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27 Social Media Marketing Tips Every Marketer Should Know 202412 min read

Social Media Marketing is one of the fast-moving industries in the current decade. As technology advances, Digital marketing progresses with explosions of creativity.

Not only marketing but businesses are also being born on social media sites. At times, people are overwhelmed that they cannot keep pace with the fast-moving trends of social media.

While many people experiment with their marketing profiles, it is better to know some social media marketing tips beforehand.

Of course, you can learn based on trial and error. However, it is better to avoid some serious mistakes for getting maximum brand exposure and acquire followers.

Social media can be the fastest medium to acquire customers and brand awareness if you implement the right strategies. So, align your strategies with the following Social media marketing tips and tricks.

Here are Social Media Marketing Ideas to help you to come up with the right digital marketing strategies for your business.

27 Social Media Marketing Tips Every Marketer Should Know

1. Track the Right Social Media Site

Well, to start with, as Social media marketing tips for beginners, this one is the first to implement from the list. Technically every social media can be the right site for marketing provided that your target market uses them. You need a little research in this case.

In the world of social media, though people have accounts on various sites, track which of them your target market uses the most.

Open up your business profile on the site they visit the most. It can be Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

2. Fill Out Your Profile

When you open an account on any social site, what do you first do? Yes, develop your profile. You put up a profile picture and fill in basic information about yourself, the features, address.

The significant thing here is that try to fill in as much information as possible. This is because your audience is your stalkers [in a good way of course!].

They visit your profiles. Hence, it is advantageous to you as much as they know about you since they are your potential customers.

3. Link Your Multiple Social Accounts

And just like your target market, you can have multiple accounts on various social media sites too. Connect each of your accounts with the other.

Share the contents of one site on another site. This helps in more exposure and awareness. Also, linking one account to another helps to keep your business profile aligned.

4. Multiple Accounts, Similar Content

Make sure your content in various accounts is aligned and similar. The promotions of content can be different for different sites but the content must be the same or at least similar enough.

Creating varieties of content for different sites will result in a perplexed perception of your audience.

5. Link Your Website

This is essential. Your website is your main profile, your business account. Social Media acts as your customer reaching point but your website is the virtual store of your business.

So, connect your customers to your website through social media sites. Let them ‘learn more about you through your website.

P.S- you can omit this tip if your business is born on social media sites and you don’t have a website. However, you should still consider developing a website for your business in this case.

6. Post Image-Based Contents

Yes, you want to give a message to your audience about your products or offerings. Using visual content rather than posting with text only.

The audience easily relates more to visual content rather than just texts. Make your images relatable, good to look at, and understandable.

Again, do not use too many texts on your images. Think of the audience’s absorption capacity of words while posting texts.

7. One of the Social Media Marketing Tips is Video-Based Content

Quick videos with promotional content and demonstration of your products, services, or company catch the attention of the audience more.

So, you may post videos now and then. But, do not make too long videos unless you are sure that your video content is interesting to hold audiences for long enough.

The videos you upload to your YouTube account can be shared on your other social media accounts too [in case of multiple accounts]. Nonetheless, there are video uploading sections on other sites too. Promote your videos.

8. Create Engaging Posts

When you create interactive content, the audience engages with you more. Plus, it creates a long-lasting impression in their minds.

They will not only stop for a brief second in scrolling to react to your copy, but they will also connect with you. Comment on your post or even message you for a query.

One of the tips for creating such content is intentionally missing out on some information so that the audience is bound or interested to ask you and connect with you.

9. Create Clutter Breaking Contents

As mentioned at the beginning, social media sites are a fast pacing industry. With new business accounts blooming every day, marketing content is exploding too.

The more creative, and eye-catching you are, the more you reach your target audience.

10. Generate Feedback Contents

This can be another Social Media Tip for Content Marketing Strategy. Of course, from every content you post, you get to see the reactions, and opinions of your followers.

Is that enough? You don’t get to see every reaction and some comments might not be enough. That’s why you may consider generating content asking for feedback from a customer. You can apply your creativity here too.

Feedback contents make your audience feel engaged with you. They will have the perception that you value them. This type of feedback brings more honest opinions, unlike other feedback methods.

Moreover, you can create further content, product offers, and modifications based on feedback.

11. Inspire the Audience to Share your Post

This can be another content-creating strategy. Initiate or inspire your followers to share your content. It is one kind of word-of-mouth in the virtual world.

You reach potential customers through your followers’ shares. Your brand must get exposure first before you start receiving responses from your target market.

12. Publish Regular Contents

To keep your profile highly engaging and let your target market know about you, keep on posting continuously at regular intervals. If you keep your profile idle, you tend to lose followers and there is less chance your posts show up in your target market’s newsfeed.

13. Schedule Your Post

Another thing to track about your target market is at what time they are active the most. Schedule your post according to that. If required, make a chart or timetable to set the timing of your post.

It becomes easier for you to remember when to post what content. Posting at an inactive or ‘off-peak’ time results in less response to a post and takes a longer time to reach an audience.

Therefore, determine the peak time of the social sites according to a target market.

