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6 Best Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Course Online 2024 (Paid+Free)6 min read

Are you looking for the Best Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Course Online? You have just opened the right door!

Grab the list of Best Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Certification, Training, Tutorials, and Classes Online in 2024 (Paid+Free).

Undoubtedly, these courses will help you to become a specialist with the help of plenty of Search Engine Marketing Courses, both free and paid.

These Search Engine Marketing courses (SEM courses) will make you super rapid in content marketing, search engine optimization SEO, email marketing, digital marketing, and many more.

Before going into depth, let’s get familiar with Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Are you not familiar with SEM courses and Online SEM training? Here is a brief introduction.

Search Engine Marketing is a digital marketing method used to increase the popularity or visibility of a website. It can be done organically by using the SEO method or by paying.

Since it is a digital marketing generation, knowing

  • social media marketing,
  • content marketing,
  • email marketing,
  • how search engine optimization works,
  • how Google ads work, etc., is important.

You just need to know about these. Nowadays, everything depends on digital marketing. Besides, having a professional certificate is prestigious.

Thus, throughout this article, we will get familiar with a search engine online courses, search engine marketing free training courses, and how sem online courses will work.

So let’s get into it!

What are the popular Search Engine Marketing Courses online?

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Online Course (Coursera)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialization (Coursera)
  • Digital Marketing Masterclass: Get your first 1000 Customers (Udemy)
  • Ultimate Google Ads Training: Profit with Pay Per Click (Udemy)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Free Course: Google Skill Workshop (Google)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) from an ex-Googler (Udemy)
  •  Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Course Free (SEMrush)

6 Best Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Course Online 2024 (Paid+Free)

1. E-Marketing Specialization (Coursera)

Are you looking for a fully efficient course on E-Marketing?

If you are new to this subject, Coursera will provide you with the courses that will give you the full knowledge and explain to you A-Z about it. This course offers many portions.

This E-Marketing Course will provide:

  • Identifying, Attracting, and Growing Your Digital Audience
  • Strategies for Converting and Retaining Customers Online
  • Mobile Marketing, Optimization Tactics, and Analytics

Students Enrolled: 6.82k+

Instructors: Stephane Muller

Ratings: 4.7 out of 5.0

Get 7 Days Free Trial

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialization (Coursera)

Looking for good and efficient Search Engine Optimization?

Coursera will provide what you need.

This course will teach you how to rank on Google more Organically. And these skills could be used for career purposes in the future.

You will learn SEO in 5 months approximately to complete the courses.

This SEO Course will provide:

  • Introduction to Google SEO
  • Google SEO fundamentals
  • Optimizing a website for research
  • Advanced Content and social tactics to optimize SEO
  • Google SEO capstone project

Students Enrolled: 171.21k+

Instructors: Rebeka May & Eric Enge

Ratings: 4.7 out of 5.0

Get 7 Days Free Trial

3. Digital Marketing Masterclass: Get Your First 1,000 Customers (Udemy)

This is a paid course. But, totally worth it!

You will get discounts for a particular course more often.

Below is a brief introduction to the course materials :

  • The growth process
  • Optimization Audit
  • Building your strategy
  • Content marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • About SEO in a descriptive way
  • About SEM in a descriptive way

Students Enrolled: 77.27k+

Instructor: Evan Kimbrell

Ratings: 4.5 out of 5.0

Enroll Now

4. Ultimate Google Ads Training: Profit with Pay Per Click (Udemy)


Interestingly, thousands of business owners, students, and entrepreneurs have enrolled in this course.

This course is for you only if you want to take online advertising and marketing seriously.

You can learn step by step with this course.

In this course you will get to know about :

  • Introduction to Google ads
  • Creating and setting up our first Google AdWord account
  • Structuring your Ad groups like a professional
  • How to write killer ads in Google Ads
  • Setting up your Adwords billing
  • Keywords in depth
  • Negative Keywords
  • Remarketing

Above are just a brief introduction to the courses

Students Enrolled: 214.39k+

Instructor: Isaac Rudansky

Ratings: 4.6 out of 5.0

Enroll Now

5. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) from an ex-Googler (Udemy)

After this Online SEM  course, you will learn how to use Google AdWords to meet your marketing objectives.

It’s a course that wants to show magic in Online advertising and Digital marketing.

This course contains 3 parts –

  • Online advertising fundamentals
  • Search Advanced
  • Display advertising

Students Enrolled: 1.06k+

Instructor: Amitabh Verma

Ratings: 4.1 out of 5.0

Enroll Now

6. Free Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Course (SEMrush)

Are you looking for a free SEM online course?

SEMrush will give you what you have been looking for.

It is free of cost.

Here are the courses you will get in SEMrush:

  • Content Analysis and Optimization
  • Content Research and Ideation
  • Content Distribution
  • Content performance and management

This Online SEM course is prepared by a team of skilled SEM rush professionals.

It will provide you with date knowledge on SEM rush content marketing tools.

Students Enrolled: 1.0k+

Instructor: Brain Dean

Get 7 Days Free Trial

Wrapping up: Best Search Engine Marketing Course Online

According to our research, these are the Best Search Engine Marketing Courses Online (Paid+Free) for you.

These Online SEM Training will surely help you learn everything about google ads, search engines, marketing sem, business strategies, search engine optimization SEO, SEO strategies, social media marketing, content marketing, marketing strategy, target audience, google search, online marketing, link building and many more.

In brief, SEM online course is easier for everyone.

On the whole, all these SEM training and courses will help you to boost your career tremendously.

Enroll now and take the first step toward success!


1. Which is the best course for SEM?

We have described all the best sem courses available on the internet.

2. How do I get SEO certified?

A professional certificate is given out to those who complete the online sem training.

3. What does SEM mean in Marketing?

Search engine marketing is a digital strategy to increase the visibility of a website.

4. What is SEM Training?

It contains all the elements which will make you a master in Search Engine Marketing (sem).

5. What is the main difference between  SEO and SEM?

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is where you increase a website’s visibility organically to get more traffic.

Search Engine Marketing(SEM) is where you can get traffic both organically and by paying.

6. What is the benefit of Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

It helps to increase quality traffic which helps to create better brand awareness.

7. Which is better, SEO or Google AdWords?

Google Ads are quick, but SEO is better in the long term.

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