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50 Content Marketing Ideas for Social Media 202420 min read

Want to get familiar with Content Marketing Ideas For Social Media?

Get to know, How To Find Content Ideas For Social Media.

How to find content ideas for social media will not be a question anymore.

Because, with this article, you will know the content ideas for social media marketing.

These content ideas for social media will help to drive traffic.

Know the tips and tricks about Content Marketing Ideas for Social Media.

We will be providing the best and most surreal Content Marketing Ideas For Social Media.

Adding more, you will see how to find content ideas for social media.

Content creation is a vital but tricky task to do as well as the content marketing strategy.

Every tip will not profoundly work for you. Because it will depend on your social media marketing activities,

meaning which strategy is suitable for your business according to your business type.

Moreover, you need to pick out a content marketing strategy or ideas consciously.

In this article, get to know different content marketing ideas for social media and how to find content ideas.

Before that, let’s briefly see the topics.

  • Social Media Engagement ideas
  • Video content ideas for social media
  • Social Media Content Ideas for hotel
  • Social Media Content Ideas for bank
  • Social Media Content Ideas for realtors
  • Social Media Content Ideas for photographers
  • Social Media Content Ideas for nonprofits
  • Social Media Content Ideas for restaurants
  • Social Media Content Ideas for Clothing Brands

Here is the list of content marketing shortlists that you can pick and run a content marketing campaign for a short period of time to observe which strategies rank higher

Table of Contents

50 Content Marketing Ideas For Social Media 2024

Content Marketing Ideas For Social Media:

Social Media Engagement Ideas

There are many ways you can be engaged through social media.

Guess what?

This will act as a marketing strategy.

Check out the following:

1. Share Company’s Nature

It means you can share what kind of business you have through social media and blog posts.

Talk about the product service and share on social media.

This will attract your target audience.

What types of extra services do you provide? Share all of those.

This will make your coming customers happy and will drive traffic vast.

Besides you can also share case studies that audiences love to discover about specific companies. 

2. Showcase Testimonials

Share your customer’s experience with the world!

People, or let’s say the audience, always wants to see realistic and ‘happening now’ stuff.

So, ask your customers (the current ones) to try out the products/services and share their part of it.

This will make Future Customers more intrigued to try out their portions.

Allow them to experience the value of your products or services before they even buy them.

There you go! You got another from social media engagement ideas.

3. Daily Blogs

This is a piece of cake.

Because you will be posting interactive social media posts, people will be willing to see more from you.

Now, they will be habitual for you are posting regularly. And would long to read your posts.

Try adding more relevancy to your posts.

Keep making your blogs up to date.

In this way, you will be walking with the newest genre every time you write a blog.

This was another content idea for social media.

4. Join Q/A Episodes

When you answer the problematic questions from the audience, they are more contented.

Question Answer series, you can leave a section where people would come and ask about

different things for your products or services or it could be like asking about the solution to their problems.

Or you can also have a live podcast session for the Q&A series.

This is also a reciprocal and engaging way.

So, I hope you have an idea of how to find content ideas for social media.

Keep digging into your current content and you will find a new way!

5. Discuss The Topics

Discussing the subjects you will be introducing, for example, a service or product even before launching is great content creation.

When you will aware your public and give them a signal about the “NEW’s” you are bringing in the business

will work incredibly.

This will also take you away if you are about to make a loss.

Because you would know, the reactions and the thoughts of your buyers by discussing it thoroughly.

In this way, become more efficient.

Video Content Ideas for social media

Video Contents are relatively more interactive.

People are not always willing to read long blogs.

But animation makes it easy for those who are reluctant to read.

Below, giving you some interesting Video content ideas for social media.

1. Tutorial clips

People and audiences are always interested to learn.

Stuffing ourselves with new knowledge is all of our goals.

Make How-To videos!

Find new topics every day. Please make a list of it, you think is vital and would help others acknowledge something new.

Keep the videos short but informative.

Add colors to make things vivid and eye-catching.

2. Live

It is just the trend.

Live sessions make the audience stop and see what’s going on.

In this way, many viewers join in.

The viewers then gradually become buyers when they find it relevant for them.

You can also showcase your products or services through live sessions.

This is an engagement strategy and one of the content marketing ideas for social media.

3. Turn Your Written Blogs into Videos

This is an amazing content creation idea.

Do you have many written long blogs?

And you don’t know how to utilize it?

Your mind is not making new ideas?

Make use of your already-written blogs.

As I told and mentioned earlier, animation attracts unlimited traffic.

So, when you give your words a new form and add motion to your words it becomes more tremendous.