14. Monitor Contents’ Performance

In most of the sites, the admin of the business account can see the performance of a post. How many reactions it is getting, how are the responses of an audience, how much it has reached, etc? Monitor each post’s performance. See which is getting more responses and which is less.

This helps to track the behavioral aspects of your audience towards your post. You can modify or develop posts according to the learned behavior of the audience.

15. Filter the Important Post

When you track the performance of your posts, determine which post is performing well. There might be more than one post performing well. Filter out the outstanding ones. See the performances of all the posts.

You may re-post and re-share those and remind audiences what they liked most. You may also get a new reach.

Filtering outposts are important for another reason. See it in the next tip.

16. Invest in a Good Exposure

For your brand awareness and for reaching out to your target market, manual efforts of posting, and sharing are time-consuming.

For reaching out fast and maximum, invest in social media sites to boost up. And the investment doesn’t have too big. With a little investment, you can have an effective ROI.

This is useful, especially as Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Businesses. Even small businesses can get good exposure with a little investment in social media marketing.

The reason for filtering important posts was that not all post requires to boost. The post which receives a positive response is more suitable for boosting up. Filter out the posts you want to boost up.

17. Target the Right Audience

While boosting up the cost, the social site asks you for information about your target audience. Collect the attributes of your target market.

Their demographic, geographic, and behavioral information- research and collect as much as you can. Because you can target rightly by providing the correct information.

Above all, false information can direct your posts to people who may be not your target market.

18. Be careful about Language

You can either use your native language or English (the International Language of course!) The target audience factor comes here too.

Do you target a global audience? Better to use English. Is your target audience within your country? Are they not much comfortable with English? You can use your native language.

Sometimes, you can use both, if you have audiences of both types.

19. Use the right Keyword

There are often common keywords your target market searches for. Do not be uncommon in using words, in this case.

Research which words or phrases your target market uses in searching. Blend them in your writings, contents, and captions of posts. It makes your post easier to reach the right target audience.

20. Use Hashtags/ Initiate Hashtags

Hashtags make the trending keywords more available. Use hashtags for making your post trendy. You can even initiate a hashtag of your own.

But inspire your audience to use your hashtag while re-posting or sharing. Only then your initiatives will be effective. Both are equally important.

21. Set a limit on Text

People are reluctant to read lengthy texts as captions or in posts. Then again, some updates require a lot of information to be written.

Determine the length of your writings. You will find tips to keep the text short. Conversely, you will find tips to write more.

It depends on the nature of your target market. Not to mention, it also depends on what you want to convey.

Determine for each post what amount of text to be written. For short-length texts, keep them brief, do not lengthen them too much. For long-length texts, keep a lot of short paragraphs, and write in easy, understandable words.

22. Include only One ‘Call-to-action’ in Your Content

Some marketers provide two or three links for audiences to follow up. This is confusing for the audience. Make your content easy for your followers.

Do not provide a lengthy URL. Keep it short. Do not provide multiple links to know about you. Even if you have multiple links to provide, use only one in each content.

23. Be an Active Respondent

Your audience will comment on your post. They might have queries they inbox you. Answer them as quickly as possible.

But in quickness, do not provide them with false information. Be quick and correct. Give them at least a thank you comment in reply.

Often social sites have auto-generated replies. You can set them as you cannot be always available. But be sure to get them as soon as possible.

24. Get Endorsed by Social Media Celebrities

You can use celebrity endorsements on social media sites. Celebrities have a large fan following who might be your potential customers. You can link the business page to the celebrities’ page or can get them in your videos.

If you have a budget constraint, there are social media influencers, who have large followers. You can endorse your product, or business profile through them too.

Similarly, some influencers become popular through their videos and content. If they endorse you, there is a high chance you get their followers too.

25. Use Digital Coupons or Discounts

Form digital coupons or discount processes for your followers. This initiates followers to follow your latest content more. Some examples can be screenshots of a post that can be used as coupons, discount contests, etc.

26. Handle Negativity by Positivity

Now when you are operating a business profile on social accounts, remember that not every follower will be your fan. Some will criticize you for every piece of content.

Do not take them personally. Answer them with positive words. Thank them for commenting or expressing an opinion. Do not be rude at any cost.

Remember, your one misbehavior can spread in seconds by audiences on social sites. This can harm the image of your business.

27. Apply Creativity with Every Feature

As social sites are fast-forwarding in the digital industry, companies work to introduce new features every day. Use the new features aligned with your content. As a result, you will not be lagging.

Wrapping Up

As you manage your business page on social sites, you learn more about how to handle business social accounts. Your experience will formulate your social media marketing tips.

Trends in social media are never steady. They change a lot. Some trends remain for a long, and some last only for a while. Catch up with the trend and blend them with your content. That’s one way of creativity.

Since the trends are continuous and evolving, some of these tips may not always work. Then again, you may have your learned tips.

Determine which works for your best. Learn from handling your account. Social sites often provide directions and tips. Follow them too.

Got any more ideas for Social media marketing tips for business? Post in the comments.

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