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14 Incredible Ways To Increase Website Traffic Fast 202417 min read

Do you know how to  Increase Website Traffic Fast to your website? How do you get instant website traffic to your blog considering the enormous digital platform we live in currently time? The digital platform is very big and busy with more than 100 million blogs continuously growing.

The growth of your business is dependent on your website traffic. If your business is online then there is a high chance that your sale is dependent on site traffic.

You have to follow a certain way to keep in touch with your wonderful viewers. Just go for these simple tips below to Increase your Blog Traffic.

So to help your business grow and flourish here is a comprehensive guide on how to drive traffic to a website.

These tricks will not only help you to increase instant website traffic momentarily but also help you to get more traffic in the long run. All you have to do is check your website’s traffic with some website traffic tracker and watch it increase.

You can check with some website traffic estimator or website traffic checker online to get the stats of your website or blog.

14 Incredible Ways To Increase Website Traffic Fast

1. Update Useful Content Regularly

The first step to engaging your audience is to create valuable content regularly. The content you write for your audience will make them keep coming back to your blog. Ensure that you always create something meaningful for viewers.

So try to do it very frequently to maintain their interest and to keep their belief that your blog is a reliable place to come back again.

Also, write more often to increase the possibilities that you have for your blog’s content to be identified by search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

2. Submit Your Blog to Search Engines to Increase Website Traffic Fast

To get to the top of the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, you need to submit the blog’s URL to these search engines so that your articles appear in search results.

The majority of the search engines provide an option for your link submission to notify the search engine of your new blog updates, so search engines can crawl it and include your pages in the index.

It’s necessary to identify that just submitting your blog is going to be at the top of the search engines, but it ensures that your blog will be included and will have a possibility of being picked up by a search engine.

3. Write a Long Form of Content

I guess you had seen this coming. As you have already read about people spending more time on your blog. But it doesn’t end there. In our age, we have a lot of information that is most distracting and doesn’t give us the solution we always look for.

To provide a solution to your audience’s problem clearly, provide more value to your content. And when you put greater value in your content people will be helped by your content and share it with their friends and family.

Even the search engines will rank the high-value content higher on search results. And longer blog posts of high value which rank high on search engines are of at least 3000 words. Your credibility on the market will skyrocket if always deliver high-value content.

Seeing your customers or audience happy because of your high-value content gets you inspired. And you will work even harder to provide even higher value content than you had provided before. A strong passion for fire will start to burn in your heart.

It won’t be easy to deliver high valued content consistently but it will surely be worth your time, effort, and money.

4. Allow Your Audience to Comment & Reply

Allowing saying is a straightforward and essential way to Increase Website Traffic. First of all, answer comments on your blog to respect your readers by letting them know that you value their opinions and draw them into a two-way conversation. It will raise your audience’s reliability.

Secondly, you should comment on other blogs to boost new viewers. Ensure that you comment with the blog’s URL, that way you can create a link back to your blog. Many people will read your comments that are left on others’ blogs.

If you leave an interesting comment, they will click on the link to visit your blog. It’s always essential that you leave valuable comments that are possible to encourage new people to click on your link to read more and visit your blog.

5. Remember Search Engine Optimization

When you have finished your blog post writing, you should always keep in mind to optimize your posts for search engines to find them. Incorporate appropriate keywords and links but never overload your posts with too many related keywords or completely irrelevant keywords.

It can be measured as spamming and could have negative results such as your blog being removed from search engines. However, you could not be able to increase Website traffic fast without proper search engine optimization.

If you plan to buy website traffic and get huge web traffic it might not give you results. Because the website traffic you purchased is not targeted traffic to your niche. So, go for targeted site traffic with content optimization.

6. Don’t Forget to Optimize Images

Image optimization is as important as you optimize your blog posts and pages. Optimizing Images helps people find your blog in search engine listings.

Most people frequently use the image search opportunity offered by Google or Yahoo! and also other search engines. Tagging your images with search engine optimization in mind can quickly boost the traffic flow.

7. Internal Linking

Internally linking your one blog post to another is crucial to increasing website traffic fast and organically. Now you might be thinking that how internally linking one of your blog posts to another help you get more traffic to your blog.

Let’s talk a bit about search engines first, as they bring a lot of free traffic to your blog. Search engines rank your website for search results on various factors.

