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7 Best Instagram Marketing Training Courses 20247 min read

Do you want the Best Instagram Training for Business? Here is the list of Best Instagram Marketing Courses Training Online and Tutorial for 2024 to assist you to become a hero on this Social Media platform.

Instagram is one of the most valuable social media marketing tools in recent days and is most popular with teens and young Millennials. Do you want to be an Instagram Marketing master?

The Instagram network had reached 800 million monthly active users, up from 600 million in December 2016.

In the United States, more than half of Instagram’s user base is between 18 and 29 years old whereas out of the total global users 41 percent are 24 years of age or younger.  (Source: Statista September 2017)

If you are looking for an Instagram marketing strategy save this list of Best Instagram Marketing Courses Online to get huge ideas about social media marketing.

More than 800 Million people now actively use Instagram in the whole world right now. What does that mean to you? Is it not an opportunity?

It certainly is! But, is not Instagram a video and photo-sharing app where the users put their photos and videos daily, sometimes hourly? So, how can you possibly market your brand on this social site?

Efficiency is smartness. So, you need to be smart to positively market your brand through Instagram.

Instagram is also smart like Facebook which helps you to specify your potential target market demographically, psychographic, and many other ways that can be taken.

Instagram also helps you to use #hashtags that can be used on your posts so that people see your post when they search for a certain hashtag.

Also, you can pay Instagram to promote your brand so that certain posts of yours, show up on your potential target market’s feed.

Plus, you can link your Instagram to your other social sites, especially Facebook. Therefore, you can share your Instagram posts on your Facebook page’s timeline. The earth is round!

With these Best Instagram Marketing Training programs, you will know how to get paid to work for brands and advertisers and be able to build a different organic growth strategy based on the new algorithm on Instagram.

You will also discover to make viral unique content design, sources of free royalty images, editing video from your mobile phone, the best Mobile apps for Instagram Marketing, and use of Hashtags and Tags Strategy that works for your business.

These Best Instagram Marketing Courses and certifications programs include the ‘Best Course,’ ‘Product Description,’ ‘Ratings,’ ‘Students Enrolled’ as well as ‘Product’s Image’ and a “Call to Action”  to purchase the Courses from the respective learning platforms for your learning convenience.

7 Best Instagram Marketing Training Courses, Tutorials, and Classes 2024

1. Instagram Marketing: Complete Guide to Instagram Growth


One of the best Instagram courses to attract hyper-targeted Instagram followers, convert followers into paying customers, & expand your brand using Instagram.

You will learn:

  • Have a powerful Instagram account setup for your Business or personal so that you can build your brand and convert your followers into paying customers.
  • Attract 10,000 real targeted followers to your Instagram account.
  • Convert your new Instagram followers to long-term loyal paying customers who love your business.
  • What sets this apart from other Instagram management & marketing courses?
  • This course will guide you step by step on how to utilize functions and features to grow your account and market your business.

**By the end of this course, you will know all the strategies for you to grow your followers and convert your successful Instagram statistics into sales and loyal fans.


  • Should download Instagram onto a mobile device.

Students Enrolled: 190.58K+

Instructor: Benjamin Wilson, Entrepreneur Academy

Rating: 4.4 out o 5.0

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2. Instagram Training Course: Make Money on Instagram as an Instagram Influencer


Learn with this best Instagram course How to Grow and Monetize your Instagram: Step by Step Guide to Start Making Money from your Instagram account.

You will learn:

  • Make Money with Instagram
  • Convert your Instagram followers into Paying Customers
  • Get Sponsors and Paid Partnerships
  • Grow your Instagram Account
  • Create and grow a Personal Brand to monetize it
  • How to contact Sponsors and Brands in Auto Pilot


  • Instagram account
  • Will learn new skills and make money on Instagram

Students Enrolled: 13.51K+

Instructors: António Araújo, Marina Arantes

Rating: 4.1 out of 5.0

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3. Instagram Marketing: How To Promote Anything On Instagram


Step-by-Step Instagram Masterclass: Learn the secrets of Instagram Marketing.

