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Instagram Marketing 2024: The Complete Guide to Instagram for Business16 min read

Using Instagram for business is not a marketing strategy anymore, rather it is a necessity that every marketer of businesses needs to fulfill. Though Instagram marketing is hyped nowadays, you need to understand the fact that you can stand among all the marketers if you are the competent one.


Because Instagram is a photo and video sharing social media platform where people emphasize more on creativity.

It is not necessarily important that you have to only focus on creativity because not everyone on the platform can crack up your ingenuities. Not everyone is that smart you know!

What is more important is that you have to make sense while being creative!

Having said that, you need to be on social media platforms since people are more driven towards those in this 21st century and Instagram is certainly a great platform to market your business.

Now, if you are wondering how you are going to do that, let us help you. We have come up with ‘Instagram Marketing: The Complete Guide to Instagram for Business which contains the best Instagram Business Tips, for you!

Keep reading below and learn how to market yourself efficiently on the platform of Instagram where 813+ Million users are active to date! Now that is one hell of an opportunity!

What you are going to see below is the best Instagram marketing secrets and you are going to be very prosperous if you follow the instructions accordingly.

Instagram Marketing: The Complete Guide to Instagram for Business

Getting Started

If you are planning to market your product through your personal Instagram profile then get rid of that idea. You need to have an Instagram business account in the first place.

Remember Facebook? Just the way you have to prepare a Page on Facebook to market your business on that platform is exactly the way you do on Instagram.

That being said, your business must have a Facebook Page which is required for switching to an Instagram business account.

Opening an Instagram account will require these:

  • Download Instagram from whichever Operating System (Android/IOS) you are using.
  • Open an account for your business: By that, I mean that you have to use your business name in the username of Instagram. I hope the name of your business is not that complex.
  • Do not worry if it is complex because your complex business name is not going to harm your marketing policies in any way. It is a plus if it is simple.
  • Choose the logo of your business as the profile picture of the Instagram profile.

After you have successfully opened the account, you need to optimize your BIO. Instagram Bio is the ABOUT section of the platform and people will get the idea here, of what you are offering.

So, make it clear and simple. You can simply use the VISION and MISSION statements of your business! That would be wise since those statements represent you!

You can even use relevant hashtags. Hashtags are really helpful on Instagram since people on Instagram search stuff using hashtags in the search option of the platform.

But firstly, open an account for your business on Instagram then comes the step where you switch to your business profile.

After you have successfully switched to the business account, Instagram will automatically include the information about your business from your Facebook page.

Yet, there will be some information that you need to include. For example, the contact information of your business so that interested people can directly contact you through Instagram. Isn’t that great?!

Other than these, you need some important notes to focus on:

  1. You must keep your account/profile public so that you reach the mass population
  2. You have the option to hide inappropriate comments. Comments are exciting but there are some comments that your opponents can make on your posts that can nullify your efforts. Instagram offers you an automatic comment hiding option.

To find the above-mentioned things out, explore the settings section, and set everything up properly.

After you build a house, you need to start doing the interior part.

That is exactly what you need to do now. After successfully opening an account and filling everything up, you have to start with the contents and that is where the real game is since people do not judge books by the covers anymore!

Create Contents

Now your job is more challenging yet, full of fun. What you are going to do here is that you create content, simple!

There are two types of content that we are talking about and those are:


Instagram is a photo-sharing app. That being said, it is not like you click random photos and post via your business account. Instagram promotes creativity and that is where the hard part is.

You cannot upload random pictures. Instead, try posting pictures that make sense to your target audience. If not, you are going to fail in the long run to drive traffic towards you.


Instagram is also a video-sharing app. So, just like we said above in the Photos section, you need to create relevant sense-making videos so that your audience gets attracted by your content.


Isn’t that an important question? Yes, it is! There will be some kind of specialties in every kind of picture and video.

Some will show your company’s culture, some will directly market a specific product and some of them will motivate your potential target audience to get involved with your business!

Do not get confused. It is not as complicated as it seems to be. The kinds that we are talking about are pictures and videos of:

  • Peek Through The Office Environment

It is a very good idea to show people, how you work in your office. Not necessarily every business has offices nowadays. Some work from home. Your home is also your workplace in that case and you get to take the pictures or videos or your set-up and post it there.

Do not worry about the fact that people will judge your level of competence if you show how you work. Let them judge you. If you are worthy then they will come to you sooner or later!

