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12 Profiles to Follow For A Useful LinkedIn Newsfeed 20247 min read

The social network of the business world- LinkedIn, is more like our online resume. Applying to jobs has been much easier with it. However, the LinkedIn profile is much more than a medium of job application and job posting.

It is a rich resource for marketing solutions, sales solutions, and significant talent development learning opportunities.

Therefore, do not just develop your profile on the site, develop your newsfeed too. A useful LinkedIn newsfeed gives you the opportunity to learn and grow yourself and your business.

Of course, you do follow your intended company’s profile to get updates on the job posting. But that shouldn’t be the end. There are many business or professional personnel profile you might want to follow.

You will not only get insights into people’s professional life but also the workplace situations around the globe.

The regular articles posted by different profiles will help you develop your skills, make your adjustment process in work easier, and furthermore will act as your workplace counseling.

Therefore, besides for job application purposes, an informative, useful LinkedIn newsfeed will result in support of your career and work-life.

Thus, here are some profiles, of both influencers’ and companies’, to follow, to have a useful LinkedIn newsfeed.

12 Profiles to Follow For A Useful LinkedIn Newsfeed 2024

1. Jeff Weiner

Let’s start with the CEO of LinkedIn. He updates regularly on usages, benefits, and updates of LinkedIn. He speaks about the acquisition and future plans of LinkedIn. That always helps you to know the usages and development of your LinkedIn profile.

Moreover, he also talks about the workplace and posts articles about qualities you need in professional life, his personal opinion about management and you’ll get to know his successful, inspiring management style.

Follow Jeff Weiner

2. Forbes

Perhaps, it is one of the most helpful profiles to follow. Forbes, being the global media for news and information fills your newsfeed with articles about business, entrepreneurship, leadership, and a prosperous lifestyle.

You will be highly interested once you see those posts highly relate-able to your professional situations.

Starting from a guide to writing thank-you notes to interviewers for qualities of successful job applicants, Forbes writes it all. Plus, one of the specialties of Forbes is it publishes motivational, “Quote of the Day”, every day.

Follow Forbes

3. Liz Ryan

You can call her Workplace Counselor. She is the founder and CEO of Human Workplace, which is a publishing and consulting firm. Her posts of guidance are different and analytical.

People email her their workplace struggles and she provides steps to resolve them- which she turns into her articles. When you follow her, you’ll notice most of her articles are published in Forbes.

Her article patterns include writing exactly what people mailed her and then her own reply. And she constructs her replies explaining the analysis of the issue and answering why a particular step can be beneficial or not useful in case of the event.

This makes the resolved answers easy to understand and logical too. You can find both DOs and DON’Ts of your everyday office routine, recruitment, interviews, and management style in her articles.

Follow Liz Ryan

4. Inc. Magazine

If you want an advantageous post on your newsfeed, the post which will be beneficial for building up or growth of your business, which will help you innovate management style for your company, you just have to click the follow button below the Inc. magazine.

Whether it’s tips and tricks for business or the style of successful CEOs, Inc. Magazine publishes posts just to aspire to the Entrepreneur in you, to initiate, grow, and develop your business.

Get ideas for investing in social media, for startups or small businesses with their flourishing articles.

Follow Inc. Magazine

5. Arianna Huffington

Another influential woman on LinkedIn is the founder and CEO of Thrive Global. She posts about everyday struggles that affect both work-life and personal life that people face but doesn’t exactly get the resolution anywhere.

Besides posting the Thrive Global articles, she writes on LinkedIn herself about her learning from every day, her speeches which might drive you towards healthy work-life balance.

Because her articles are not only about work but also about side activities or health which affects your work. You’ll be able to know what external factors affect your work life.

Follow Arianna Huffington

6. Business Insider

This publishing site not only posts about business but global news and technological trends that will provide you insights about Global companies and the latest technology.

The global news will help you if you are thinking about the expansion of your business.

Also, you may apply the different digital operations many companies are implementing worldwide. For a wide range of information on digital workplaces, e-commerce, Business Insider is your intended profile to follow.

Follow Business Insider

7. Suzanne Lucas

Famously calling herself Evil HR Lady, she writes articles in a pattern of answering her followers’ problems. Her sarcastic answers and funny way of analyzing the situations make tedious topics enjoyable.

Being the HR expert, she gives career advice in a funny way, explaining what HR needs and why it needs so.

She loves helping to build up a better career and build a better manager out of you. So, you might want to read her LinkedIn articles and follow her for regular posts.

Follow Suzanne Lucas

8. Harvard Business Review

Another specialty in smart management ideas, best practices, and business insights, this is one of the must-haves in your newsfeed.

The published articles are not only about business reviews but also about different industrial analysis, on the know-how of certain techniques in office life, the changing patterns in the business field, the constructive criticisms of certain industries, etc.

You can also check Harvard Business Publishing, their affiliated company, to gain insights about their publications.

Follow Harvard Business Review

9. Betty Liu

The award-winning journalists write about skill developments in her LinkedIn articles. From public speaking skills to email writing mistakes to avoid, she covers the essentials required for your career.

Thus if you want to make an addition to your skill improvement tasks do follow her articles.

Follow Betty Liu

10. The Wall Street Journal

If you want global informative articles outside work, like politics, culture, technology, you have to follow the famous New York originated company.

With diversified journalists from various countries working for them, you will get diversified news about business and global environment factors affecting the business.

Follow The Wall Street Journal

11. Richard Branson

Also listed among the LinkedIn influencers, his writing promotes his company Virgin group. You’ll learn about his everyday incredible journey and his secrets to success.

His posts cover about world environment, people’s stories, and little joys of life. To know more about his interesting journey, do follow him.

Follow Richard Branson

12. The Economist

The name says it all. Follow to know the analysis of current global affairs, finance, business, culture, society, and arts.

You can gain insights into different industries in the world and which part of the world succeeds in which industries. Moreover, you will also know the financial analysis of new trends, the potential for future products, how a market is changing.

Follow The Economist

In Conclusion

Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Ted Conferences, Bloomberg- you name it, there are many other profiles of inspirer, informer, writer, experts whom you can follow to fill your LinkedIn newsfeed with useful, interesting, knowledgeable information.

Although there is no specific must-have list to follow and the list can continue up to one’s own requirements, you always have the option to discover new articles on LinkedIn and follow people.

You’ll find articles written by your connected LinkedIn members. You yourself can write articles about your professional experiences.

People connected to you might be benefitted from your writing. This largest professional networking site also has its own official blog.

You may follow those blogs too. Scrolling through the newsfeed can never be a wastage of time if you’re healthy, rich resources of information.

Do you know any more informative profiles to follow? Do mention it in the comment.

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