Social Media Content Ideas for hotel

Content Ideas for Hotels are unlimited.

But, providing some best of the marketing strategy contents below.

There we go!

1. Showcase Guest Stories

You can do this by making short stories.

By adding a guest post on Instagram, Facebook, or fleets on Twitter.

If you think that, stories are only for 24 hours, then you can also create a section on your website where

you will add videos of your clients enjoying your service of yours.

This will create a brand image.

2. Staff  Appearance

This has a major impact.

When going to a hotel, at first we notice the structural appearance of the building and right after that “Staffs”.

When we see good-looking staff uniforms, we really admire them.

The staff who are well maintained and looks neat and clean attracts us the most.

So, your company or let’s say hotel staff’s appearance and their attributes matters a lot.

Especially, try to keep a subtle uniform for your staff.

3. Give a Hotel Tour

It is normal, that first we want to see the product and then we decide to buy it.

In every case, it is the same.

Hotels are something we will want to be sophisticated.

But how would people who did not come to your hotel for its services, would know if it is elegant or not?

You can simply do that by posting a full hotel tour video.

Starting from the entrance to different lounges and bedrooms, show everything crystal clear.

I am sure this would work incredibly.

4. Travel Tips

This will immediately make out good content.

And is good content marketing.

When you post relevant tips for traveling, the audience tends to trust you more.

Try advertising your own hotel with it, it will drive traffic to your hotel website.

You can give the tips as daily or maybe weekly posts.

Try keeping it consistent, it will make you a travel leader after a certain time.

5. Media Coverage

It is an amazing way.

No matter how much oil you put on people through Facebook and other social media platforms when your advertisement is on any well-known magazine or newspaper, you are the king!

Yes! Undoubtedly it has a different class.

Magazines have always been promoting businesses lavishly.

So, contact the newspaper and magazine publishers and promote it through news channels and other media.

6. Try Influencers

Influencers are just on the air now.

They can influence thousands at one time.

With one click on their social media handles, people drive out like mad to follow in their footsteps.

So, inviting influencers to your hotel will be a golden moment for your business.

It will attract thousands of visitors to your hotel.

7. Share BTS

This is another good strategy.

Show your work.

Share on 24 hours story, how you prepare yourself and the hotel staff for work.

How they clean the hotel rooms and maintain hygiene.

What keeps them and you motivated in serving your beloved customers?

Share some thoughts daily, on how you set your goals for the day and how will operate the whole day.

Social Media Content Ideas For bank

Marketing Strategies become complicated when it comes to the bank.

When picking up a strategy, is a delicate matter and should be chosen precisely.

So, here are some of the marketing strategies for banks.

Here we go!

1. Infographics

Infographics always do their job explicitly.

It makes your contents look more fun and understandable.

People tend to share more when it’s only data.

Make sure your infographics are not bold but more colorful and vivid.

This will make the brain recollect data quite easily.

Look you just got a biology tip!

2. Customer Service

It is very crucial when a bank is trying g to set a marketing strategy.

Customer service is a vital weapon.

Customer services can make your bank look lavish if it’s maintained well.

Or if it’s not done well then it may give it a look of a low service-oriented bank.

So make sure you look after your customers like a baby.

And don’t forget customers brings more customers if their point of view for your bank is positive.

3. Amend Problems

An important part of your bank service.

When a customer comes to you, with a problem, you must be ready to solve it.

If you can’t solve it, this will leave ink on your face for life long.

Try to handle it smartly.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help from a bigger department, because your main target should be to amend the problem a customer has.

Never forget this strategy!

4. Include links

Whenever you post a blog try giving a link to your website.

It will take the audience directly to your company’s website.

If you have an official site for your bank, then you can add the latest updates of new blogs or news you have posted.

In simple words, leave a link to your website for the latest updates.

5. Hashtags

Use the latest hashtags.

These hashtags are followed by millions of people.

Use the most trending or relevant hashtags, which go with your content.

SEO is also not a bad option to optimize your Bank’s Website.

Social Media Content Ideas for realtors

1. Helpful News

When you help your viewers, customers, or traffic, they tend to be more loyal.

As they trust you, they would want to get the latest updates from real estate.

You can post the changes in rates and prices of lands and swings in lands.

You can post about the faults a house has and its amending process.

So, when you give out all this information, this turns into an informational and helpful advice piece

of content.

2. Humour posts

A friendly approach always works.

When you are active and amicable (friendly), your posts have more reach.

It is because we are not always in a mood to take on seriously.

When things around us are more cordial we tend to keep and memorize and remember things more.

