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5 Best Food Safety Manager Certification Courses 20247 min read

Do you want to increase your skills in Food Safety Management? Grab this list of Best Food Safety Manager Certification, Courses, Training, and Tutorial 2024 for you. It will give you an overview of the management of food safety.

Food safety is an important aspect of food establishments. It’s important to ensure the food quality before serving the customers. For that reason, a group of standards for the Food Safety Management System(FSMS) has to implement by food safety managers.

Food safety managers are responsible for the quality and safety of food. Along with their duty is to train the employees about safety and hygiene. Also, they have to do audits on food safety and supply quality.

For being a food safety manager certified food safety manager certification is needed. If you pass the certification examination, you will be a food proctor or food safety manager.

But you can also work in other roles in food establishments after completing this training course. Such as service staff, chef, kitchen helper, food manager, etc.

You know how successful the food service establishments are running nowadays. So whatever role you choose you will be in profit for sure. If you want to be a food safety manager then your average salary may go above $50k.

So, if you want to work in the food industry then you must know the basics of food safety. Below Food Safety Management Course can help you to gather that knowledge.

5 Best Food Safety Manager Certification Courses 2024

1. Free Food Safety Knowledge – Basic Level Requirements (Alison)

Need some basic knowledge about food safety? Try this course on Food Safety Knowledge. This training course can help to fulfill your basic requirements on food safety knowledge. Starting from food preparation to storage. You’ll learn everything here.

Food safety is an important factor in the food service industry. If you didn’t look after your food safety, then your food may cause foodborne illnesses and discomfort to your consumers.

In this food safety training, you will get to know about handling food safety of your food. Which may save your business from drowning. This training course is made on internationally recognized standards and guidelines.

Also, meeting the safety and food production guidelines recognized by WHO and United Nations. This training course is divided into 3 modules. They are- Personal hygiene and water quality, Control Measures and  Control of Food Hazards, and Incident management.

Also, you will get food manager certifications, if you successfully pass an online proctor exam.

In this food safety manager certification, you will grab:

  • Managing personal hygiene
  • Ensuring good quality water
  • Controlling product contamination
  • Managing pest controls and prevention
  • Product quarantine and complaint handling

Publisher: Openstax CNX

Students Enrolled: 25.49k+

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2. Free Food Safety Manager Certification: Diploma in Food Safety (Alison)

Need a proper diploma in food safety? Grab this training course in food safety to be a certified food safety manager. You will learn to handle your kitchen and services properly. Also maintaining all the safety rules needed to apply in the food service industry.

Foodborne illnesses have become a very common fact now. People think about hygiene and safety before having food outside. In this situation, maintaining your business image as healthy hygienic food service is important.

This food safety training will teach you to work with food. Without foodborne illnesses and contamination. Also handling allergic reactions and spreading of disease. Also, you will get food manager certifications after completing the course.

In this food safety manager certification, you will grab:

  • Personal hygiene management
  • Importance of water quality
  • Customers’ requirements regarding water quality, ice, and stem
  • Pest control
  • product contamination
  • Minimizing the risk of pest infestation
  • Prevention of unhealthy food, foodborne illness, and service problems
  • Managing food establishments
  • “Lead by example” concept
  • Importance of staff training
  • Maintaining sanitation standards

Instructor: Openstax CNX

Students Enrolled: 84.63k+

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3. Free Food Safety Manager Certification: Safe Practices and Procedures (Alison)

Looking for proper training on food sanitation? Take this Food safety training course and learn the safe practice and procedures. This food safety manager training will prove best if you want to work in the food service industry. Also, you can do this course for your personal life enhancement.

As you know food safety and sanitation are vital for food service establishments. Whether your business is big or small. This food safety manager training will help you to get that knowledge. You’ll know cleaning guidelines and management of sanitation and safety operations.

This food safety manager training is divided into four modules. Covering – 1. Personal cleanliness and health, 2. Sanitary food handling,

3. Foodservice accidents, & 4. Foodservice incidents, inspections, and illnesses. After completing the course you will get food manager certifications.

In this food safety manager certification, you will grab:

  • Personal and hotel cleaning
  • Sanitizing procedure
  • Purchasing and receiving food from suppliers
  • The environment of food store
  • Preparing food hygienically
  • Preventing accidents in the kitchen
  • Examining and handling foodborne illnesses
  • Management of food safety standards
  • Inspection of safety and sanitization

Publisher: USAID

Students Enrolled: 70.13K+

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4. Free Food Safety Manager Certification: ISO 22000: Elements of FSMS (Alison)

Are you looking for courses to understand the new ISO 22000: 2018? Look into this training course on ISO 22000:2018 Elements of Food Safety Management System (FSMS). This course can be of great interest to you if you want to improvise your knowledge in food safety standards.

This will provide you with knowledge of the latest published standards by the International Organization for Standards in FSMS. Also, it discusses the previous element of ISO 22000.

You will also know why ISO took the initiative to revise the standards. After completing this training course, you will also get food manager certifications.

In this food safety manager certification, you will grab:

  • ISO 22000 Standards
  • Benefits that organizations grab from ISO 22000
  • Using the PDCA approach at both the management and operational level
  • Operational controls of food safety as required in ISO 22000
  • Management and identification of hazard control
  • Monitoring, measuring, and resolving product and processing problems.
  • Internal auditing and management of food safety management system of ISO 22000

Instructors: S. M. Waqas Imam

Students Enrolled: 41.77k+

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5. Food Safety and Hygiene in the Catering Industry


Want to run your catering business to maintain proper food safety? Try this Food Safety and Hygiene course for the catering industry. This training course will introduce you to proper food preparation, storage, and hygiene practices.

Spoiled and contaminated food is harmful to consumers. It’s your duty to take proper care of the consumers. Serve them safe and healthy food. So, it’s your necessity to be aware of food safety and hygiene techniques.

Here you’ll learn about the standard food safety guidelines for the catering business. Also, you will know to prevent spoilage and control food spread disease.

In this food safety manager certification, you will grab-

  • Introduction to food safety and hygiene
  • Signs and symptoms of foodborne illnesses
  • Key facts and figures of food law
  • How food contamination and spoilage occurs
  • Preventing food contamination
  • Principles of HACCP
  • Four main categories of the food safety hazard
  • Preventing food spoilage
  • Ensuring food and drink safety
  • Responsibilities of food handlers

Students Enrolled: 129.1k+

Publishers: NuYew

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So these are the Best Food Safety Manager Certification Courses for you. It may help to build a successful career food service industry. Enroll now to start your career or enhance it.

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What is a food safety manager certification?

Food safety manager certification is proof to the food service industry that you have the knowledge and skills of managing the food safety and hygiene of the workplace. To get that certification you have to sit for a Food Protection Manager Certification Examination.

What is a food safety management system?

A food safety management system is a group of rules and standards set to maintain food safety and quality. It is implemented according to the principles of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP).

What is the purpose of a food safety management system?

The purpose of a food safety management system is to control the food safety hazards in a food business. It ensures that the food is safe to eat.

Maintaining hygiene is another purpose of a food safety management system. Every business in the food industry needs to implement and maintain FSMS based on HACCP.

Who is a food safety manager?

Food safety managers implement food safety standards for the manufacturing unit of their food service business. They implement those rules to ensure a safe environment in the workplace.

A food safety manager’s duties and responsibilities include training other employees, ensuring the food quality standards, inspecting supplies, doing safety audits, and maintaining documents.

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