get your best-selling online tutorials in Edureka. Get your knowledge of Big Data and Hadoop ecosystem tools such as HDFS, YARN, MapReduce, Hive, Pig, HBase, Spark, Oozie, Flume, and Sqoop.

Work on real-life industry use cases such as Retail, Social Media, Aviation, Tourism, and Finance domains using Edureka’s Cloud Lab.

By the end of the classes, you will have the skills required to bag a reputable job in your dream company.

Prior knowledge of Core Java and SQL will be beneficial but is not mandatory as this platform offers a complimentary self-paced course on “Java essentials for Hadoop”.

Understand MapReduce Framework and implement complex business solutions using the techniques covered. Understand the best practices and work on real-world projects and clusters.

Students Enrolled: 170.7k+

Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0

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2. Big Data Hadoop Administration Certification Training

Most affordable Edureka online courses you can get here! The Hadoop Administration Certification Training will guide you to gain expertise in maintaining complex Hadoop Clusters.

You will learn exclusive Hadoop Admin activities like Planning of the Cluster, Installation, Cluster Configuration, Cluster Monitoring, and Tuning.

Furthermore, you will get to know about Cloudera Hadoop 2.0, and you will be mastering the security implementation and Hadoop v2 through industry-level case studies.  The demand for Hadoop talent is rising high.

On the other hand, companies are struggling to hire the right talent in the industry. Here right talent signifies the professional with experience in handling data and its proper processing using the Hadoop ecosystem.

Instructor: led Hadoop Administration to live online classes

Students Enrolled: 27k+

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0

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3. Splunk Certification Training: Power User & Admin


Get your online tutorials in Edureka. Splunk Power User and Admin Certification training teach you to work with Configuration and User Management in Splunk.

This training will help you in gaining knowledge on Setting up a Cluster, Data Ingestion from multi-sources & Splunk knowledge objects which include Searches.

Create and Manage Alerts and Manage Splunk Reports, Splunk Visualizations, and Splunk Dashboards while working on real-life Use-Cases.

Students Enrolled: 10k+

Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0

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4. PySpark Certification Training Course


The best cheap online courses in Edureka are here. PySpark Certification Training is designed to provide you with the knowledge to become a successful Spark Developer using Python.

Integrating Python with Spark was a major gift to the community. Spark was developed in the Scala language. It compiles the program code into bytecode for the JVM for Spark big data processing.

Throughout the PySpark Training, you will get an in-depth knowledge of Apache Spark and the Spark Ecosystem.

You will also get comprehensive knowledge of Python Programming language, HDFS, Sqoop, Flume, Spark GraphX, and Messaging systems such as Kafka.

Students Enrolled: 9.7k+

Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0

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D) Edureka Data Science Courses

1. Python Certification Training Course


Learn Python programming from scratch through Edureka and the most affordable online courses from Edureka’s python programming certification course.

It will help you master important Python programming concepts such as data & file operations in Python.

This Python certification course is also a gateway to your Data Science career. Python is indeed one of the most widely used programming languages in today’s industrial and academic projects.

The skills acquired in the lesson can be used as a gateway to your Data Science career.

Write python scripts, unit test code, and programmatically download and analyze data. Learn techniques to deal with different types of data like ordinal, categorical, encoding, and perform data visualization.

Students Enrolled: 56.7k+

Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0

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2. Statistics Essentials for Analytics


A self-paced Edureka course that helps you to understand the various Statistical Techniques from the very basics and how each technique is employed on a real-world data set to analyze and conclude insights.

This Statistics Essentials for Analytics Course enables you to gain knowledge of the essential statistics required for analytics and Data Science.

You can understand the mechanism of popular Machine Learning Algorithms like K-Means Clustering, Regression.

Statistics and its methods are the back-end of Data Science to “understand, analyze and predict actual phenomena”.

Machine learning employs different techniques and theories drawn from statistical & probabilistic fields.

Students Enrolled: 7k+

Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0

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E) Edureka Programming and Frameworks Courses

1. Python Scripting  Certification Training


Now you can have your own online tutorials free through Edureka. Python Scripting allows programmers to build applications easily and rapidly.

This course is an introduction to Python scripting, which focuses on the concepts of Python. Python scripts can be used to build applications easily and rapidly.

Get an introduction to the basics of scripting and perform operations of variable types using PyCharm.

Understand the significance of this language in a real-time environment and develop applications based on object-oriented programming.

Learn to create and execute functions and modules (Boto3). The training is divided into sections followed by assignments.

