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Are you looking for a UX/UI course? If yes! Here is the Careerist UX/UI Course for you.

As the online platform continues to evolve, businesses are constantly seeking individuals who can create intuitive and visually appealing user experiences.

So, there is a high demand for UX/UI designers. The online world wants people who can make user-friendly and attractive designs.

There are many popular courses available to train new UI/UX designers.

But among them, the Careerist offers the most effective one and gives a money-back guarantee.

This “Careerist UX/UI Design Course Online Review” will explore this course to help you decide if it’s a good choice for your career in 2023.

Careerist UX/UI Design Course Online Review


UX/UI Design Course by Careerist offers an immersive and beginner-friendly training program.

It’s designed for people like you who may be new to UI/UX design.

And  want a trustworthy and effective media to learn this course

UX/UI Design Training by Careerist will give you a chance to get an average salary of up to $62-150K.

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Why Careerist UI/UX Design Course?

UX/UI Design Course is a program designed to provide a comprehensive education in User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design.UI/UX is the basis for designing an attractive side.

So, you can earn a handsome amount by working a few hours per week.

Here are some points to consider about how important and demanding UI/UX training can be to building up a tech career in design.

Careerist can be an unparalleled source for this, as their courses are designed in a learner-friendly way.

  1. Tech without coding
  2. High salaries
  3. Remote work options
  4. High job availability
  5. Exciting work tasks
  6. Work-life balance
  7. Career growth opportunities
  8. Great for beginners

Overall, a UX/UI Design Training by Careerist can lead to a rewarding and dynamic career on digital platforms.

Course Structure and Duration for Careerist UI/UX Design Training

This curriculum is based on a detailed analysis of over 3,900+ open positions in UI/UX design.

Among the companies that have hired careerist graduates are Google, Amazon, Apple, Samsung, Meta, Uber, Intel, Oracle, Pearson, etc.

Training Duration: 28 weeks (Learning + Career Coaching + Internship +)

Prerequisite: For everyone (Open to anyone highly motivated to work in tech.)

In this 28 weeks of learning includes,

  • Module 1: Foundations of UX and Research Methods
  • Module 2: Basics of UI Design
  • Module 3: From Research to Design Planning
  • Module 4: Prototyping and Testing
  • Module 5: Advanced UI Design and Hi-Fidelity Prototyping
  • Module 6: Finalizing Designs and Prototypes
  • Module 7: Case Study

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Instructors and Their Expertise

They are the teachers who will support and mentoring this course.

Internship and Career Coaching

By attending this course, you will get an internship that will coach you to a high demand career in UI/UX, 

  • Work with an active business under the guidance of a lead UX/UI designer, and get support and feedback.
  • This training will give you real work experience that you can showcase in your resume.
  • You can design a portfolio, improve your resume and LinkedIn profile, and train your presentation skills with your personal career coach.
  • You will get 1:1 career coaching sessions to prepare yourself for job interviews. 
  • Apply for UX/UI jobs using JAT, save time, connect with a career coach pre-offer, and +1 month after.
  • How to effectively answer interview questions

Skills You Will Get to Achieve 

  • User research and user interviews
  • Design-centered problem solving
  • User flow analysis and hypothesis development
  • Prototyping in low, mid, and high fidelity
  • UX testing, data collection, and prototype optimization
  • Delivering developer-ready prototypes
  • Program roadmap for an EdTech platform
  • MVP for a dating app with a match based on interests

Reviews and Guarantee

Good reviews from alumni are proof of their authenticity of service. Careerist programs have received vastly positive reviews from students, as they provide services like 1:1 career coaching, job interview preparation, and job application services.

Careerist is also offering a 100% money back guarantee if you at least maintain their basic terms and conditions. if you don’t land a job in tech within one year of graduation, they will give you a total refund.

You just have to,

  • Completing all training modules on time
  • Submitting all projects and assignments by their deadlines
  • Following our job search guidelines and instructions

Investment In UI/UX Career (Pricing)

Investing in a tech industry career is a smart move for anyone. This can ensure you a high-paying job in the long run and a promising career in the future.

Careerist offers flexible pricing and also provides student loans so that it is convenient for you.

This training is priced at around $7000.


If you pay upfront, you can save $2800 on tuition.

and in two payments, there is a discount of $2450 on tuition.

Paying in four installments will save you $2000 on tuition.

Student loan is available on their training.

UX/UI Design Training by Careerist can give you all the information, terms and conditions you need.

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Wrapping Up: Careerist UX/UI Course Course Review

Embarking on the Careerist UX/UI Course Journey is a strategic step toward an attractive and fulfilling career in technology.

The program starts with beginner-friendly training and continues with comprehensive mentoring and support, preparing you thoroughly for a career in the fast-paced UI/UX sector.

The field of UI/UX design is a gateway to numerous opportunities, offering career growth, intellectual stimulation, impactful projects, work flexibility, and endless learning.

With Careerist’s dedicated services, including an internship and job application assistance, you are well-equipped to make your mark in this highly rewarding industry.

So, for those aspiring to a sought-after career in the UX/UI field, seizing the opportunity to join the Careerist UX/UI Training is a wise decision.


What is Careerist used for?

The main purpose of Careerist is to provide training programs in various tech-related fields, such as Quality Assurance (QA), Sales Engineering, Careerist UX/UI Design Course, and Data Analytics; those programs are designed to prepare students for high-paying tech jobs and make them ready for job effectively answer interview.

How long has careerist been around?

Careerist was born in 2019, so it is been around four years.

Which skills you may acquire through this course?

You may acquire skills like Python, Tableau, SQL, Google Sheets, etc. 

Is a Data Analytics course good for you? 

Yes! Doing a Data Analytics course opens doors to exciting opportunities in the high-paying tech industry without coding like software engineering experience and will give you a chance to get an average salary of up to $121K.To learn better about Data Analysis and kickstart your high-demand data analytics career, you can read the blog Careerist Data Analytics Course Review

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