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5 Best Portrait Photography Tutorial for Beginners 20248 min read

Want to learn Portrait Photography? Grab this list of 5 Best Portrait Photography Tutorials for Beginners for you.

These portrait photography online courses will help you to start a great career in the Portrait Photography field. Also, learn all the skills to be an amazing Portrait photographer.

Portrait photography is a genre type of photography. Capturing a person or group of people with effective lighting, backdrops, and poses is known as Portrait Photo. It focuses on capturing the personality of the subject.

Portrait photos are also known as “Portraiture”. It’s a piece of art that conveys many emotions. But any pictures don’t carry that emotion. You must know how to create an ambiance for clicking perfect portraiture.

Portrait photography has more chances to grow as a career. Portrait photographers can work in different fields. Such as event photographer,  wedding photographer, or kids photography.

You can choose any photography field for yourself.

Not only ambiance, lighting and poses also have a great impact on portraits. So you need to know portrait photography techniques such as lighting techniques, poses, and ambiance to click stunning portraits.

If you are thinking of how to start your career, then you can start as an assistant photographer. Also, you can start your own studio or work as a freelancer.

Along with clicking portraitures, you can also edit and print the photos.

As a portrait photographer, you may earn $34000 on average (Source U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). You can charge on an hourly basis too. Your hourly rate may be near $15- $20 at the start.

So, if you want to start your career then you must conquer the skills and knowledge. This list of 5 Best Portrait Photography Tutorials for Beginners may help you to learn the skills and start your career.

5 Best Portrait Photography Tutorials for Beginners 2024

1. Portrait Photography for Beginners (Udemy) 


Are you looking for courses to learn portrait photography? Try this portrait photography online course. It is a perfect course for beginners like you.

You will learn here all the portrait photography techniques and skills you need to click better portrait.

To take this course you are required to have basic knowledge of photography. Also, a good knowledge of your camera.

Like, such as the settings of your camera, and how the aperture, shutter speeds or ISO works. It is a masterclass in the photography sector. So, it’s better to know the basics first.

If you join this course, you’ll learn everything you need to know for better portrait photography.

You can take stunning portraits with any camera like DSLR, mirrorless, smartphone, or point-and-shoot. This will increase your depth of field.

In this portrait photography tutorial, you will learn-

  • Taking better portraits with any camera
  • Taking better photos with your smartphone
  • 6 portrait photography tips for improving your portraiture
  • Editing portraits to give an exclusive look
  • Choosing better background and composing your subject
  • To feel confident when interacting and posing your subject

Instructors: William Carnahan, Video School, Phil Ebiner

Students Enrolled: 87.5K+

Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0


2. Annie Leibovitz Teaches Photography (MasterClass) 

This is a comprehensive journey into the world of portrait photography and storytelling through images.

In this course, Annie Leibovitz, renowned for her work as the first woman chief photographer at Rolling Stone and for her iconic portraits, shares her extensive knowledge and experience.

The class, spanning 15 video lessons over 3 hours and 4 minutes, covers various aspects of photography.

In this portrait photography tutorial, you will learn-

  • Capturing compelling portraits with a focus on nuances like facial expressions, body language, and the subject’s essence.
  • Developing creative concepts for photo shoots, including brainstorming and translating ideas into impactful visual narratives.
  • Understanding and manipulating both natural and studio lighting to enhance the mood and depth of photographs.
  • Techniques for effective interaction with subjects, including building rapport, directing poses, and capturing authentic moments.
  • Skills in digital post-production, emphasizing refining images in the editing process to ensure they align with the initial artistic vision.

Length: 15 video lessons (3 hours 4 minutes)

Instructor: Annie Leibovitz


3. Posing Like A Pro: Create Your Best Portraits Ever! Part 1 (Udemy) 


Looking for courses to create great poses for portrait photos? This portrait photography online course may prove best for you to learn posing for portrait photography.

