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12 Free Ways To Gain Twitter Followers Fast 20249 min read

Do you know, how to gain followers on Twitter? Well, it seems that you want massive followers on your Twitter profile. Learn how to gain Twitter followers fast completely for free.

Start applying these proven methods right now from the beginning and get solid positive results faster than you can imagine. Yes, you read it right; you can grow your Twitter followers organically without even spending a penny.

Nowadays, people trust industry influencers more than big corporations. You can promote yourself and your expertise on Twitter to build your personal brand. As soon as you gain the trust, authority, and fame in your industry, you can easily launch other new products or help mega brands to generate leads through your influence on social media.

The main reason for using social media is to develop trust and authority. If you don’t know what social media can do, go and check out some of my favorite Twitter rock-stars’ profiles like Cynthia Johnson, Kim GarstBrian D. Evans, and Leonard Kim. They have totally nailed it. They know how to do the right things correctly and what to deliver in front of their audience.

It is all about how much engagement you have with your Twitter audience. The more you focus on your audience, the more you will grow. Ask questions to your audience, identify their problems, and provide a good solution in the form of content to value them.

You can definitely spend money and get more Twitter followers, but the rate of engagement you will get is going to be very low which will prove how low your social authority is.

It’s all about your branding strategy, what you want to do with your social media audience and where you want to see them.

There are more than 317 million monthly active Twitter users on Twitter (Sources: Statista). So you can understand the golden opportunity that you have on Twitter.

There are a lot of Twitter growing tips and tricks, both paid and unpaid, available on different blogs and business agency websites. If you ask me, How can I increase free Twitter followers fast?

Below are some proven tips and tricks that I use to gain more followers on Twitter and you can skyrocket your Twitter followers too.

12 Free Ways To Gain Twitter Followers Fast

1. Make an Authentic Profile

People like people, not robots. Stay real, provide actual information, and make an appropriate Twitter profile. The key to success on Twitter is to create a strong profile. Since the majority of the people like to find out your profile before following you.

Profiles with a real photo, professional background are definitely more appealing to anyone. You should use a photo of your own for your personal account and your business’s logo for your Twitter business account.

Set up a cover photo of such a kind that as soon as anyone views your profile they can easily understand what type of tweets they expect from you.

You can also put a link to your website or blog below the description in the Twitter profile. Enable your location to find out where you are from.

Try to be creative, check other industry influencers’ Twitter profiles to get a clear idea, and let the audience know why they should follow you.

2. Be Consistent

We all know that consistency is the key to success. I bet that you know it as well. But you need to prove it by continuously being present on Twitter.

You may be busy with other important schedules and building your business, but it’s not a problem if you are busy; you can still ensure your social media presence.

There are a lot of social media management tools available to automate your tweets. You can choose the free ones when you start and can buy the paid ones later. Or you can start with the paid ones if you wish.

3. Share Content Repeatedly

To get massive exposure, share your content repeatedly because most of the Twitter users are not checking their Twitter feed 24/7. So you have to ensure maximum exposure by sharing the same content repeatedly. But make sure that it does not get annoying for your followers. If it does then they will not remain your followers for long.

You can use a social media management tool that will help you re-schedule your tweets.  There are some awesome tools you can use:

  • Hootsuite (Free & Paid),
  • Buffer (Free & Paid),
  • Sprout Social (Paid) and
  • TweetDeck (Free)

Using one of the above social media management tools will assist you to present consistently your awesome content in front of your audience.

4. Create Valuable Content

If you really want to get some massive and quality Twitter followers fast, you have to create and share contents that provide value to the audience. Content is the King – this was true in the past and it is true in the present as well.

Don’t tweet tweets like “Earn $1000 dollars every day with your Twitter account while your Twitter profile has only 100 followers.” That sounds too good to be true and it truly is. So make sure that your tweets are legit.

Always ensure that you provide contents that are worth sharing with your audience, and it is the best way to gain trust from the audience.

5. Retweet and Comment on Relevant Contents

While it comes to retweet content from others, make sure that is relevant to your industry and you read the content before a retweet.

