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If you are looking for other monitoring software like SentryPC, than this article ‘SentryPC Alternative’ is for you.

SentryPC is a comprehensive cloud-based software designed for activity monitoring, content filtering, and time management.

So you may also move on other tools like this, for maintaining your business to parental control.

SentryPC Alternative 2024

Monitoring tools are essential for ensuring online safety, productivity, and efficient management of digital resources.

For parents, they provide a way to safeguard children from inappropriate content.

On the other way, businesses can monitor and enhance employee productivity and protect sensitive data.

These alternatives have different and essential uses like CentryPC for –

Enhanced Productivity:

  • Monitors employee activities during work hours
  • Helps identify how time is spent and where efficiencies can be improved
  • Leads to streamlined work processes and better time management

Security and Compliance:

  • Identifies suspicious or unauthorized activities
  • Aids in safeguarding against data breaches
  • Ensures compliance with legal and regulatory standards, especially with sensitive data

Parental Control:

  • Protects children from inappropriate online content
  • Enables blocking of harmful websites
  • Keeps track of children’s online communications for safety

Resource Management:

  • Provides data on how digital resources are utilized
  • Assists in IT resource and software license management
  • Ensures effective use of hardware and software

Remote Work Management:

  • Facilitates the management of remote employees
  • Ensures remote workers stay on task
  • Offers effective supervision regardless of physical location

Time Management:

  • Monitors time spent on various tasks
  • Useful for managing project timelines
  • Helps in accurate time recording for billing purposes

Employee Development:

  • Evaluates employee performance data
  • Highlights areas needing additional training
  • Supports employee professional development and growth opportunities

What is SentryPC & What it Offers?

SentryPC operates as a cloud-based solution, allowing remote monitoring and management of devices.

It’s used by parents for keeping tabs on their children’s online activities and by businesses for overseeing employee productivity and computer usage.

he software can run in a stealth mode, making it undetectable to users on the monitored device.

SentryPC Offers –

  • Activity Monitoring
  • Content Filtering
  • Time Management
  • Alerts and Reports
  • Remote Management
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Multiple platform compatibility

Read the detail SentryPC review: SentryPC Review 2024

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Best Available SentryPC Alternatives

Here you find some best alternatives of SentryPC and what they offer –


DeskTime is a productivity and time tracking software designed to help teams work more effectively. It offers,

  • Time Tracking: Tracks all computer activities manually & automatically.
  • Performance Evaluation: Measure employees productivity and performance by tracking URL, App, project and document.
  • Reporting: Provides in-depth and detailed reports, allows data exports from the admin dashboard.
  • Scheduling: Schedule shifts and inform team members, plans and marks absences for easy overview.
  • Extra Features: Supports screenshots, allows integration with project management and calendar apps, customizable settings.
  • Pricing: Costs $7 user/month.

Learn more about DeskTime.


Kickidler is an employee monitoring software designed to enhance productivity, and optimize business processes. Here’s a overview of its key features,

  • Productivity Analysis and Time Tracking: Kickidler provides detailed reports on employee working hours, timesheet consolidation, and application/website usage analysis.
  • Visual Monitoring: The software includes activity history tracking, efficiency reports, and work dynamics analysis.
  • Self-Monitoring Tools: It also offers tools for employees to monitor their own productivity.
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP): Kickidler offers a comprehensive suite for data leak prevention, including user behavior analytics, and more.
  • Remote Work Management: The software is equipped with features like online screen monitoring, screen video recording etc.
  • Additional Capabilities: Kickidler also provides features like GDPR compliance, covert and transparent monitoring, API integration, offline use, and customizable access for administrators.
  • Pricing: A basic plan starts from $ 1.9 user/month, billed annually.

Learn more about Kickidler.


ActivTrak is a workforce analytics and productivity insights software designed to improve workplace efficiency and employee engagement. Here’s an overview of its features as a SentryPC alternative:

  • Hybrid & Remote Workforce Management: Enables effective management of both in-office and remote teams, ensuring productivity across different work environments.
  • Productivity Management & Measurement: Provides tools to measure and manage employee productivity.
  • Employee Productivity Monitoring: Tracks how employees spend their time at work, offering insights into their work habits and efficiency.
  • Employee Engagement & Burnout Detection: Helps in spotting signs of employee disengagement and burnout, allowing for timely interventions.
  • Coaching & Performance Management: Facilitates performance management and offers coaching tools to enhance employee productivity.
  • Workforce & Technology Planning: Assists in planning and optimizing workforce allocation and technology use for better productivity outcomes.
  • Privacy-Respectful Monitoring: Focuses on productivity insights without invasive monitoring practices like keystroke logging, email monitoring, or video recording.
  • Pricing: Essential plan for $10 user/month, billed annually.

Learn more about ActivTrak.


