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9 Solid Reasons Why Invest in Social Media Marketing 20247 min read

Do you know, Why Invest in Social Media Marketing? And why you and your company should have an excellent Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Social Media and Marketing are creating networks both among people and among different businesses and their customers. With the introduction of online business, social media marketing has bloomed and created a wholly new sector in the marketing zone- Digital Marketing.

However, social media as a marketing platform has not been limited to online businesses. Almost every business invested both time and money in social media.

Still, there are many companies found skeptical and reluctant to invest in social media.

Involving in social media and marketing raises the question of what results might possibly be achieved. On the contrary, what marketing says about the difficulty to measure the reach of marketing investment, social media marketing answers it effectively.

So, the next time you face the challenge of your management’s doubt about your SMM efforts, explain to them these

9 Solid Reasons (Why Invest in Social Media Marketing)

1. To Reach Your Target Customers

When you open a business account on any of the social media sites, whether Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or even Snapchat, the sites themselves take information or profile of your targeted customers.

This is because those sites place your business page ads among your targeted customers’ newsfeeds. Hence, it is much easier to reach your target customers.

The effort of reaching the customers is taken care of by the sites and only your content or marketing efforts are required for your company’s page. The only other thing required is your little investment in boosting up the page you created.

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2. To Connect with Customers Easily

Since in every social media site there are interactive options like reacting to a post or messaging you or commenting on your post, you can find a number of ways to connect with your customers.

With just a few clicks, with much less time, the interaction between you and your customers takes place. Thus, save your time and money.

3. To Receive Honest Feedback from Customers

Nevertheless, receiving feedback from customers is faster and easier. You will not only get to know their opinions about your products, and services, but you also tend to get messages from them, asking for support or even their queries. This gives you benefit in your company’s research and development.

When you ask for feedback or take a survey about your products or services face to face, it is time-consuming and expensive and most importantly the respondents tend to provide false answers or feedback.

In social media, the respondents tend to provide their honest perceptions more. Besides, online surveys or feedback is more time-saving, inexpensive, and has the most chances of authentic records with minimal errors.

4. To Know the Trend of Your Target Customers

The interactive content that you produce for getting your customers engaged also helps you to know about their demands, their complaints, and their expectations.

As mentioned above, investing time in social media benefits your research about your target segment’s behavioral and psychological aspects and makes the research much less trouble-free.

Consequently, you can forward your research to them and their valuable demands and expectations to the product team for the product development process.

You can improve, modify, or even customize your products or service according to your customers’ reviews if you have a solid Social Media Marketing Strategy.

5. Word of Mouth Spreads Faster

One of the common strategies for getting more followers or acquiring customers to your page is promoting “Giveaway Contests”.

This mostly occurs on Facebook.  For example, an online page might forward conditions for Giveaway contests like:

  • Like and Follow our Page
  • Tag your 50 friends in Comments
  • Share this post as a public post
  • You can be the lucky winner!

The surprising thing is, no matter how old this Social Media Marketing Strategy is or how common it gets, it WORKS! The reason is clear.

The ones customers are tagging in comments are intrigued to participate in the contest too. The result? You get more likes or followers for your business page who are your potential customers.

This is one way of spreading word of mouth faster.

Most loyal customers or followers of your page tend to recommend your products/services to their acquaintances too. All you need is the planning of the right content, the right strategies, and your investment in Lucrative Giveaway Gifts or Eye-catching content/marketing strategies.

And just like traditional word of mouth, the word of mouth for your business page on social sites also spreads faster.

6. Brand Endorsement in Social Media Influences More

There are many “Social Media Celebrities” who have a large fan following for their content or posts. Endorsing your brand through them is another effective medium of reaching out to your customers and influencing them to buy your products or services.

7. Social Media Marketing Strategy Easily Create Brand Awareness

With the right content and strategies, you may have your desired customers as your business page’s followers.

Moreover, once you acquire loyal customers, word of mouth spreads faster like mentioned above and your brand gets high exposure to other audiences too.

You might even get followers who endorse your brand with their own effort and intention. These type of informal endorsements influences more and create brand awareness.

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8. To Measure the Marketing Result

The social sites give you access to analytics of each of your posts- how many views you received, what reactions customers have, the statistics of followers, likes, and popularity every week, and month.

Furthermore, you can also obtain the details of the analytics by creating a specific social media market.

For example, you posted a video. You’ll be able to see, the numbers of the audience who clicked the video, who saw the whole video, or who only saw the post.

The analytics help you demonstrate how much reach you have achieved through your marketing efforts.

Also, you get to know if your content is targeting the right potential segments or not or how much your content is influencing.

9. Investing in Social Media Being Budget Friendly

Investing money in social media is much low comparatively. All you need to invest more in your time and efforts into social media marketing.

At a low cost, you get to boost your page, make it known to your targeted customers, and sponsor ads on different sites. Additionally, you achieve all of the above mentioned benefits at a much lower cost.

Bonus: Tips for Solid Social Media Marketing Strategy

Tip-1: Plan your social media content not only for your products or services but also for all the national and international festivals, and events.

For example, Independence Day Posts, Victory Day ads, Women’s Day offers, etc. These promote your brand plus serve the purpose of PR too.

Tip-2: Before investing in SSM (marketing), research which sites your target customers use the most- it may be Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, YouTube, etc. Investing in the wrong site may backfire instead of proving to be profitable.

Tip-3: Remember, people are being more technological friendly than ever. Clutter exists in social media too. Therefore, plan attractive, eye-catching content so that you can catch your target customer’s attention.

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Wrapping Up

People are virtually more active than ever and now you know why to invest in Social Media Marketing. Social media has become a revolutionary platform for business and marketing.

Your customers, influencers, endorsers, buyers everyone has accounts on social sites. Hence, it is a platform for networking with them.

If you don’t know how to get started? You can get help from a lot of social media marketing companies out there. Choose a digital marketing agency that suits your budget and marketing strategy.

Your chance to build up a relationship with customers in return for a value (profit) has become easily accessible and less-effort giving.

So, don’t just invest your money, invest your time too in social media marketing.

Are there any more benefits of investing in social media you can think of? Please mention in the comments.

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