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20 Reasons To Start Your Own Business 20248 min read

The term ‘entrepreneurship’ is not as easy as pronounced and you may have heard a lot of reasons not to be an entrepreneur but make no mistake, one day you may regret it!

So, in case you are wondering why you would enter into entrepreneurship and start your own business when you can get a job, work hard and get promotions every year, then you are in the right place.

Because I have got hundreds of reasons that will enthuse you to jump into your own business, but I am not going to waste my and your precious time by putting all of them in here.

Instead, I have come up with some reasons to start a small business, which will light up the bulb inside your head and motivate you to take the challenge to be an entrepreneur.

20 Reasons To Start Your Own Business

1. Get a Life You Always Wanted

You can lead the life you have always wanted if you are successful with your business. It is not easy as it sounds as mentioned earlier.

You have to work hard and sacrifice your sleep, and your happiness till your business is secured and in position. After you are successful, you can enjoy as much as you want and live life, king-size!

2. Are You Creative?

If you are a creative person and your creativity amazes people around you then you must turn your creativity into your business whether it is a service or a product.

Why? Because people love new things and changes as well. So, there is less chance of failure.

3. Be an Icon

Business is an art and entrepreneurs are artists. So, be the charming one among all the artists and draw your business plans so pitch-perfectly so that people admire you, and consider you an icon.

Make no mistake, business is noble when you do it the right way. So, if you want to grab that opportunity then you must take a step as soon as possible.

4. Be a Mentor

As I mentioned earlier, lots of people are getting frustrated and the maximum number of them are killing themselves out of that frustration.

Be the light in their hour of darkness. Mentor them, inspire them, and make them realize that they just have to believe in themselves and put some effort to run and succeed in business.

That is only possible when you will believe in yourself and start your own business.

5. Turning Dreams into Reality

What if your dreams are big but your job is something that cannot help you achieve them? What if you dream to be a billionaire but your salary is not a six or seven-figure sum?

If you are dreaming big, then to achieve it, you have to get yourself out of someone’s employment and start your own business to achieve that dream but make no mistake, you must Plan Something Big to Achieve Something Big!

6. Want Changes In Society?

Spider-man’s Uncle Ben once said, “With great power, comes great responsibility”. This is not about being a superhero. This is not about being a powerful person. This is all about caring for the people around you, caring for the place you live at.

So, in case you are wondering what can be the connection between business and bringing changes, you must be brought into the light.

Look around you, what is getting missed by the businessmen, what is getting neglected, you can start from there and turn it into a business like PATHAO in Bangladesh did.

If you want to help the people around you as well as earn some money, then find out what your people want and bring those changes.

7. Ego Hurts?

If you are an egoistic person and your ego hurts every time you get mocked while you are working in an office where people of different characteristics are there, then you probably should get acknowledged for the fact that you are not suitable for being an employee.

So, better for you to start your own business and be an employer instead.

8. Spare Time

It is more about time management.

When you are a startup, you have to work a lot, and that too without any limitation, but when your business becomes mature, you can manage your time, and enjoy life with your family as most successful businessmen do.

9. Security

There is a lot of reason to get sacked or terminated from an organization when you are an employee.

Most organizations do not provide that job security nowadays and you have to be a very special one to get that security.

But, if you are an owner of a business, you do not have to worry about getting sacked because there will be no one above you.

So, if this issue is bothering you then you must start connecting the dots to become a boss!

10. Want To Be Famous?

Who does not know about Jack Ma? Who is not aware of the name of Mark Zuckerberg? These people did not get their fame overnight.

They worked hard, and had to leave their studies to pursue their dream, their plan which they counted on and here you go, everyone knows their name.

Be sure, your employment will not you tallow o be famous but your company and your bosses will be famous and rich by all your good works and all you will get is increment and an award for being good.

Most people get satisfied with what they are paid. This is why we do not see Zuckerbergs everywhere.

So, if you dream to be famous then plan something big and noble and go for it.

11. Unemployed?

In case you failed to get a job, you must not be sad; plan for a profitable business instead.

People often become frustrated when they do not get a job and around 45000 people kill themselves every year because of unemployment.

So, if you are not employed yet, do not be sad considering that you are not worthy to get a job. Start your own business and make your life.

12. Providing Employment

The world has 7.6 Billion people and counting. Unemployment is a big issue now. As I mentioned earlier, people are killing themselves because of unemployment.

So, if you are concerned about this issue then you must make your move of launching your own business and employ yourself as well as lots of people around you who are worthy but still have not got a job anywhere.

Nothing will be nobler than this if your intentions are pure.

13. Make Yourself Proud

There are lots of ways of making yourself proud and running a successful business is one of them. So, if you have a business idea in your head then get it out and make it real.

I am sure you will one day be very proud of yourself that you did something with your efforts.

14. Show the World What You Are Made Of

No one will believe in you except your parents. People will mock you. They will underestimate you when you start talking about your business.

So, stop talking and start putting effort to start your business. Those people who mocked you, one day will admire you and your thoughts and what you say.

15. Do It Before Someone Else Does!

When you think of the idea of starting your own business, it is very unlikely that someone else will not think the same.

So, there is a chance of someone launching the business idea you were thinking of.

Therefore, before someone else does, make it happen soon or else you will regret it when you will see the success they are getting that you would have gotten.

16. Construct a Legacy

When you are a successful businessman, you have the opportunity to pass it on to your successors. You will form a successful business and they will keep it growing in the future. It is more like securing their future so that they can one day pass it to their successors.

17. Tax Benefits

It is not like you do not have to pay taxes, but surely you will get some layoffs while you are an entrepreneur.

There are certain laws of tax that are positive for startups.

This is not a great reason to be an entrepreneur but still, it is a reason for those who are pissed off paying taxes from the salaries they get.

18. Create a Brand

Every successful entrepreneur has created a brand. Steve Jobs created Apple, Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook. These are all brands that people are mad about.

So, are you ready to create a brand and make people pay for it willingly? It will be a hard way around, but you will surely be successful if you are determined and smart.

19. Love Challenges?

If you love to be challenged then you must start a business, because being successful in this competitive market is a challenge and you have to be smarter than the others to maximize your profit and your fame as well.

The ride towards accomplishment will positively be a lot more thrilling than you expect!

20. Bothered By Bosses?

The institutions, companies, organizations, etc. would fall apart if there were no bosses since manpower needs proper guidance. But, if you are not a guy who likes to take orders from superiors then it might be high time to leave your job and take the challenge of being a boss.

It will be a hard decision but it will be a fruitful one if you stay focused, on track, and determined.

Wrapping Up

These 20 reasons are not the only ones as I mentioned earlier and there can be reasons of your own to start your own business.

Entrepreneurship is noble when you are contributing to society. So, keep in mind, to whom you belong. That will ease your way towards triumph.

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