The higher the number of time people spent on your website and keep interacting with your web page, the higher will your page be ranked on the search engine. And this is one of the major factors for ranking websites on search engines.

But how is it related to internally linking your posts on your website? Well, let me explain that to you. Once someone enters your website and reads a post they will find a link that you have linked to another page of your website.

So the person who is reading the post will click on the link and be taken to the page that you have linked to. And this way the visitor has interacted with various pages on your website and has spent quite a long time engaging with your content.

But you have to sure that the internally linked page within a post is very much relevant to what the reader is reading and will act as a reference to clarify the topic to your reader. Or else Google will see that as a bad SEO practice and might just ban your website. You never know!  And then you will get no site traffic from search engines.

That might sound gibberish to you. So let’s break it down using an example.

Suppose, you have a blog named “My Twitter Traffic”. And on your blog, you have a blog post under the title “How to increase website traffic using Twitter?” in the blog post, you have told your readers to get more retweets. But the reader of your blog might not even know how to get more retweets.

And you have a blog post on your website which teaches people to get more retweets. The topic of the blog post can be “How to get more retweets right now?” So what you have to do is give a link to the blog post “How to get more retweets right now?” under the para where you have advised your readers to get more retweets in the blog post “How to increase website traffic fast using Twitter?”

You have a bonus here. It doesn’t end with internal linking right here. There is more to it. Such as what you can do is open a blog on blogger and write there or write on Medium. And you can drive more traffic from your posts there to your blog. As a result, your blog traffic would increase.

You should write good content which is related to your blog on those platforms and give a call to action link at the end which will direct them to your website or landing page.

Writing so much content can be hard for you. But platforms like Blogger and Medium are highly ranked on search engines. So, your blog posts on those platforms will be visible to search engines faster than your website.  By the

By the way, Google owns Blogger. That is why Google will try to drive more traffic to Blogger as it is their product.

If you want to know more about internal linking you can read this article on Moz.

8. Might Use Links to Other Blogs

Links are one of the main dominant parts of your blog to increase website Traffic fast. Links are not only noticed by search engines but also by other bloggers who can quickly identify who is linking to their sites.

Linking assists you to get noticed by other writers or bloggers who are likely to look into the sites that are linking to their website. This may lead them to become new readers of your blog or to add links to your blog from theirs.

9. Tag Your Posts

All the writers know that it takes some time to add tags to each of the blog posts. However, it’s worth the time because additional traffic cards can drive real traffics to your blog.

Tags work like links that are merely perceived by search engines and are also key to helping readers find your blog when they perform searches for their topic of interest.

10. Submit Your Posts to Social Sites

You should take the time to send all your posts to social sites or your social pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, and more. It can be the simplest way to boost traffic to your blog swiftly.

11. Consider Guest Blogging

Well, you now know what guest blogging is but why would you want to post on others’ blogs for free?

The thing is that if you post on the blogs of others as a guest blogger then you will have a golden opportunity to increase website traffic fast to your blog from the blog where you have posted as a guest.

In the blog post, you can provide links to your blog to explain or give reference to what you are saying in the post. And at the end of the blog post, you have the opportunity to introduce yourself. There you can even provide the link to your landing page (read what’s landing page) or even your website’s homepage.

12. Accepting Guest Posts From A Guest Blogger

Why would you want to let others post on your blog as guest bloggers? Well, first of all, you are going to get content according to your guidelines completely for free. You wouldn’t have to work on creating the content or invest in it. And you get to keep your readers engaged and happy for free.

So now you might be thinking that the guest blogger of your blog is going to take some share of your traffic blog to theirs. Well, that’s not exactly the whole story.

What your guest blogger and you are going to do is a backlink to each other’s blog. Backlinks are kind of likes votes, that you support each other’s blog and its information and believe it’s correct.

This is going to rank both of your blogs higher on the search engine. And as a result, you are going to get more traffic. It’s a win-win situation for both of you.

It’s very much suggested that you contact at least 3 people every day. The people, who are in your niche. And ask them for posting as a guest on your blog. It will help you to get free great content and also some high-quality backlinks. And not to mention great connections which you are going to build up with other bloggers of your niche.