It is on our minds, we don’t easily forget.

So, a good informational and contented post but in a humorous way works the best.

3. House of the week

You can post a house which has many facilities.

Giving out or let’s say providing every information about the house in a blog post.

If you want you can make a video of a house and talk out the information while making a video.

This is an amazing way of content creation.

4. Discounts

Talk about the discounts.

Hold some special discounts who come and see.

Or give special discounts for the readers you read your content.

You can also provide weekly discounts or discounts on special occasions.

I hope this content idea would give you a massive response!

5. Answer the questions

Yes! As I mentioned earlier, the more you solve your client’s problems the more efficient and trustworthy you become for them.

Try answering the questions, especially on your website.

It will show the effort you are putting to solve the problem in any way possible.

Moreover, it will be saved on your websites and others who have similar questions will get their answers.

Social Media Content Ideas for photographers

Even though it is hard for photographers to be 100% dashing, but here are some magical tips that always work!

1. Good Edit

Nowadays there are many sites that make wonderful edits.

Within a glare it makes your photograph look more professional.

When your photographs appear more official and standard, there are high chances of getting featured by big businesses or companies.

So, make sure you make your photographs look surreal before posting.

By simply, editing it.

2. Use Hashtags

A good hashtag will make a significant difference.

So, when you use some more active hashtags, imagine how wonderful it works.

When you don’t use hashtags, it might not reach many audiences.

Because hashtags are followed more than anything else.

List some trending and most used hashtags and use them with your photographs.

3. Inspirational style of photography

Share the story behind your photograph.

This will enhance your content number.

And will undoubtedly produce some quality content for you.

When you tell the story behind your photograph, it makes your followers intrigued and they don’t miss a single word and read it out.

In fact, when they like your content, they tend to share it with their family and peers.

Hence, more traffic and reach.

4. Show Your Quirks

Try to make your own style of photography.

Don’t try to copy or imitate other photographers.

Take courses on photography to become more efficient with your skills.

When you will earn a name, you will have your own style, what a moment it would be!

Social Media Content Ideas for nonprofits

How to find content ideas for social media for nonprofits?

There you go!

Below are some well-implemented ones given.

1. Be Social

Create social media accounts.

Try staying connected and active through these platforms.

For example, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, etc

This will allow you to be always in touch with people.

Moreover, you will know about different problems of people.

2. Invest in good design

Be subtle!

Invest your money efficiently.

Make sure the color of your website is cool enough to be eye-catchy.

Invest your money in graphic experts who would simply and inventively do the work for you.

Because good-looking sites have the most viewers.

3. Sincere Effort

Be profound and genuine.

Show up the sincerity you have in you through your work.

When people will see you and your work, they should have no doubt.

Showcase your ability through social media platforms.

Become a trusted member of your community.

4. Share

Share your work.

Tell the world, what you actually do.

I am not saying you to show off.

But to an extent, people must know what kind of work is taking place in your organization.

5. Tell Stories

It means, telling about the struggles.

Talk about it. Share with your followers how easily they are leading life, and how many difficulties others are facing in everyday life.

Share new stories of the lives of people who are interested to let the world know about it.

So, in this case, you are doing both, helping others and making others realize how blessed they are.

Thus, you also have a new form of content.

6. Join Interesting Projects

Join international to national projects.

Don’t step back.

Try to be everywhere. In this way, you will have brand recognization.

Not only that, you will be meeting new people, and new people bring out unlimited opportunities.

Social Media Content Ideas for restaurants

We have so many ideas for restaurant-related content. But, below you will get the best of it.

1. BTS (Behind The Scenes)


This Behind The Scenes is what we all crave. Don’t we?

Post the BTS of your kitchen, but make sure your kitchen is clean or else you may lose potential buyers.

A BTS should be very crystal clear.

People would love to see how the staffs prepare their food, how they manage time, and how they can make any item from the menu in a short span of time.

Trust me, this content would be best for your business.

2. Food Review

Share the reviews that people leave.

Of course, it needs to be good.

But what if it is a public review and the review isn’t good?

In that situation, try to handle it in a positive manner.

Give offers or discounts to customers who did not like your food and ask them to re-visit again.

You may also provide free food to them.

3. Invite Food Bloggers

Just like influencers, food bloggers are also very hyped.

People do go to places where food bloggers give out positive reviews.

So you can invite or hire a good and popular food blogger to your restaurant.

This will give you a massive response.

4. Design a Menu

In one word, a menu should be sophisticated.

But it totally depends on how you have set your restaurant theme.

