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9 Best Free Food Management Certification Courses 202311 min read

Are you looking for a food management course online? Here is a list of 10 Best Free Food Management Certification Courses.

That may help you to be a certified food manager with food management certification.

A restaurant’s success depends on the quality and presentation of its food. The food manager ensures the quality and safety of food. It is the duty of all personnel in restaurants.

To be a part of the national restaurant business, a food management course is important. It is a vast process to review the selection, preparation, presentation, and preservation is up to the mark.

Also ensuring food sold in restaurants is fulfilling all the rules and regulations set by the government. Likewise, all food materials served to the general public should meet the quality requirements.

Food management is also important for grocery owners and packaged food manufacturers. With a food management certification, you can play different roles in the food service industry. Such as food inspectors, test center managers, food manufacturers, or food experts.

Every person’s role is different. Firstly, food inspectors ensure the food is prepared and stored in a clean environment without any contamination.

Also, the food sold in groceries and malls is not contaminated. And still have their shelf life.

Then food manufacturers prepare packaged food with ensuring quality and freshness. Lastly, the main chefs, kitchen workers, and restaurant staff are known as food experts.

So, with food management certification what role do you want to choose for yourself?

Whatever career you choose! The food management course is important. Grab the following food management certification courses to start your food service career.

9 Best Free Food Management Certification Courses 2023


1. Food & Beverage Management by University of Bocconi 2023 (Coursera)


Are you thinking of entering the food and beverages industry? Then this food manager certification can help you.

These food manager training programs can enlighten you with real-life problems. Here you will know the problems, managers, and entrepreneurs face in the food industry.

You will get models and tools to design actions for satisfying customers. Also, you will be able to build a benchmark over your competition.

This online course is made of four modules. Every module is designed for the food and beverages industry dilemma.

In each module, guest speakers will appear. Food and beverages industry managers and experts will appear with their insights.

They will talk about the problems they face in the industry. Also, you will get a food service manager certification. You can get started for free.

In this food management course, you will learn-

  • How products create value for customers
  • How do customers value products and their quality
  • About customers experience
  • Valuation of brands
  • About local and global market
  • Growth strategies of different markets

Instructors: Gabriele Troilo

Students Enrolled: 109.0k+

Rating: 4.8 out of 5.0

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2. Food & Beverage Management Certification 2023 (International Open Academy)


Do you want to start a catering business? Then this course can guide you. This course will show you the path to successful food and beverages business.

You will be able to understand the food and beverage services.

By completing this course you will be an expert in running a catering business. Also, you can upgrade your skills here.

You can also get a promotion from your boss with these upgraded skills.

This course is designed with 5 different modules. Including the food service, catering business, beverage, etc. To get this online food management certification, you have to score 55% on the end-course food manager exam.

This course is approved by International Council for Online Educational Standards. Completing this course will also add value to your CV.

In this food management course, you will learn-

  • Food service management
  • Catering management
  • Product development
  • Beverage management
  • Nutrition

Instructors: Matthew Kimmel

Students Enrolled: 9997k+

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3. Free Food Management Certification – ISO 22000:2023 – Elements of Food Safety Management System (Alison)


Do you need a free course in Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS)? Then this is for you. Another course was designed on FSMS in Alison.

This is a level 1 course, especially for beginners.

It is conducting the elements of FSMS according to ISO 22000:2018. FSMS is a collaborative way to manage food safety risks effectively.

In this course, you will learn how this system works and benefits a food organization.

This course is designed with 3 modules. With a complete overview of ISO 22000:2023. Also determining food safety internal audits and management review.

After completing this course you’ll get a CPD-accredited certificate.

In this food management certification, you will learn-

  • Fundamentals of Food Safety Management Systems
  • Requirements for Food Safety Management System
  • Performance Evaluation and Improvement

Instructors: S. M. Waqas Imam

Students Enrolled: 24.2k+

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.0

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4. Best Free Food Management Certification: Diploma in Innovation Management for Food and Beverage Manufacturing 2023 (Alison)


Want to do something innovative in the food and beverages industry? Then this course can accompany you. This course is designed with the innovation process and operational roadmaps in the food and beverages industry.

It will enhance your skills in developing new products. That will attract the customer at first sight. Also to increase your brand identity. If you are a job holder in this food industry, this course can increase your portfolio in the innovation of food and beverages.

In this food management certification, you will learn about-

  • Implementing a powerful and structured innovation process
  • Tackle challenges in the food innovation process
  • Realize growth opportunities
  • Increasing the power of your brand
  • Product portfolio
  • Food values and designed criteria
  • Food and consumer trends
  • Market and cultures
  • Consumer groups
  • Product and package design opportunities
  • Impacts of ingredients, packaging, and suppliers in the innovation process

Instructors: Biawiz Ltd

Students Enrolled: 7.4k+
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0

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5. Food Manager Certification & Training 2023 (StateFoodSafety)


Are you looking for a manager-level food safety manager certification? Then this course is for you. This food safety training is designed for experienced food protection managers.

You can scale up your skill with this food manager training program.

This course has a food safety manager certification exam. With unlimited practice tests. After passing the exam you will be a certified food protection manager.

Which is approved by American International Standards Institute. It proves your knowledge, skills, and ability to run a food service business.

