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12 Best Free Online Healthcare Courses with Certificates 202310 min read

Are you looking for the Best Free Online Healthcare Courses with Certificates? Grab the list of Best Free Online Health Courses with Certificates 2023 which will give you enormous opportunities for your healthcare career.

After the pandemic situation, health care has become a necessity for human beings. People are looking for promising human healthcare providers. But the demand isn’t fulfilled for the shortage of health care providers.

Also, that creates a bunch of career opportunities in the healthcare field. Now the healthcare industry is at a high peak.

Healthcare jobs are going to increase by 18% between 2016 to 2026. It means 2.4 million new healthcare job opportunities. (Source U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS))

If you work in this field, you will be able to help many peoples. You can save lives with your promising services. And that will reward you with a sense of personal fulfillment.

You may serve the patients directly or assist the health practitioners. Also, you can choose to facilitate the medical office running smoothly. It includes AI, data science, or informatics.

Healthcare is a dynamic sector with many job opportunities. For example, medical assistants, dental care, home health, pharmacy technicians, etc. It’s your call to choose which career defines you the most.

Whatever health career you choose, it will pay you a high-range salary. It may start from $50k to $100k. So, if you have made up your mind to be a health care professional then the following online programs may help you to gain the skills.

12 Best Free Online Healthcare Courses with Certificates 2023


1. The Business of Health Care Specialization by University of Pennsylvania 2023 (Coursera)


If you want to start a new career in health care or want a promotion in your job field this course will be a game-changer for you.  This course is designed to advance your skills in healthcare management.

Through these healthcare classes online, you will learn to be updated with the fast-changing healthcare world.

This course is offered by the University of Pennsylvania on Coursera. Here you will learn some business skills.  Also, the American healthcare system improvises its cost and quality.

You will practice real-life healthcare challenges using case studies and financial statements on healthcare initiatives.

Experts in business acumen, health care management, and health care policy will take the online programs.

By completing the course, you will get a strong knowledge about the American health care system, and basic financial and management skills to better the service provided by you or your organization.

Students Enrolled: 13.3k+

Instructors: Richard Lambert, Ezekiel J. Emanuel,

Michael Useem, Christian Terwiesch, David A. Asch,

Kevin Volpp, Christopher D. Ittner, Guy David,

Peter Cappelli, Amol S. Navathe, Roy Rosin

Rating: 4.6 out of 5.0

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2. Health Informatics Specialization by Johns Hopkins University 2023 (Coursera)


Everything is getting digitalized. So as the human health care sector. Health professionals, managers, or personnel attached to the health sector need to know health informatics.

If you are one of them, then this specialization will increase your skills in Health IT/Informatics. After completing this specialization, 33% of students started a new career. And 17% got a promotion or increment.

These online healthcare courses are designed to teach you how to handle health IT and big data in the right way. This course is offered by Johns Hopkins University on Coursera.

Through these online programs, you will gain skills in data science, decision support systems, health informatics, and decision analysis.

Here you will learn-

  • social and technical problems of health IT,
  • implementing health informatics interventions,
  • designing health informatics solutions to support decisions, and
  • solving health informatics problems through data retrieval and analysis.

Students Enrolled: 18.9k+

Instructors: Harold P. Lehmann, Ashwini S. Davison, Paul Nagy, Hadi H. K. Kharrazi, and Sam Meiselman

Rating: 4.6 out of 5.0

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3. AI in Healthcare Specialization by Stanford University 2023 (Coursera)


AI helps you to understand your patients or consumer. It gives you a day-to-day view of the pattern of customers’ needs. Along with you will be able to give better feedback, guidance, and support in healthcare.  This online healthcare course will build your specialization in AI.

In this course, expert AI instructors will teach you about the current and future applications of AI. Also, using those applications safely and ethically.

Here you will learn

  • identify problems of health care providers;
  • analyzing patient safety, quality, and research via AI;
  • relating AI with science, practice, and business of medicine, and
  • applying AI to innovate and understand emerging technologies

After completing these online programs, you will be able to analyze the data of your healthcare organization. And give better diagnoses to patients. This course is offered by Stanford University on Coursera. Both healthcare professionals and computer science specialists can enroll here.

Students Enrolled: 12.7k+

Instructors: Nigam Shah, Mildred Cho, Laurence Baker, Steven Bagley, David Magnus, Matthew Lungren, Serena Yeung, and Tina Hernandez-Boussard

Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0

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4. Health and Social Care Course 2023 (John Academy)


If you are looking for expertise in pharmacy, physiotherapy, and personal health courses then Jhon Academy can be a great choice for you. It has 18 specialized human healthcare and medical courses.

The best free online health courses with certificates are available on this site including,

  • Advanced Diploma in Alternative Medicine,
  • Medical Coding Certification,
  • Level 3 Diploma in Pharmacy Technician,
  • Pharmacy Assistant Diploma, and
  • Medical secretary certificate.

These online programs may help you to build a career in the pharmaceutical and medical sectors.

Along with this, here are some physiotherapy courses such as Physiotherapy and Reflexology Diploma. This course may develop your skill in the physiotherapy field.  Students from any background can enroll in this course.

Students Enrolled: 78+


Ratings: 4.8 out of 5.0

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5. Free Online Healthcare Courses with Certificates 2023 (Future Learn)


Whether you are professional healthcare personnel or starting a new career in this field. These Future Learn courses can help your professional development. These online courses are best to enhance patient care or nutrition knowledge.

Here you will get 231 courses with 2 ExpertTracks, 3 programs, and  6 academic degree programs. You can also earn Microcredentials, academic accreditation, and professional accreditation here. These certifications may develop you professionally and progress your career.