The class can be taken by anyone with a basic understanding of computer programming and the basics of data analysis. End of this course, you will be able to develop networking applications with suitable GUI.

Students Enrolled: 14k+

Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0

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2. Java, J2EE & SOA Certification Training


Get your most affordable and free courses in Edureka. Edureka’s Java Certification Training is curated by professionals as per the industrial requirements and demands.

This Edureka class encompasses comprehensive knowledge of basic and advanced concepts of core Java & J2EE along with popular frameworks like Hibernate, Spring, & SOA.

In this Edureka course, you will gain expertise in concepts like Java Array, Java OOPs, Java Function, Java Loops, Java Collections, Java Thread, Java Servlet, and Web Services using industry use cases.

Students Enrolled: 47.1k+

Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0

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3. Mastering Perl Scripting Certification Training


Become an expert with Edureka’s most affordable online tutorials. Edureka’s Mastering Perl Scripting course teaches you an expert Perl developer right from the basics.

Mastering Perl Scripting Edureka course introduces you to the basic concepts, terminology, and hands-on exercises.

You will understand the Perl syntax, data types, regular expression, file operations, working with web servers, and socket programming using Perl.

You will understand the Perl syntax, data types, regular expression, file operations, working with web servers, and socket programming using Perl.

Students Enrolled: 5k+

Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0

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F) Edureka Robotic Process Automation Courses

1. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Certification Training using UiPath (Live Classes)


RPA is the use of software with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities to handle high-volume, repeatable tasks that previously required humans to perform.

These tasks can include queries, calculations, and maintenance of records and transactions. If you want to learn about robotics and automation or prepare for the UiPath’s RPA Developer Advanced Certification exam.

Understand the key topics required to perform image and text automation, data manipulation, design RPA solution, and bots.

Learn to use several types of data inside the workflow and gain expertise in Desktop. Build Web and Citrix Automation Use REFramework to build a structured business automation process. Organize a real-world workflow automation project and develop skills in debugging a workflow.

Students Enrolled: 33.3k+

Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0

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2. RPA using Automation Anywhere (Live Classes)


Edureka is the accredited training partner of Automation Anywhere. Edureka’s RPA training using Automation Anywhere.

You can now be able to prepare yourself for the Automation Anywhere Certified Advanced RPA Professional Certification Exam.

Throughout the training, you will create and monitor intelligent virtual Bots, and get an in-depth knowledge of web automation, managing data using commands, and defining custom roles.

You can also set privileges, handle exceptions, and perform text and image automation, using real-life case studies.

Students Enrolled: 16k+

Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0

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G) Edureka Project Management Courses

1. PMP® Certification Exam Training


Now you can have your own online tutorials through Edureka. It (Brain4ce Education Solutions) is a Global Registered Education Provider of PMI® (R.E.P. #4021).

Edureka Project Management Professional (PMP)® is a global credential offered by PMI® Inc. PMP® Certification is a globally recognized, rigorous, education and/or professional experience, and examination-based credential program.

It helps one understand the global language of Project Management and connect with Project Management Professionals. PMP® certified professionals earn a higher salary than those not certified.

The course is in line with the latest edition of PMBOK.

Students Enrolled: 69.8k+

Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0

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H) Edureka Blockchain Courses

1. Blockchain Technology Certification Training


Get your most affordable This course offers an overview of the structure and mechanism of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, and Multichain Blockchain platforms.

A Certified Blockchain Expert is a professional who understands Blockchain technology profoundly. He can also build Blockchain-based applications for businesses.

You may also be interested in checking out Blockchain Certification. Comprehend the technology and key concepts like cryptography and cryptocurrency.

Understand Ethereum and learn a Solidity programming language to develop Smart Contracts.

Deploy and test business networks using Composer and discuss compelling use cases. The curriculum includes lectures in transformation in trading units, anonymity, and pseudonymity in cryptocurrencies.

Students Enrolled: 25k+

Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0

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2. Blockchain Certification Training Course


Get your most affordable and free courses in Edureka. Edureka’s Blockchain and Ethereum Certification Training is designed to introduce you to the concepts of Blockchain.

The platforms have Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, and MultiChain. The course provides an overview of the structure and mechanism of Blockchain.

You will learn about the Ethereum ecosystem, how smart contracts are developed using Solidity and how to deploy a business network using Hyperledger Composer.

Students Enrolled: 25.0k+

Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0

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I) Edureka Artificial Intelligence Courses

1. Artificial Intelligence Certification Courses


The best cheap online Edureka courses are here now! This platform has compiled a series of artificial intelligence programs created by top academic institutions and industrial organizations.

