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11 Tips for Stepping Up Content Marketing Game 20248 min read

Content Marketing is certainly the buzzword of the current Marketing era. Let’s face it. Before any purchase decision, your target audience will research about two things mainly: your content and your received reviews.

Their judgment and perception will be based on various content posted by you and word of mouth. So, you need to draft high-quality, goal-achieving content, for the Stepping Up Content Marketing Game.

Although you think you know what content marketing is, do you know? Still, confused about it? Let’s revise the concept again.

The creation and distribution of valuable and quality content to attract your target audience to drive customer purchase action is content marketing.

If we break the definition, the first important thing we get is ‘valuable and quality content. The second important thing is driving customer action.

Of course, when you add value to your content, the customer finds something to drive a purchase action.

If you ask why content marketing, the answer is already there. Customers research you before making any purchase decision. However, one of the misconceptions is content marketing aims to directly boost sales.

Except for the discount or special offer contents, it cannot boost sales directly.

The main goal of content marketing is brand awareness, consideration, and perception creation. Content marketing influences purchase decisions too.

Realizing the significance and prospects of content marketing, here are the:

11 Tips for Stepping Up Content Marketing Game.

1. Plan First

Just like you plan out marketing strategies, and budgets first before any implementation, plan your content marketing too. Otherwise, there is a chance that you might waste both time and money on useless content.

Therefore, plan your content carefully since time is money.

Be clear to yourself. What is the main aim of your content?

What information do you want to provide? What should be your perception of you your content? Although you can’t control the perception of humans, you can certainly try to shape and direct it.

First, set goals for each of your content. Then plan your content according to the designated goals.

Record your plans and goals too. This forms a map for you. You know which directions to go. But know that there will be loopholes in your plan.

Be prepared that you might need the emergent strategy in case there is an external situation backfiring your plan. In short, keep a contingency plan too.

2. Study Your Target Market

This comes along with planning but because of its significance, it makes a separate point here. Know the features and common interests of your target market.

Study them. Their behaviors, their hobbies, their roaming places, and their demands. This helps to shape and plan your content.

Most importantly, this helps to know what attracts them, catches their attention and what are they inclined to do.

The aim of content marketing includes attracting customers and driving profitable action from them. Hence, plan it for your target market.

Another important factor is your target market’s location, either living, roaming, or virtual location. Special mention is the virtual location.

3. Map Your Content-Location

When you plan for your content, plan the location your content will be distributed to. In this case, the study of the target market comes in handy.

In the digital world, your target market may roam multiple accounts on social sites. Promote your content there.

Besides, look for the keyword they use to search for your related product the most. You can add keywords to your content so that your content becomes easily available to them.

Additionally, research the websites they visit the most, you can promote your content on those websites too.

For instance, your customer may visit YouTube a lot to watch videos. Now, YouTube allows a certain brief period of ads between the actual videos. You can promote your content through those ads.

If you have content that serves multipurpose and can be promoted through multiple platforms, specify those platforms too. Create a concrete map of where you want your content to be distributed.

Pinpoint the locations specifically. Or else, you might have fabulous content but not be getting enough attention because of promotion in the wrong place.

4. Align with Marketing Strategy

While you plan out the content keeping goals in mind, do also keep the marketing strategies in mind. You made some strategies for your marketing starting from budget to tactics and promotional management.

Align your content planning with the marketing strategies.

When there is no alignment, you are likely to lose the main objective of your marketing. Every step matters in achieving your ultimate mission of the business.

So, when you plan for any marketing type, not just content marketing, the specific goal of one should bring results for the overall general goal too.

5. Invest Quality Time

Much more than cost, what is significantly needed is your time. Yes, this won’t take much of your time but do not just hurry it up. Be quick but effective too. You, of course, need time for planning, target market study, location planning, and brainstorming ideas.

The advantage here is that the need for target market study and planning is common for all your marketing steps. So when you invest time in there, you are working on all your marketing strategies.

Hence, what you need is just extra time investment in brainstorming ideas and how you want them. Your contents are the one through which customers will judge you.

If you hastily get it done, you might lose insight into important factors in your content. No wonder why you need to spend quality time building up the content.

6. Use a Variety of Elements

Content is just not about words anymore. And since people absorb visual information much more effectively, marketing has more shifted towards images, videos, podcasts, etc. Blogging and article help too.

Thus, do not restrict yourself to one element only. Your content can contain a mix of various elements: words, images, videos, etc. Remember, the main form of creativity blooms in your content.

And you can apply your creative ideas while building the content with creative elements. Nevertheless, it is important to focus on content.

7.   Qualify Your Content

You are often told and advised for quality content. What is quality content? Why no one ever tells you that? Think of it in this way. For cooking a delicious meal, every ingredient must be fresh, unadulterated, and in the right proportion.

Similarly, the ingredients in your content should be perfect for catching the attention of your audience. Some of the tactics you may try are:

  • Raise a question. Leave a question in minds of your audience. They’ll search for you to quench their curiosity.
  • Say it like a story. That is the best way to make a lasting impression on the mind of your consumers. As human beings are emotional, they tend to remember stories more.
  • Give a catchy introduction/ headline. People decide through headlines if the content interests them or not.
  • Include influencers or reviews from customers in your content. The audience tends to believe peer recommendations or their favorite influencer’s words more than traditional advertising.

8.   Attention to Details

At the implementation stage, pay attention to every little detail of your content. This is because even a little mistake can be detrimental to your goal.

Customers are very sensitive to mistakes. Even a spelling mistake can ruin your excellent content.

No matter how colorful visual you use, people focus on your mistake first. That is why pay attention to small details. Be it an image, video, or writing.

9.   Proofread Your Contents

We know, to err is human. You might miss out on some information, not necessarily always a mistake while paying attention. That is why always proofread your content by your peers or colleagues or even supervisors.

Keep a devil’s advocate on your team for constructive criticism. It is much needed for flawless and functional content.

10.  Play the Consistency Game

You might use a variety of elements for producing the content but keep the theme consistent. There should be consistency in each of your contents. People should be able to relate each of your contents with your brand logo, symbol, and tagline.

Lack of consistency creates a perplexing concept in the viewers’ minds. Contents that are relateable grab more attention. Besides when you are consistent, your brand image is more likely to be established permanently in customers’ minds.

11.  Promote Simultaneously

One of the Growth Hacks for Content Marketing is to promote to the right place to the right audience at the right time. Do not just stop sharing your content once and on one platform. Remind your customers about your content continuously by sharing them multiple times. Share them on different platforms too.

No, customers are not always annoyed. They are just reminded of your products, offers, and features. The best thing about social media is the audience spent a good amount of time there.

So share your content on multiple social sites (according to your target market). Moreover, even social media are connected. Link your social sites and share the same content.

In the cluttering world of marketing, your content might be good and responsive but needs to be reminded of. Therefore, promote simultaneously; better perception and better persuasion.

Wrapping Up

Not just for brand awareness, content marketing paves the way for the growth of your brand and connection with your potential customers.

With traditional marketing being replaced by new approaches to marketing every day, content marketing is certainly a promising strategy. It is a winning tool for your promotional management.

So, when are you Stepping Up Content Marketing Game?

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