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Review of An Entire MBA in 1 Course Award Winning Business School Prof 20244 min read

You can join this course to learn about business concepts from practical experience from an Award-Winning Professor!


Learn Everything You Need to Know About Business from Start-up to IPO from the #1 Best Selling Business Course on Udemy! 

Correspondingly, learn the same business concepts as taught in top MBA schools in this course. A financial process, management consultation needs, and tactics, networking tools, profit-making techniques, asset utilization, and skills development as an entrepreneur- this course covers every aspect of a business.

The only requirement you need as a student is your positive willpower.  Anyone interested to learn business concepts can take this course, in addition to the advantage of not getting bored!

Created By: Chris Haroun

StudentEnrolled: 477.27k+

Rating: 4.6 out of 5.0

Review of An Entire MBA in 1 Course Award-Winning Business School Prof

Why Should You Take This Course? 

  • Learn A to Z of a business; right from launching a business from scratch to growing into a profitable one
  • You can implement the knowledge of getting help from investors, analysis of financial models with ease; understand the micro and macroeconomics that affect your business, communicate with the investors and customers, and the need for management of consulting firms.
  • Apply the best networking tools in your business that you can learn from the course.
  • Learn how you can invest the right value for your assets. Learn the secrets of a successful entrepreneur.
  • Moreover, learn the ins and outs of handling a business, from legal issues to protective ways in difficult situations. Tax, Restructuring, Risk-taking, networking- you won’t get a chance to miss anything.
  • Additionally, get a chance to boost your career and open up new career opportunities for yourself.
  • Meanwhile, get the 384 business books (of $99 value) of the course free! Besides, joining the superb reviewed course among the 350,000 students from 195 countries.

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Who is The Instructor? 

Chris Haroun, an award-winning MBA professor and one of the highest-rated Professors on Udemy will conduct the course. So you can rely on that your learning is in good hands. He did his MBA at Columbia University and a Bachelor of Commerce degree at McGill University. He successfully shares the “greatest hits” business summaries from his MBA and undergraduate business degrees.

He will not only share his experience from working at Goldman Sachs but also the experiences of various companies he found.

Besides his experience in Goldman Sachs, he also has experience in venture capital, hedge fund, and consulting industries. Therefore, this course teaches all his experiences as practical concepts of business.

Recently his book was listed among the “6 books entrepreneurs need to read right now” by Forbes. The instructor is reviewed to be well-spoken and highly encouraging.

What’s more, is that Chris Haroun has over 876,421  students achieving 4.5 -star ratings.

Wrapping Up

The major portion of the contents of the course include experiences from the instructor and direct learning from his book “101 Crucial Lessons They Don’t Teach You in Business School”. The business contents both cover experience as an employee and experience as an entrepreneur.

Therefore, this course covers work experience in consulting, equities, hedge funds, venture capital, and entrepreneurship. Aligned with the general business, accounting, and finance process, the contents cover basic common-sense tactics of business.

Even the tedious topics of tax and the legal entity will be covered by the instructor in his own easy understandable, and fun way.

An Entire MBA in 1 Course has been highly recommended by the reviewers. Moreover, join the well-structured course with a clear-spoken, interactive presentation of one of the highest-rated professors Chris Haroun on Udemy.

Even to those who already did an MBA, this was a good refresh to them. This course benefits The CEO of many start-ups.

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