Explore the various areas of this widely evolving subject. Some of the top choices include AI & Deep Learning with TensorFlow, Natural Language Processing with Python, Reinforcement Learning, Machine Learning, and Graphical Models.

An expert instructor guides you through the fundamental topics followed by advanced concepts. Clear guidance is provided to perform the necessary setup of the software and tools.

Students Enrolled: 19.6k+

Rating: 4.1 out of 5.0

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2. Machine Learning with Mahout Certification Training


Most affordable Edureka online courses you can get here! An online course designed to provide a blend of Machine learning & Big Data and where Mahout fits in the Hadoop Ecosystem.

Learn to build and customize scalable machine-learning algorithms using Apache Mahout. This Apache Mahout Training is a comprehensive online training course on Mahout and machine-learning algorithms.

It covers an Introduction to Mahout, Machine-learning, Recommendations using Mahout, Classifiers and Recommenders, Collaborative Filtering process.

You can also learn the Clustering process, Document Clustering, Classification Data, Pattern Mining, Pearson Correlation, and Frequent Pattern Growth.

Students Enrolled: 10k+

Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0

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J) Edureka Cyber Security Courses

1. Cyber Security Certification Course


Now you can have your own online tutorials free through Edureka. Edureka’s Cybersecurity Certification Course will help you in establishing a strong foundation for your journey in the Cybersecurity domain.

As part of this Cybersecurity course, you will be learning about the various fundamental concepts of Security essentials, Cryptography, Network Security, Application Security, Data & Endpoint Security, Cloud Security, Cyber Attacks and Identity & Access Management.

Spike your career by taking up a cybersecurity course, Enroll now to access our cybersecurity practice tests which help in getting cybersecurity certification.

Students Enrolled: 63.2k+

Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0

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K) Edureka Databases Courses

1. SQL Essentials Training & Certification


Now you can get your best free Edureka courses. SQL skills are highly sought after in web development, programming, data analysis, and reporting environments.

Learn how to write SQL (Structured Query Language) using Microsoft’s SQL Server Management Studio from scratch with SQL Essentials training course.

Microsoft SQL certifications are professional credentials that can be used to demonstrate your skills using SQL Server, Microsoft’s relational database management system.

Students Enrolled: 12k+

Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0

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2. MongoDB Certification Training Course


MongoDB is a distributed database at its core, so high availability, horizontal scaling, and geographic distribution are built-in and easy to use.

This training will help you master the leading document-oriented NoSQL database, MongoDB Architecture, CRUD, Schema Design, Data Modelling, and Indexing using real-life case studies.

It is an open-source, cross-platform, document-oriented database written in C++. Our MongoDB tutorial includes all topics of the MongoDB database.

They have inserted documents, update documents, delete documents, query documents, projection, sort() and limit() methods, create a collection, drop collection, etc.

Students Enrolled: 16.8k+

Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0

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3. Apache Cassandra Certification Training


The best and cheap Edureka online classes are available now. Edureka’s Apache Cassandra Certification Training is designed by professionals as per the industry requirements and demands.

Apache Cassandra is a free, open-source project and a second-generation distributed NoSQL database.

It is considered to be the best choice for the high availability and scalability of databases, particularly when dealing with large amounts of data.

Cassandra supports replication across multiple data centers, while also making the write and read processes highly scalable by offering tunable consistency.

This Cassandra Certification Training helps you to master the concepts of Apache Cassandra including Cassandra Architecture. Throughout the Cassandra course, you will learn to install, configure, and monitor Cassandra.

Students Enrolled: 13k+

Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0

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4. MySQL DBA Certification Training


Get your best-selling online courses in Edureka. MySQL DBA Course assists you in the core concepts & advanced tools and techniques to manage data and administer the MySQL Database.

The main purpose of this comprehensive course is to assist you in setting up MySQL DBA and running with replication, and learn about database administration topics like backups.

It includes hands-on learning on concepts like MySQL Workbench, MySQL Server, Data Modeling, MySQL Connector, Database Design, MySQL Command line, MySQL Functions, etc.

End of the training you will be able to create and administer your own MySQL Database and manage data.

Students Enrolled: 7.0k+

Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0

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These are the Best Edureka Courses that will make you stand out from others and help you to scale up your career. These will also help you to stay at the top of the industry as well as help you to grow Self Development.

Edureka Online Courses can help you to make experts and explore a range of topics like DevOps, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Data Science, Programming and Frameworks, RPA, etc before you move to the next stage of your career.

This Professional Certification also helps you to get an entry into the industry’s best areas.

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