If it is funky then to compliment that you need to have a funky and colorful menu.

But, I prefer restaurants to be posh!

Even if your restaurant is cheap, keep the decoration and its menu high-class.

5. Special Holiday Discounts

This always drives traffic.

If there’s a national holiday coming up, don’t forget to give some discounts.

On these days people are bound to hang out with friends and trust me they come into the battalion.

When there are discounts, they come in hives.

Hence, more sales lead to more profit.

6. Birthday And Other Discounts

On occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, people love to have dinner parties.

Make a rule, people can come in for their personal celebration and can attain a discount.

You set your own profit but show off a discount.

This will work for sure!

Social Media Content Ideas for Clothing Brands

Still couldn’t find How To Find Content Ideas For Social Media?

These Content Ideas For Social Media will resolve your problem.

1. Unique Design

Make sure you don’t copy.

Try to make something new.

Keep dashing your store with a new clothing line on every big occasion or festival.

This will make your brand renowned for the new things you come up with and you don’t repeat designs.

2. Theme

Your items of clothing can have a theme.


You can only have a single color of clothes in your store. If white then there would be every variety of clothes but in the color white. Just an example.

Or you can have rainbows of colors as well.

These will create brand awareness and recognization.

3. Wear Your Own Brand

Wherever you go, try wearing your own brand of clothes.

Ask your close relatives to buy it from your shops.

Send your branded clothes to influencers.

This will engage the public eye with your brand growth.

4. Reviews

Share the reviews the customers share.

This will make other potential buyers more interested to buy clothes from you.

Positive reviews will work great for those who are in doubt about whether to buy the clothe or not.

So, when other customers see good and positive reviews, they tend to buy immediately.

This was one of the social media engagement ideas.

5. Workspace

You can where you work.

People who are your regular customers would love to see how you manage your work schedule.

This is one of the many other social media content ideas for a clothing brand.

Also, you have come across another content idea.

This will inspire your fellow clients in many ways.

6. Share your story

How you have started?

why have you started this business?

What inspired you?

All these questions will create a lot of content for you.

Through blog posts, you can target an audience.

This was also another social media strategy.

With these tips and tricks, you will gain so much!

In General Social Media Content Ideas

These are some genuine ideas you can implement, no matter what kind of business you have.

There you go!

1. Share The Big News

Good news!

Share the thrilling news with the world through your social media feeds.

Like, you can use Twitter for your business.

As people mainly use Twitter for breaking news.

You can share the updates, new big clients, changes in the business type, location changes of your office, employ of the week, etc.

2. Host Giveaways

Start giveaways.

Holding giveaways will attract intense traffic.

This traffic can turn into potential buyers. Because who is not attracted to it?

This will increase brand awareness as the giveaway posts are needed to be shared.


Positive quotes are always an option.

This will increase the variety of your content.

It will not make your social media platforms boring.

As there would be some activities and positive vibes from the quotes.

Try posting motivational and inspirational quotes for your blog or social media.

4. Teasers

Post the sneak peek.

It works better than BTS.

Because people would be more interested to see the whole thing and not just a side of a face.

Thus, this will create a sensational fuss of curiosity, as everyone would wait to see the other part of your product/service.

Till now you must be a master of how to find content ideas for social media.

These Content Ideas For Social Media and Content Ideas For Social Media Marketing are all you need!

Wrapping up: 

I hope from this article, you have come across how to find content ideas for social media and many new ideas for content marketing ideas. Moreover, how to repurpose your content for social media according to original research. 

Besides, producing new content and upgrading existing content is always important as because those increase your brand value and authority. 

We have learned social media marketing activities, social media engagement ideas, video content ideas for social media, and social media content ideas for hotels, banks, businesses, realtors, photographers, non-profits, restaurants, clothing brands, and many more.


1. How many people are on social media?

According to Backlinko, a data-oriented site, it was 3.96 billion people in 2020.

There were only, 2.07 people using it back in 2015. This means it has increased by 92%.

2. How long does a person spends time in social media on average?

According to, it is 2 hours and 24 minutes per day.

But it can be more than that.

3. How often should I post on Social Media?

You can post with a maximum of 2 posts a day.

Don’t over-post, as people will lose interest and will start to avoid your posts.

4. What is the fastest-growing social media platform?

Here, nowadays everybody’s favorite, is TikTok.

According to the latest data Tiktok is growing as no other app has.

5. What type of content is best for social media?

There are many potential customers online where you can post you can post –

  1. Video Stories
  2. Contests
  3. Live videos
  4. Advantages and disadvantages of contents

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