You will Learn

  • How to set up an effective Instagram account!
  • The techniques to create Amazing content on Instagram for Lead Generation
  • To become an Influencer and the benefits of an Instagram Influencer
  • How to find out your target Audience on Instagram
  • The Secrets to getting 10,000 real and engaging followers on Instagram
  • To promote your product and services on Instagram
  • The Secrets to increasing your post engagement by 10x
  • How to get targeted customers and make money on Instagram


  • Should be able to use PC and Mobile

Students Enrolled: 26.01k+

Instructor: Express Skills, Academy by James Renua, Nick Parker, First Look Digital Marketing Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Rating: 4.1 out of 5.0

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4. Instagram Business – Sell On Instagram – Customer Psychology


How To Use Instagram For Business: Instagram Business Strategy: Start Business – Instagram: Instagram Business Page

You will learn:

  • Secrets of creating a polished Instagram profile
  • Turn Instagram visitors into followers, fans, paying customers, and long-term supporters of your brand.
  • Online Instagram business strategies and customer psychology tactics.
  • What sets this apart from other courses is that I am as real as it gets.
  • You can check out my IG account and see what I am doing and posting in real-time!


  • Should have a phone that runs Instagram
  • Being able to use a smartphone at a beginner level
  • Should have a PC and be able to use it at a beginner level

Students Enrolled: 15.69K+

Instructor: Jun Wu – Social Media Influencer, James Bruce

Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0

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5. The Complete Instagram Marketing Training


Master Instagram marketing and Instagram Ads to grow your account with the RIGHT followers and then convert them into leads.

You will learn:

  • Create an Instagram marketing game plan
  • Start attracting the RIGHT type of followers on Instagram
  • Start converting Instagram followers into business leads
  • Create Instagram Ads in a matter of minutes
  • Learn about Instagram tools for analytics, scheduling, and saving time


  • A computer (PC or MAC)
  • Instagram mobile app
  • Basic know-how of Facebook Ads

Students Enrolled: 5.46K+

Instructor: Ali Mirza

Rating: 3.6 out of 5.0

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6. Instagram Marketing Bot : Easily Get 100+ Followers Per Day

Don’t have 10,000 Instagram followers yet? Learn Instagram automation PLUS essential Instagram marketing strategies.

You will learn:

  • Gain targeted followers every day
  • Instagram marketing ideas and strategies
  • Automate 5+ Instagram accounts at the same time
  • Comment and like targeted images
  • Upload images/videos at any time and date (with captions)
  • Use the best settings to gain followers on any Instagram account


  • Instagram account (or plan to make one)
  • FollowLiker software/license
  • Basic understanding of how Instagram works & its interface

Students Enrolled: 2.12K+

Instructor: Aaron Ward

Rating: 3.9 out of 5.0

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7. Instagram Marketing Crash Course for Entrepreneurs


Instagram Marketing – Learn the most powerful strategies and methods of how to use Instagram to build your business!

You will Learn

  • How to Get Thousands of New Followers On Instagram
  • To Build A Brand On Instagram
  • To Create Viral Images That Attract People
  • To Use Videos To Market Correctly
  • To Use Instagram Stories Efficiently
  • To Build Businesses From Scratch On Instagram


  • No prior experience or special equipment is needed.

Students Enrolled: 2.10K+

Instructor: Sorin Constantin

Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0

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The good old days of marketing through TV commercials, Newspapers, and Billboards are gone. Since people now are trying to cope by socializing through social sites, so it is indeed an opportunity for you that you need to grab as fast as you can.

Because you have competitors and they are smart. They will try to get your target market by any means and they will do it if you are reluctant. So, be cleverer and grab what you need to grab!

So, are you ready to have Instagram followers, faster and more efficiently than ever? Learn with these best Instagram Course step-by-step Instagram Marketing techniques to get thousands of real targeted followers so that you can promote your product or services every single day.

These Best Instagram Marketing Training Courses Online programs will help to build your Instagram marketing journey.

Happy Learning!

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