Another great way to increase blog traffics is by allowing guest blogging. It can be done in two ways, either you write a guest post on another person’s blog, or some other bloggers might write a guest post on your blog. Both methods are expected to increase blog traffic as your blog will be shown to the other blogger’s audience.

13. Outsource to Increase Website Traffic

Outsourcing is the process in which you hire an individual or a company to do work that you cannot do or don’t want to do. And in return, you pay them money.

It can be editing your blog post articles, editing images for your blog post, video editing for uploading it on video sharing or hosting platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo, etc. There are a lot more options.

Outsourcing can help you to deliver more value to your audience as you will be hiring professionals to do your work, as a result, your work will be of high quality. Professionals only provide the service they are good at and which will bring them money.

But make sure that you hire good professionals so that your blog posts are of high value. Hiring cheap or inexpensive freelance professionals to do your work will end up very bad for you as you will be spending money on something that’s not of high quality.

So it’s suggested that you find a good freelancer who delivers high-quality work at a reasonable price for the value he delivers.

Communicating with the individual or company whom you hired as a freelancer to work is very important. As they need to understand what kind of work you want and what they should do to do it.

Give them a clear deadline for the time they have to complete the work they have been assigned with. Or else your work will get dragged along forever, now you don’t want that, do you?

Outsourcing is good as it’s going to save you a lot of time and energy. But it’s going to cost you if you aren’t calculating the overall value. Now let’s get deep into this concept with an example.

Such as you need to edit a video and it would take 2 hours a day for 7 days. That’s 14 hours in one week. The cost of hiring a professional to edit the video for each hour is $10. So that would total $140.

Now that you have hired a video editor for a week which is going to cost you $140, you gotta make sure that you have earned more than $140 using that time, or else you are going to end up with a loss.

And don’t try to micromanage. That is, don’t try to keep an eye on every single thing that the freelancer is up to. It is a complete no-go. As you will be wasting your precious time.

And you won’t be able to save any time by hiring a professional. As you would spend it on micromanaging the professional.

14. Answering on Forums

Sign up on forum websites that are related to your niche. They will help you a lot. There you can ask the questions that you want. And you are going to get answers for FREE! The answers are very helpful. But wait! We were talking about how to increase blog traffic. What does it have to do with forums?

Well as you will sign up on the forum websites. You can answer people who are asking questions on the forum. Answer them very well with details. But don’t give them everything, all at once.

Here is the trick you are going to apply. You are going to give half the answer to get the attention of your reader. Then leave a link to your website. They would have to come to your website to know more details about the answer. I know that I sound wired and unclear. Let me give you an example.

Consider this situation. A person on the forum asked the question “How Do I Get More Followers On Twitter?” And you happen to have a post on your blog, which answers the question completely. So what you should do is, answer the question by giving useful tricks and tips to get more followers on Twitter.

But don’t give everything in your answer. After you have given a few tricks and tips give a link to the article, podcast, or video that you have on your blog. The one that will

So what you should do is, answer the question by giving useful tricks and tips to get more followers on Twitter. But don’t give everything in your answer. After you have given a few tricks and tips give a link to the article, podcast, or video that you have on your blog. The one that will answer the question completely.

I hope that it is clearer than before. But make sure that you do not just put the link in the answers. There is a high chance that you are going to get banned. And make sure that you read the rules and regulations of every forum before signing up.

The forum that has helped me to get traffic is Warrior Forum. I am currently using only one forum. And the community there is very friendly. I have learned a lot from everyone there.

I highly recommend you to join that forum if you are in the niche. And you can join as many forums as you want. But you gotta be active on each forum. And make sure to behave.

I have got a gift for you. It is a gift that no one will ever you. That is telling you about this very last point! It is a bonus. And the solution to all of your problems.

Final Word

It’s my personal opinion that along with the above activities find some online forums, groups, or social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn where you can share ideas and ask different questions to similar-minded people. This is a great way to increase website traffic fast.

At the same time, you need to add a link to your blog along with your signature in your profile, so every time you post on a forum or another online network, you’re indirectly promoting your website. Chances are many people will click on that link to learn more about you.

I think while promoting a blog you shouldn’t stop when you step outside of the online marketplace. You can also add your blog’s URL to your email signature and business cards.

Talk about it in offline conversations with your friends and family too. It’s essential to get your name, and your website’s URL noticed offline too which can add some extra value to your blog.

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