In this food management certification, you will learn-

  • Identifying food safety risks
  • Creating policies to solve them
  • Training employees to follow food safety policies
  • Taking proper actions when employees have symptoms of foodborne illness
  • Following personal hygiene and hand care practice
  • Inspecting supplies and identifying approved suppliers
  • Implementing cleaning and sanitizing in the kitchen
  • Identifying proper pest prevention techniques and pest infestation signs
  • Preventing bacterial growth and temperature control
  • Maintaining facilities and equipment

Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0

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6. ISO 22000:2023 Food Safety Management System (Udemy) 


For working in the food service industry doing ISO 22000 courses is important. This food safety manager certification is designed for food industry professionals.

Professionals who want to increase their credibility with consumers, retailers, suppliers, investors, and other interested parties.

ISO 22000 is an internationally recognized food safety standard. Without completing this ISO 22000, you cannot conduct other industry-specific certifications.

It is the first online training on ISO 22000. You will get easy simple lectures on terms, clauses, and transitions. A minimum college education is required to do this course.

In this food management certification, you will learn-

  • Full coverage of clauses and terms in ISO 22000: 2018
  • Implementing ISO 22000:2018 in operation controls
  • Compatibility of ISO 22000: 2018 with other International Controls
  • Guides on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), Prerequisite Programs (PRPs), etc.
  • Elements of food safety management
  • Why a food safety management system is important
  • Applying Plan-Do-Check-Act approach
  • Practice Global food safety issues, FSMS objectives, operation control in COVID-19 situation, Audit Case study, etc.
  • About the second food safety standard

Instructors: S.M. Waqas Imam

Students Enrolled: 1.0k+

Rating: 4.1 out of 5.0

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7. Food Safety in Catering UK 2023 (Udemy)


Maintaining a healthy environment in a catering business is an important aspect. This food safety manager certification is designed to teach maintenance of the environment for food safety.

You can also use these online courses for new employee training programs.

To run catering, food handlers need to be trained in food safety. It’s important for all kinds of food or beverage service. Such as restaurants, pubs, or fast-food chains.

This food safety training will help you to build your knowledge and expertise in food safety.

In this food management certification, you will learn-

  • Maintaining food safety in the workplace
  • Achieving a good EHO score
  • Cross-contamination
  • Cleaning
  • Cooking process
  • Refrigeration
  • Tips and tricks for best practice
  • Unique structure for the food production process

Instructors: Nick Dore

Students Enrolled: 520+

Rating: 4.2 out of 5.0

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8. Diploma in Restaurant and Food Manager Certification 2023 (John Academy)


Are you looking for a diploma in restaurant and food management? Then this course is for you. This food manager certification is a comprehensive introduction to the food service industry.

Both newbies and experienced food service industry personnel can do this food manager certification. New persons can choose catering business, hotel management, restaurant administration, or any kind of food establishment as a career path.

It doesn’t matter what study background you have. You can do this course if you are over 16. A good understanding of numeracy and ICT is also required for his course.

At end of every course, you have to sit for an online exam. And after completing the whole diploma you’ll sit for a final exam. For food manager exam preparation you can give a mock test too.

You’ll get two food service manager certifications from this diploma. 1. Completion certificate & 2. Accredited certificate for achievement.

In this food management certification, you will learn-

  • Main sectors of the service industry
  • Different types of food and beverages products
  • Host Responsibilities
  • Catering utilities
  • Kitchen commodities
  • Starting a restaurant
  • Managing a restaurant
  • About food business
  • How to start a food catering

Students Enrolled: 49+

Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0

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9. Food Hygiene, Health, and Safety 2023 (John Academy)


Whatever food service career you choose for yourself, food hygiene is important for your success. This food safety manager certification is designed to teach you about food hygiene, health, and safety.

It is a level 3 course with 1-year course certificate validity.

For acquiring broad knowledge in food hygiene and safety, this course can assist you. Knowing basic principles of food hygiene is important for all kinds of food handlers.

Also, knowledge of food safety standards is the prime fact in the food service industry.

This course certification will prove your ability to maintain a safe and hygienic work environment. By completing this course, you will get practical knowledge of handling raw and cooked food.

Also, you will know about the food management system, HAACP Steps, and food safety acts.

In this food management certification, you will learn-

  • Food hygiene and safety
  • Handling food safety
  • Identifying safety risk
  • Preventing foodborne illness
  • Food poisoning and bacteria viruses

Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0

Students Enrolled: 42+

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So these are the 10 Best Free Food Management Certification Courses for you. It may help to build a successful career in the food and beverage industry. Enroll now to take a step forward in your career.

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Who needs a food manager certificate?

Persons who work in food establishments need food manager certificates. At least one person in every establishment needs to be a certified food manager from an accredited program.


What does a food manager do?

Food managers are responsible for the daily operations of food establishments. They manage the food preparation and serving activities. Also, they have to take care of other business activities for making a profit.


How to become a certified food manager?

For being a certified food manager completing a food safety and health program is important. Also to get the certificate you have to successfully pass a food manager exam from any approved test provider.


What is the difference between a food handler and a food manager?

Food handlers working in food establishments at the employee level. They have basic food safety knowledge in preparing food.

On other hand, food managers work at the management level with sufficient food safety knowledge. Also, they work to protect the public from foodborne illnesses.


Why food safety management is important?

Food safety management is important to protect the general public from foodborne illnesses.

Food safety management is a group of standards set by food managers to ensure the safety and quality of food. So it’s important for the food service business.


What are the duties of a food service manager?

Food service managers have a major duty in the food business. Their work is to maintain the quality and safety of food served to customers.

Also, they train and supervise other employees in food preparation and safety. They inspect the supplies and do an internal audit on food safety.

That’s the main duty of food service managers but they might accomplish other works according to their business policy.

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