  • Re-Share From Employee’s/Follower’s Feed

This is about User Generated Content. Your colleagues or employees or even people somehow related to your business can share stuff on their feed which you can re-share from your business account on Instagram.

This is a great way to make your community- bigger and your level of authenticity- upper.

  • Teasers Of New Products

Just like we enjoy the trailers of the movies before they are out in the cinemas and get the idea of what the movies are about, we can have a teaser of your new products/services through Instagram! It is the technique of making people wait for your stuff to be launched.

  • Culture Of Your Business

Most of the successful Instagram marketers have been sharing their stories with mass people through social sites and especially Instagram since it is a photo-sharing app.

Photos are more powerful than words you know! Check out the Instagram feed of DUDE PERFECT and you will know how to share your culture!

  • Product line or Services offered

You can just take good quality pictures of your products. You can be creative and take pictures not like the old-fashioned product photograph styles with whiteboards but the products in action or use, however, you say!

In simple English, be creative while you are showing off your products.

For the services, you can just share the poster or banner whatever you have made. You can even take pictures of the printed posters that have been stuck to the walls already too!

It is not necessary and to some extent unwise to just post pictures of your products (if you are offering products). That is effective on Facebook, not on Instagram.

If you want to gain more traffic through marketing via Instagram then you have to be a bit more artistic and post stuff that would attract people.

It is like, you will post pieces of stuff that are related to your business and will give your audiences the idea about the culture and norms that you are following as well as about the products/services that you are offering.

There are some Instagram Photography Courses that you might want to check out!

Instagram will also connect you with the community that you have sworn to serve. It is indeed that powerful.

Important Note

You need to understand the fact that people nowadays are living a sophisticated life and it is an opportunity for you. While making content; whether they are photos or videos, you need to keep a few things in your mind, which are:

  • The quality of the pictures and videos on your Instagram feed must be high and the colors must be vibrant. MAKE SURE THAT YOUR DEVICE HAS A GOOD-QUALITY CAMERA.
  • You shall not post stuff randomly. Try to MAINTAIN A SEQUENCE. Do not post content anywhere, please!
  • Try to DELIVER MESSAGES through your content.
  • This one is very important: DO NOT POST STUFF EVERY DAY! Make your audience wait for your posts. But, make no mistake, you shall not be late because patience too has its limits.

It might seem funny to you but most of the people on Instagram indeed want to keep their Insta home, a nice-looking one!

This means that these people follow only those accounts that post creative, meaningful, and useful stuff.

So, it is now your mission to be in the feeds of the mass people. Make your own space!

Is your ‘Caption’ game strong?

After you have taken pictures and videos which are ready to be uploaded and be reached to people, now your job is to post them with a caption worth enough to waste time on!

This brings us to the very important question, IS YOUR ‘CAPTION’ GAME STRONG ENOUGH?

Since you are planning to create an impression of your brand on the mass of people on Instagram, you need to understand the fact that, the more unique and original content you post, the more traffic you will get.

The length of your Instagram post can a long enough like a paragraph or it can contain just one or two lines, even a few words too.

You can even just use only hashtags for your captions. The length of the caption of your post shall be depending on the message that you are looking forward to delivering to your audiences.

If your caption of just two words or a single hashtag delivers the message, then it is good to go. The only rule of captioning your posts on Instagram is that you need to make sense and be relevant.

If you post a picture of a dog and your caption looks like #themostfaithful, then it is good to go.

There shall be a tone of request on your captions along with the purchase link, while you are posting pictures or videos of your products or services, visit the link and try your brand. But remember, you shall seem bold rather than pleading.

It is better if you be exclusive along with being relevant while captioning your posts because people will love that.


As you can see in the pictures we have used different styles of captioning our posts in terms of their kinds.

This is the way you need to follow to make sense to your mass audience.

How to Be Seen on Instagram?

After you are done with the caption too, now your job is to be seen. More than 95 million photos are being uploaded on Instagram every day and 4.2 Billion likes are given per day. That means, 44 likes are given per post.

Is it effective? NO!

Getting 44 likes per post is not what you would want after so much hard work. So, there are some techniques that you will be needing to follow by which you can increase the reach of your posts and even your followers too!


Using Hashtags on Instagram is very helpful since it helps people explore new things by searching over using certain hashtags. If you use a certain hashtag, you become a part of that particular community of that hashtag.

For example, if you use #brands, you enter that particular community and when someone searches using that hashtag, your post will be seen by that person.

