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5 Best GIMP Tutorial, Courses & Training in 20245 min read

Are you looking for Best GIMP Tutorial Online? Grab the Best GIMP Courses, Classes, Training for Beginners, and experts.

These online courses will help you learn Graphic Designing which is appropriate for beginners, intermediate learners as well as experts.

5 Best GIMP Tutorial Online, Courses, Training & Classes 2024

1. GIMP 2 Beginners to Advanced: Free on Windows/MacOS/Linux (Udemy)

GIMP 2.8/2.10 Beginner-Advanced: Free GIMP graphic design on Windows/Mac OS/Linux: Photography, drawing, and book covers!

You will Learn:

  • Install and run the GIMP
  • Make logos, web graphics, and screenshots
  • Create 2D and 3D book covers
  • Make memes and distribute them on Facebook
  • Produce graphics appropriate for use on the 8 major social media websites
  • Use WordPress with HTML to display web graphics
  • To use the GIMP to touch up your photos


  • Need a computer running Windows, Mac OS, or Linux to install and use the GIMP
  • A functioning browser to download the GIMP and access images, fonts, and other resources.

Instructor: Brian Jackson, Writing/Self-publishing/GIMP

Enrollment: 14.6K+

Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0

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2. GIMP 2 for Beginners to advanced, Learn GIMP From a Pro (Udemy)


Learn GIMP 2.10 from a pro photog & graphic designer. Everything you need to know in one course. Learn GIMP by doing.

You will learn:

  • Install GIMP on a Linux, PC, and/or a MAC
  • To edit your photos, like a pro, with GIMP
  • How to process RAW files for GIMP
  • What a Layer Mask is and how to use them in GIMP
  • Learn tips and techniques for editing images and creating graphics from a pro photographer
  • What a Layer is and how to use them in GIMP
  • How to configure the GIMP interface for increased productivity
  • The different file types you can use in GIMP as well as GIMP’s proprietary file format


  • Must have a Linux, PC, or MAC operating system
  • A willingness to learn and take the time to do the included projects

Students Enrolled: 15.7K+

Instructor: Chris Parker

Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0

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3. GIMP Training: Create a 2D Action Game with Unity or C# (Udemy)


One of the Best GIMP Courses for Game development & Game art/animation. Create a 2D top-down shooter using Unity 2018, C#, and Ps/Gimp.

You will learn:

  • Learn how to sketch and paint 2D game characters.
  • Create awesome 2D game animations using Unity.
  • Make a player character that can move around an environment and shoot projectiles.
  • Program some cool AI behaviors for various enemy game characters using C#.
  • Code a customizable enemy wave spawner.
  • Make a multi-staged boss fight using state machine behaviors.
  • Make multiple weapons and power-ups.
  • Learn how to make great main menus and responsive UI.

**Before starting this course you should understand the basics of Unity.

Like saving scenes, navigating the interface, using the three basic manipulation tools (Translate, Rotate and Scale), creating prefabs, and adding and modifying components inside of the inspector.


  • Have Unity and some 2D application like Ps, Gimp, SketchPad, or MS Paint installed on your computer
  • A strong understanding of the basics of C#, such as creating variables, modifying those, and calling functions.
  • Have a strong desire to learn, have fun, and create awesome games.

Students Enrolled: 11.1K+

Instructor: Noa Calice (aka Blackthornprod)

Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0

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4. GIMP Tutorial: eBook and Paperback Book Cover Design Using Canva and Gimp (Udemy)


Create your own professional-looking book covers; ready to upload to major retailers and distributors.

You will Learn

  • Find inspiration for your book covers as well as free, cheap, or premium images without infringing upon someone else’s copyright
  • Understand the technical terms used in image design such as image size, file size, and aspect ratios.
  • Know the current specifications for a print book, eBook, and catalog covers
  • Design an eBook catalog cover in Canva using either a template or your own specifications and images
  • Set up and design book covers in Gimp using layer masks and blends modes to create interesting effects.
  • Convert your catalog cover images and paperback book cover images to a suitable size


  • Need to sign up for free accounts at both Canva and Gimp and be willing to believe that you are perfectly capable of creating a great cover.

Students Enrolled: 2.8K+

Instructor: Karen Prince

Rating: 4.2 out of 5.0

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5. GIMP Training Masterclass: From Beginner to Pro Photo Editing (Udemy)


A Complete Guide to the Free Photo Editor GIMP to Help You Go From a Beginner to Pro Photo Retoucher.

You will learn:

  • How to Master GIMP 2.10
  • How to use all the tools in the GIMP toolbox.
  • The GIMP layout and its most important features
  • All 38 layer modes (blend modes) for creating image effects.
  • Important design and image editings concepts like Layers and Selection Areas
  • What’s new in the latest versions of GIMP, including GIMP 2.10.20
  • Edit a photo professionally from start to finish.
  • Use proper methods, not shortcuts, for better and more professional results.
  • Import photos into GIMP.
  • Edit photos for print or web.


  • Prior knowledge of how layers work within GIMP is a plus.
  • Know how to use a computer.

Students Enrolled: 11.4K+

Instructor: Michael Davies

Rating: 4.6 out of 5.0

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So, these are some Best GIMP Courses, Classes, and Tutorials for Beginners to become an expert in designing. These Best GIMP Tutorials will help you learn and excel at GIMP.

Happy Learning!

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