Commenting on relevant content creates real value, by which you can easily get notified by your target audience as well as influencers.

6. Identify Industry Influencers

Do you know your industry influencers on Twitter? If you don’t then you are not on the right track. You have to identify your thought leaders on Twitter because you need to know why and how they became successful in their industry and get more Twitter followers.

Search to identify leaders of your industry and share their content as well, and don’t forget to give credits and mention them.

The tweet in the image above clearly mentions an industry influencer Mr. Leonard Kim, CEO of Influence Tree. And it has increased the number of impressions. It means that a lot of people has seen your tweet.

Two best-known tools to find your thought leaders from the same industry:

  • Klout
  • Followerwonk by Moz

Another great way to place yourself in front of influencers is to get involved in an ongoing relevant conversation but make sure you know the subject matter before making any statement.

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7. Use Visuals:

Organize your Tweets with an attractive title, a link, and relevant visuals to attract more audience. A tweet having visuals get more retweets compared to a tweet without an image.

Using infographics can be an enormous way of getting followers. People like to share visuals with others, and ultimately get more retweets and likes.

8. Use Hashtags

Use hashtags in your tweets. A tweet with a hashtag gets more exposure and shares. Use two or three hashtags for every tweet and stick to it. You will get a good number of followers quickly.

Don’t use way too many hashtags if you don’t want to be marked as a spammer. Twitter hashtags are a great way to get more Twitter followers for your Twitter account.

The below tweet got 532+ retweets and 387+ favorites because targeted hashtags were used to ensure maximum reach on Twitter.

9. Identify Your Best Tweet Time:

Your target users might not be available when you are tweeting. In this instance, you need to identify your best tweet time. Based on the time you tweet, you will get a different level of exposure on Twitter. A number of tools are available to find out your best tweet time for your audience.

You can find out the best time to tweet with the top four tools below:

  • TweetStats
  • Tweriod
  • TweetReports
  • TweetWhen

10. Take Advantages of Twitter Analytics To Free Gain Twitter Followers Fast:

Take some time to analyze your tweets. A perfect way to understand and grow your Twitter audience is to review the number of impressions your tweets had, how many of your audience took actions e.g. likes, clicks on the link, retweets, replies you got from a specific tweet, and then compare it with your other tweets. You can easily understand which method is working for you and which one isn’t working.

Subsequently, you can also know how many people unfollowed or followed you and what your followers’ demographic information, gender, interests among other things are.

According to the result of the analysis, tweak your strategy, and repeat the process that is beneficial to build your personal brand and social authority.

Below are the statistics for March 2018 of Jamil Ahmed Twitter Profile. @ahmedjr_16 tweets earned 2.7M impressions over this 28 day period. During this 28 day period, I have earned over 93.2K impressions per day. Through this Twitter analytics, I can easily scale up my next coming month’s Twitter strategy.

11. Two-sided Conversations:

Treat your followers as people. Talk to your audience on Twitter. Let them know that you value each and every one of them. In the end, the rate of engagement matters, not the number of followers.

Reply to your audience when they ask you a question. And thank them for mentioning you in their tweets. Responding to a follower on Twitter accomplishes both. Twitter allows your brand to stand out from the crowd by interacting with the audience.

12. Understand Marketing Trends: 

To keep yourself aligned with the other influencers, you have to know and follow the industry trends. To grow and stay top of the market, you should align your marketing strategy so that you can grow your business or brand too.

Final Word

So where do you think you can take your business in the next 90 days? Set a time frame and make some strategies to build your audience.

If you’re serious about your business and want to increase your Twitter followers, you should research for a while, check Twitter analytics, know your audience, and apply the methods that work for you. It’s not something like you can’t do, just follow these simple tips to get more Twitter followers, I am sure you can do it.

Posting engaging and informative content to your audience will definitely build trust and this will ultimately help you to grow faster.

Let me know in the comments below what you think about these methods and any other methods that you find helpful to gain Twitter followers fast.

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