You’ll learn to pose like a pro and create stunning portraits of your career.

Posing is an important part of creating great portrait photos. This course can help you to learn the tricks of creating amusing portraits.

To do this online course you just need to know some basics of portrait photography.

This course is created on the basis of an ebook named “Posing Like A Pro”. It is the first part of the posing course series.

Photographers from beginner to intermediate level can do this course. It’ll surely enhance your skills for creating wonderful portrait photos with the best portrait photography tips.

In this portrait photography tutorial, you will learn-

  • Evaluating your location, subjects, and lens
  • Creating an amazing shooting concept
  • Using Props to boost your story
  • Knowing the difference between male and female posing
  • Posing with weight issues
  • What to do when your mind goes blank

Instructor: Sandy Dee

Students Enrolled: 6.7k+

Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0


4. The Beginner’s Guide to Classic Portrait Photography (Udemy) 

Do you want to be a classic portrait photographer? Try this portrait photography online course on classic photography.

It’s a beginner guide for a photographer like you. Here you will learn everything you need to know to create a perfect portrait.

In this portrait photography course, you learn about gear choice, settings, editing, and working with your subject.

This will help you to explore the best version of portrait photographs you can create. Also, you get more advantage, if you get some basic knowledge of camera before starting the course.

In this portrait photography tutorial, you will learn-

  • About the elements to click a classic portrait, such as gear, settings, lighting, and location.
  • Creating an efficient  and heart-whelming portrait session for your clients
  • Posing and communicating with your subject
  • Editing your portraits to give a reviving touch
  • About exposure, aperture, shutter speeds, ISO, and focusing
  • Appropriate settings for different situations
  • Identifying pros and cons of shooting locations and camera gear

Instructor: Brittany Leigh (Snap Chick)

Students Enrolled: 560+

Rating: 4.6 out of 5.0


5. Best Portrait Photography Tutorial: Photography Capstone Project by Michigan State University (Coursera) 

After completing your journey of learning Portrait photography, this Capstone project can be a great opportunity for you. It will be a platform where you can share your 10 best photographs throughout your learning journey.

Also, these projects will be closely monitored by Peter Glendinning and Mark Sullivan. They will give individual reviews and portrait tips for your work.

That will be a great opportunity to showcase your work and know about the gaps you need to fill up.

Along with this course has a special offer for all the students who complete this specialization. They will get access to substantial discounts on equipment, accessories, and membership benefits from industry partners.

In this portrait photography tutorial, you will learn-

  • Fundamental principles in photography
  • Camera control
  • Principles of composition and creativity
  • Responding photographs
  • Critique

Instructor: Peter Glendinning, Mark Valentine Sullivan

Students Enrolled: 20.4K+

Rating: 4.8 out of 5.0


So these are the 5 Best Portrait Photography Tutorials for Beginners for you. It may help to become a portrait photographer. Enroll now to increase your portrait photography skills.

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What makes a photo a portrait?

Capturing a personality or emotions with perfect location, lighting, and poses creates a portrait.

What are 3 types of portrait photography?

There are many types of portrait photographs. Such as traditional portraits, lifestyle portraits, environmental portraits, candid portraits, conceptual portraits, self-portrait photography, black and white portrait photography, light portrait photography, wedding photography, business portraits, etc.

How do you take a good portrait photo?

A good portrait photo depends on the location, lighting, and poses of the subjects. The portrait focuses on capturing the personality of the subject. So you should focus on conveying emotion through your portrait.

How can I learn portrait photography?

Some online portrait photography courses may help you to learn portrait photography. The above online photography courses may help you to learn portrait photography.

What education do you need to become a portrait photographer?

A High school certificate may be enough to become a photographer. Also, you have to do some basic photography courses to learn portrait photography well.

How much do portrait photographers make?

Portrait photographers make $34000 on average (Source U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). You can also charge hourly to your clients. $15-$20 will be enough for a new portrait photographer.

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