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Are you looking for a Data Analytics Course? If yes! here is the Careerist Data Analytics Course Review for you.

The aim is to gather, process, and interpret the data to obtain valuable knowledge and make informed decisions.

It’s like you have a massive collection of puzzle pieces (data), and your job is to put them together to reveal the bigger picture.

Doing a Data Analytics course opens doors to exciting opportunities in the high-paying tech job industry without coding experience. 

Careerist offers some training for these types of high-tech sectors like Manual QA, QA Automation, Sales Engineering, UX/UI Design, Data Analytics, etc. 

Join our immersive beginner-friendly Careerist Data Analytics Course Review!

Careerist Data Analytics Course Review


Careerist offers an immersive and beginner-friendly training program.

It’s designed for people like you who may be new to Data Analytics but want to kickstart a career in this lucrative field.

This course will give you a chance to get an average salary of up to $121K.

Careerist graduates have been hired by Google, Amazon, Apple, Meta, Intel, Oracle, VISA, etc.

Training Duration: 7.5 months (Learning + Internship + Career Coaching)

Prerequisite: Basic computer and math skills and good spoken English

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Why Careerist Data Analytics Course?

Data Analytics is the art and science of unraveling the hidden stories within data.

It’s a bit like being a digital detective, where you collect vast amounts of data and transform it into valuable insights.

These insights are like golden nuggets of information that help businesses make smart decisions.

Data Analytics involves methods like crunching numbers, creating visualizations, and using tools like Python, SQL, and Tableau to jump deep into data sets.

Doing a Data Analytics course gives you the power to turn raw data into actionable intelligence.

Which will make you an invaluable asset in the high-paying tech job market.

It’s about solving real-world puzzles with data, and Careerist’s program equips you with the skills to excel in this dynamic field.

Why Choose Data Analytics?

Choosing Data Analytics means choosing a career with endless opportunities,

  • High Demand: Day by day, organizations realize the importance of data-driven decision-making. So, the demand for data analysts is growing rapidly. 
  • Competitive Salaries: As it is a growing and high-demand sector, Data analysts can get an average salary of up to $121K.
  • Job security: Data analysts have a wide range of skills, which makes them likely to have job security.
  • Opportunities for Advancement: Data analysts have a clear path for career progression, where they can lead projects and teams and earn even higher salaries.
  • Impactful Work: Data analysts play a pivotal role in shaping a company’s strategies.
  • Flexibility: Data analysis can often be done remotely, offering a flexible work arrangement.

Career Growth of a Data Analyst

Career Growth of a Data Analyst

Course Structure and Duration for Careerist Data Analytics Training

This curriculum is based on a detailed analysis of over 20,000 open positions in Data Analytics.

It will teach you the most in-demand skills in 2023, such as Python, Tableau, SQL, and Google Sheets, setting you on the fast track to landing your first job in Data Analytics.

In this 7.5 months of learning includes,

  • Data Analytics Fundamentals
  • Database and SQL
  • Data Processing with Python
  • Visualizations with Tableau
  • Data Analysis
  • Tableau Dashboard Visualization and Presentation
  • AI for Data Analysis

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Instructors and Their Expertise

  • Vishali Nirwan
    Senior Analyst, Electronic Arts
    Over six years of experience in exploratory and statistical analysis
  • Emilio Dangote
    Data Analytics Instructor, Careerist
    Experienced in SQL, Python, Power Bi, and Tableau, works for Citi, Tempus Global, and IBT
  • Davey Fernandez
    Senior Manager of Analytics, Nike
    7 years of experience from companies like The Home Depot, and UPS
  • Alex Grun
    Chief Data Analyst, Nordea Bank
    Eight years of experience in the field along with a strong background in finance, data engineering, and hands-on data analysis and visualization.
  • Vishal Sethia
    Working as a data analyst for over seven years
  • Thomas Funk
    Senior Analyst, Unity
    Ex-cybersecurity consultant, Mastercard
  • Alex Escoriaza
    Over 10 years of experience creating enterprise value as a data analytics leader

Internship and Career Coaching

By attending this course, you will get an internship that will coach you to start a good career. 

  • This training will give you real work experience you can showcase in your resume.
  • You will get 1:1 Career Coaching sessions to prepare you for job interviews. 
  • You may get a job faster with Careerist Job Search Tools.
  • This includes hands-on practice with tools like Python, SQL, Jira, and Slack.
  • Learn how to effectively answer interview questions.

Reviews and Reputation

Careerist programs have received vast positive reviews from students.

Careerist is fully committed to your success.

Now, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t land a job in tech within one year of graduation. 

You just have to,

  • Complete all training modules on time
  • Submit all projects and assignments by the deadline
  • Follow the Job Search instructions

Careerist Data Analytics Course Pricing

Investing in your Data Analytics career is a smart move, and Careerist ensures you have options that align with your goals.

Remember, this investment opens doors to high-paying tech jobs, making it a wise choice for your future.

Careerist offers flexible pricing options to suit your needs.

The Pricing for this Training is around $8000. 

 You can find an amazing discount of up to 50 % for now, which makes it about $4800 to $5600.

Their website can give you all the information you need, and terms and conditions. 

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Wrapping Up – Careerist Data Analytics Course Review

The Careerist Data Analytics Course journey is a strategic move toward a rewarding and high-paying tech career.

From providing immersive beginner-friendly training to offering support and mentoring, this program equips you with the skills needed to excel in the dynamic field of Data Analytics.

Data Analytics opens doors to a world of possibilities with opportunities for advancement, intellectual challenges, impactful work, flexibility, and continuous learning.

Careerist’s commitment to your success, including an internship and job application service, ensures you’re well-prepared to enter this lucrative field.

So, if you’re ready to kickstart your high-demand Data Analytics career, don’t miss out on the chance to enroll in the Careerist Data Analytics Training.



What is Careerist used for?

The main purpose of Careerist is to provide training programs in various tech-related fields, such as Quality Assurance (QA), Sales Engineering, UX/UI Design, and Data Analytics; those programs are designed to prepare students for high-paying tech jobs.

How long has careerist been around?

Careerist was born in 2019, so it is been around four years.

Which skills you may acquire through this course?

You may acquire skills like Python, Tableau, SQL, Google Sheets, etc. 

Is a Data Analytics course good for you? 

Yes! Doing a Data Analytics course opens doors to exciting opportunities in the high-paying tech industry without coding like software engineering experience and will give you a chance to get an average salary of up to $121K.

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