The highest-rated free online health courses with certificates from this academy include-

  • Clinical Supervision: Planning Your Professional Development,
  • Bacterial Genomes: Antimicrobial Resistance in Bacterial Pathogens, and
  • Caring for Children Moving Alone: Protecting Unaccompanied and Separated Children
  • AI and Big Data in Global Health Improvement
  • Supporting and Engaging People with Autism
  • Step into Social Care

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6. Introduction to Healthcare by Stanford University 2023 (Coursera)


If you are thinking to start your career in the healthcare field then this course is designed for you. Before starting a career it’s important to gather deep knowledge about the system. This course is offered by Stanford University on Coursera.

It will help to gather that knowledge. Along with successful solutions and strategies for the current system problems.

You can explore the fundamentals of the U.S healthcare system via this course. It also refers to the health outcomes in other developed countries.

Also, you will get an overall knowledge of the institutions and participants. What they do and how they work together. With this, you will learn about physician practices, hospitals, pharmacies, insurance, and financing management.

In this course, you will also learn about the major challenges and key stakeholders of the U.S. healthcare system. Knowing these health issues may improve your efforts in healthcare delivery and the system.

Students Enrolled: 21.5k+

Instructors: Nigam Shah, Mildred Cho, and Laurence Baker

Rating: 4.8 out of 5.0

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7. Best Health & Fitness Courses 2023 (Udemy)


If you want to develop your career skills then Udemy will be the best choice for you. Its Health & Fitness courses will increase your professionalism.  Here a bunch of online courses especially on mental health, health coaching, and CBT are available.

Udemy has more than 2000 distance learning healthcare courses on health and fitness. Where you can choose courses depending on your specific niche.

Some of their bestseller courses are

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Practitioner Certificate,
  • Therapeutic Art Life Coach Certification (Accredited),
  • Herbalism:: Introduction & Medicine Making Certificate
  • CBT for Depression, Anxiety, Phobias, and Panic Attacks
  • Diet And Nutrition Coach Certification: Beginner To Advanced
  • Internationally Accredited Diploma in Yoga Training
  • Health and Nutrition Life Coach Certification (Accredited)
  • Complete Fitness Trainer Certification: Beginner To Advanced

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8. Online Healthcare Courses 2023 (All-State Career)


For growing a career in medicinal facilities, you may do courses from All-State Career. It has 4 specialized online healthcare classes in medical facilities. It may build your career in the healthcare industry.

The healthcare classes online cover medical billing and coding, medical assisting, Pharmacy Technician, and Emergency Medical Technician.

Here you will get career-oriented programs that boost your career. Here online healthcare classes are taken by qualified and caring faculties.

Enroll Button:—medical.html

9. University Healthcare Certification & Degrees Online 2023 (Coursera)


If you want to get certificates from renowned universities then you should check on the specializations and courses offered on Coursera.

Renowned universities like Imperial College London, University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University, University of California, Johns Hopkins University, Yale University, etc. are offering their specialized courses.

You will get to learn from expert instructors and develop your skills. These free online health courses with certificates are suitable for beginners and intermediate levels.

Here courses on digital health, data analytics, health informatics, It support, and Organization operations are the highest rated.

Also, you will get some online degrees for continuing education opportunities. They have below degree program available online-

  • Global Master of Public Health
  • Master of Public Health
  • Social Work: Practice, Policy and Research MasterTrack Certificate
  • Health Informatics MasterTrack Certificate

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10. Free Online Health Courses with Certificates 2023 (Alison)


Alison, a site with expert instructors has free online health courses for you. These courses will increase your professional skills. Especially in Mental health and Nursing. They have a series of courses on Mental health nursing.

You will be able to build your expertise in the mental health and nursing sectors. Also, they have some great courses on Physical therapy and fitness.

There top online health courses are:

  • Introduction to Caregiving
  • Health and Safety for Caregiving
  • Elderly Care and Caring for the Disabled
  • Caregiving Skills – Dementia Care
  • Nursing Studies – Patient Care and Hygiene
  • Diploma in Nursing Leadership and Care Management

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11. Healthcare & Wellbeing Courses Online 2023 (E-courses4you)


For personal health care, E-courses4you can give you the best courses. They have 16 expertise courses on Health and well-being. 

As part of the healthcare industry, it’s important for you to be healthy and cheerful. This course may develop your skills in your personal care and wellbeing.

After doing these courses it may lead you to a healthy lifestyle and increase your knowledge of personal health.

Their top health courses are the following: 

  • Anger Management
  • Assertiveness And Self Confidence
  • Administrative Office Produceres
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Improving Mindfulness
  • Boost Your Emotional Intelligence
  • Personal Productivity Masterclass and so on.

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12. COVID-19 Training for Healthcare Workers 2023 (Coursera)


We all know how Covid-19 changed our lives last year. Still, the situation is not stabilized. This infectious disease is spreading all over. And specialized health personnel are needed to fight this problem.

Stanford University offered  “COVID-19 Training for Healthcare Workers” on Coursera. So that healthcare workers can get proper training about COVID-19 online.

If you want to serve Covid-19 patients then this course may help you to be trained. This is a short course. Here you will learn to identify, stabilize and treat patients affected by Coronavirus.

After completing this course you will learn about

  • the symptoms and signs of Covid patients,
  • how to stabilize patients,
  • preventing the need for ventilation, and
  • ventilator management

Also,  you can provide advanced management and stabilization of patients in critical situations.

Students Enrolled: 106.7k+

Instructors: S V Mahadevan and Matthew Strehlow

Rating: 4.8 out of 5.0

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So these are the Best Free Online Healthcare Courses with Certificates for you that may help to build a successful career in the healthcare industry. Enroll now to take a step forward in your career.

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