Insightful is an employee monitoring software that focuses on productivity management, offering in-depth insights to support how teams work, with features:

  • Time and Attendance: Track attendance in real time to ensure efficient use of work time.
  • Activity Monitoring: Support accountability and gain visibility throughout the day.
  • Screen Monitoring: Boost visibility of your teams using screenshots and app usage.
  • Productivity Monitoring: Identify productivity trends and leverage actionable data insights.
  • Employee Burnout: Spot early signs of burnout and support employee wellbeing.
  • Office vs Remote: See what impact location has on performance and productivity.
  • Integrations: Effortlessly connect your essential tools with just one click.
  • Insider Threat Detection: Stay secure with real-time alerts and IT forensic analysis.
  • Prices: A basic plan starts with $6.40 user/month, billed annually.

Learn more about Insightful.


Traqq is a time tracking and productivity monitoring software designed for both remote and on-site teams. Here’s a summary of its key features,

  • Time tracking: Track the work hours of your employees accurately.
  • Employee monitoring: Monitor employee activities from various angles.
  • Team management: Manage admins, managers, and users effortlessly.
  • Team analysis and reporting: Automatically create sophisticated team reports.
  • Pricing: starts from $7 per user/month.

Learn more about Traqq.


Hubstaff is another SentryPC alternative. It is a time tracking and productivity monitoring tool that automates time tracking processes and workforce management. Here are some features bellow:

  • Time Tracking: Manage productivity and projects for teams from 1 to 1000.
  • Employee Experience: Track hours, automate timesheets, and improve payroll processes.
  • Reporting & Analytics: Pull 20+ reports to add context to your workforce data.
  • Workforce Management: Help remote, hybrid, and in-office teams have their best day at work.
  • Pricing: Popular Team plan at $10.00 user /month (2 user minimum).

Learn more about Hubstaff.


Connecteam is an all-in-one employee app designed to streamline communication, operations, and training for non-desk employees. Included features:

  • Time Clock: Mistake-free time tracking with advanced GPS capabilities.
  • Scheduling: Efficient shift management, from planning to distribution.
  • Task Management: Effortlessly monitor tasks and oversee employee progress.
  • Forms & Checklists: Real-time reporting, straight from the field.
  • Pricing: Starts at $99 /month billed annually.

Learn more about Connecteam


Time Doctor is an employee time tracking and productivity software that provides insights for improving individual and overall team performance, catering to remote, hybrid, and in-office workforces. It offers:

  • Fully Remote Teams: Get peace of mind that remote teams are working productively.
  • Hybrid Workforce: Measure productivity consistently, in and out of the office.
  • In-Office: Gain insights into team workloads, daily activities, and schedules.
  • Pricing: Basic plan starts at $5.9 user /month.

Learn more about timedoctor.

Wrapping Up: SentryPC Alternative 2024

In 2024, a range of SentryPC alternatives are available.

Each tool offers unique features for monitoring and productivity management.

DeskTime excels with its comprehensive time tracking and productivity analysis, ideal for in-depth workday insights.

Kickidler brings robust data loss prevention and detailed employee monitoring, suitable for secure workforce management.

ActivTrak focuses on hybrid and remote workforce management, emphasizing employee engagement alongside productivity.

Traqq offers ethical tracking with privacy-respecting features, catering to modern workplace norms.

Insightful provides deep insights for team management, particularly in remote settings. Hubstaff automates time tracking and offers real-time insights for diverse team environments.

Connecteam streamlines operations for non-desk employees with its all-in-one app approach.

Lastly, Time Doctor specializes in enhancing productivity across various work environments, including remote and hybrid teams.

Each tool presents a distinct approach to workforce management and parental control, making them valuable alternatives to SentryPC.


Does SentryPC work on Mac?

Yes, it suitable for Mac OS, and also applicable for most of the OS available.

What makes SentryPC different from the other monitoring tools?

SentryPC differentiates itself from other monitoring and productivity tools in several key ways:

Parental Control Focus: While many tools like Hubstaff, Time Doctor, and DeskTime are primarily designed for workforce management and productivity, SentryPC also places a strong emphasis on parental control. This makes it a dual-purpose tool, catering to both business and personal use, especially for parents wanting to monitor and control their children’s online activities.

Comprehensive Content Filtering: SentryPC offers robust content filtering capabilities, which is a standout feature for parental control. It allows parents to block access to inappropriate websites, applications, and even specific keywords, which is not a common feature in many other productivity-focused tools.

Time Management Features: SentryPC’s time management features are designed not just for tracking work hours but also for setting access schedules on devices. This is particularly useful for parents who want to limit screen time for their children.

Stealth Operation: SentryPC can operate in stealth mode, running undetected in the background. This feature is more aligned with parental control, where discreet monitoring might be necessary, and is not always a focus of other productivity tools.

User-Friendly Interface: Designed to be accessible for non-technical users, SentryPC balances advanced monitoring features with a user-friendly interface, making it suitable for parents and business owners who may not be tech-savvy.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: While many tools focus on specific platforms, SentryPC offers a broad range of compatibility, supporting Windows, Mac, Android, and Chromebook, which enhances its versatility.


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