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I am very excited to share my review of Start and Run a Successful Web Design Business from Home instructed by Christine Maisel on the Udemy platform. I wanted to write a review of this course along with the other courses that I have completed at Udemy, but I was rushed. However, I have managed time to put a review on Start and Run a Successful Web Design Business from Home. So, let’s get started.

Here I give my personal opinions on this review, what I have learned throughout the course, and how you can get benefit by doing this course as well.

I realized that starting a web design business and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consultancy can be tremendously beneficial to increase my income stream and establish a part-time business online while doing a full-time job.

Somehow, I found that it was a swift and straightforward way to make money online. It wasn’t that difficult. So, I have decided to do it.

Initially, I was too much confused about where to start and how to start. What tools do I need to start a web design business and how much money do I need to start an online business? After all, I’m not a tech background person, and I don’t know how to code and use a content management system.

Therefore, I have started looking for online resources to start a business that is cheap and easy to use and doesn’t require any coding knowledge to make a website.

Finally, I found her first Udemy course on May 16, 2016. However, I have enrolled in the course and got the basic idea that made sense to me. My target was to learn first and then apply it to my business website, and it worked awesomely! I have completed three courses of the same instructor, Christine Maisel.

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Start and Run a Successful Web Design Business from Home

Little Brief of the instructor Christine Maisel:

She is the founder of the Portable Entrepreneur where she directly helps with web design and SEO startups through step by step education, coaching, and services with nearly 15 years of experience. She also built more than 100 websites and blogs with WordPress & Joomla. If you want to read more about her, please visit Christine Maisel’s profile on Udemy.

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Why is this course beneficial for beginners?

This is a beginner’s guide to creating a WordPress website for a web design business from home and start living life on your terms with zero coding knowledge.

The lectures are within 2.5 hours of the video.

Rating: 4.6/5.

Enrollment: 25.09k+ learners have already enrolled!

This is a beginner-level course. The full course language is English, and you will get lifetime access to it. The best part is you will get a certificate after finishing this course.

It was straightforward to understand how she teaches by step by step process and she uses no important terminology or complex methods used in the course. I think it’s completely newbie friendly because I was a newbie too. If you wanted to create your website for your website design business but don’t know how to code, you’re in the right place!

I’ve already completed and started my web design business Reinforce Lab. It was easier than I expected. I have already completed a good number of websites and earned a good amount of Dollars. You can visit my portfolio on Reinforce Lab’s portfolio page.

What are the requirements to take this course?

  • Only a pen and paper to take a lot of notes.
  • Basic knowledge of the internet.
  • No experience is required – anyone can do this.
  • Zero coding experience is necessary.
  • Just follow the steps along with the course.

What are you going to get after finishing this course?

  • How to set up & design a professional-looking WordPress website for a $ 20 Bill Web Design industry.
  • The Secrets to Easy Customer Communication
  • Web Design business documents ready to download and you can use these documents including proposals, contracts, and more in your business.
  • The skills needed to make money offering web design services to others.
  • Be able to set up and fully manage a WordPress website with no coding knowledge.
  • You save thousands of dollars $ to hire a professional designer.
  • Start earning money from tomorrow by providing Web Design services.
  • You can also learn how to get new clients for your web design business.
  • You will get to learn the free tools you can use to save your money; while providing a high-quality service.
  • By the end of the course, you will be able to launch your very own fully functional WordPress website for your online business!
  • You get access to an exclusive web design business Facebook group.

Final Word

Before you start, let me share one more piece of information with you, I have completed more than 45 courses on Udemy’s platform. Why did I? Very simple, I am benefited from doing some courses. I don’t like to refer and review all the courses rather studying only the courses that I have enrolled in, learned new information, and got the direct benefit to earn some money too.

I believe and guarantee that you will be able to set-up your WordPress website today without ever touching a single code with the help of this course.

However, if you didn’t learn anything, you get your money back, because Udemy provides 30 days Money Back Guaranty.

If you are serious and want to learn and start and run a successful web design business from home; then you can take this course without having any confusion. You will learn a lot that’s unquestionable, and it will help you to jump-start your business.

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