The usage of hashtags is essential to be seen among the mass 813+ Million population on Instagram. If you want to be seen and found by people you have targeted then you need to use hashtags.

You can also create a hashtag for your brand. Every famous brand on Instagram, use its unique hashtags along with other hashtags that are relevant to their posts.

Try to use those hashtags that are reached by mass people because that way it will be easy for you to reach people.


Setting up locations is also a great means of being seen on the feeds of the mass population.

Use locations wherever you can because people discover stuff by searching over particular locations too. Thanks to Instagram which has offered such features that are rarely on other social websites.

Tagging People

You can also tag your colleagues and employees to increase the number of people that you have reached so far because the community that you are attached to may not be the same as the community that your tagged people are attached to.

Acquaintances cannot be possibly similar though the earth is round, it is big too.

So, it will be a good idea to tag people on your posts so that your posts are seen on their feeds and that’s how you reach more people.

Sharing Instagram posts on Facebook

You can even share your Instagram posts on Facebook, that way you will reach your Facebook page’s followers too. They will get to know that you are on Instagram and they may become interested to be your Insta followers too, you never know!

The only target yours is to create a positive brand image on Instagram by which you will be earning more revenues, increasing every year.

Creating a brand image is not easy, whether it is positive or negative, so it is your job to do what you have to do as we mentioned earlier, and be patient because reaching mass people and making them your potential clients is not an easy task that can be done hastily.

Therefore, be efficient rather than expediting while implementing your strategies on Instagram because it is indeed a platform that contains people with a very sophisticated life.

Now that you are done with all the possible things you could do, it is time for you to wait. You have to be patient.

Do not fool yourself by using those Instagram followers’ hack tools as they will not be effective in the long run. Your job is to get organic followers as a result of your efforts because that will bring you great outcomes as well as inner peace.

Best Instahacks

There are some Instagram hacks that we would like to let you know about. If you are wondering after all these efforts, why you need to take care of these hacks then let us help you a bit. These hacks are necessities, they are the strategies that you can follow to achieve your goal.

Post Frequency

You shall be posting once every day. It is also a fact that posting more than once a day is not harmful. Surveys have found that the most successful Instagram marketers have not seen any downgrades in traffic even after posting more than once a week.

But, we suggest that you should post once a day and keep posting quality posts so that your audiences wait for you the next day!

Post timing

The timing of your posts shall be the free time of people according to whatever TIME ZONE you are in right now. People are work-oriented nowadays and they do not use social sites when they are working.

It will be a good idea to post stuff when people are free and according to your time zone, you fix your time to strike!

Please remember one thing, CONSISTENCY is the key to success when you are marketing via social media platforms.

Instagram Tools


Like Facebook, Instagram also allows you to use tools that show you your reach, and your outcomes and also suggests you do what is best. Woah!

Instagram Analytics gives you a vast review of your posts. It shows you how far you have gone, what are lacking, and what your strengths are. It also shows you the opportunities that you need to strike on!


Instagram Ads are very essential in terms of reaching a target community. Just like Facebook, you set up a plan to advertise your specific posts or the entire page.

Unfortunately, you cannot do that via Instagram. You need to do it via your Facebook page. Once your Facebook Page is connected to your Instagram Business Account, then Facebook Ads Manager will show you the ways to promote your posts on Instagram.

Ads are really helpful when you target a specific community to reach because these Ads are only shown in the feeds of those people who may become your potential customers in the nearest future.

Is Instagram the new Snapchat?

The reason that this question came up is that Instagram now offers the STORY mode which is similar to Snapchat but in a smaller way.

The posted stories on Instagram stay on the feed for exactly 24 hours and vanishes right after that just like Snapchat. It also offers a few types of videos that can be taken, Filters, and Emojis/GIFs.

You can use the story mode from your business account, certainly. But what you shall be putting on your stories? Your everyday tasks maybe? Or your sneak peeks of new ideas. Or even something that is somehow related to your business.

You can also put the limited offers on the stories because that way people will feel the rush to grab your offers since they will know that they only have 24 hours.

Wrapping Up

So, these are the Instagram Marketing Tips 2018 and you can even take the help of the Instagram marketing book that will add to your learnings finally to conclude, we do not have that much to say since we have said a lot and we do not want to end up becoming a Letter-box (Just Like Chatter-Box :D ) to you!

So, to be the next Instagram Marketing Sensation, all you need to do is, follow the instructions that we have given you to use Instagram for Business.

Most importantly, you’re most welcome if you have any further queries!

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