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Just launched your business? Planning for making your target market aware of you? Confused why you need to create brand awareness in the first place?

Remember, a brand is just not any popular product or symbol of a company nor does it only belong to premium products or companies.

You launched a company, you can create your own brand. A brand can be the unique name, symbol, logo of your company. It can be features, benefits, perceptions, promises.

It is mainly how you want your customers to recall or perceive the image of your company.

Nevertheless, it is important to reach out to your potential clients. Reaching your customers also means to create brand awareness among your target market.

And note that, you should reach out to them in a way they can connect with your brand. The way you create brand awareness affects the way customers perceive your brand.

Investing in Brand awareness marketing is challenging in the sense that management requires convincing ROI logic.

As a matter of fact, you need a brand awareness strategy planned out if you want active customers followed by your branding reach.

There are some common forms of marketing like PR, advertisements which always work for brand awareness for sure. However, here are stated some advanced, trendy tactics you can follow for growing brand awareness.

Thus, find here the best ways to build brand awareness for different types of newly launched business!

12 Proven Ways to Create Brand Awareness

1. Co-branding

Perhaps, this is one of the effective ways to spread your brand’s presence. You have collected your target market’s profile. Make sure to collect which brands are famous for your target market.

It will help to decide with whom you can co-brand. Generally, it is better to co-brand with a complementary product of your core product or service. That way, customers can relate more to your brand.

Tip: Your target market might focus on the co-brand and cross out your brand. Plan a strategy in such a way that your brand exposure is not opt-out in the midst of co-brands presence.

2. Referral Marketing

This tactic works effectively if you initially can grab a portion of your target market successfully with a ‘clever marketing strategy’. This strategy can be better explained with an example.

One commendable brand awareness example is that of UBER. When UBER launched in Bangladesh, it had a first-mover advantage in the industry.

However, the first-mover advantage only worked when they acquired their target market. For doing so, they set up referral marketing. They offered free rides to customers who invited their acquaintances to use UBER.

And guess what? It worked. The ‘clever marketing strategy’ here was the free rides. However, note that this free ride offer was limited.

You too, when creating such tactics, should keep the brand awareness campaign limited to a specific time. The downside is that once a customer gets used to offers like such, they don’t use your product without any offers.

To handle the downside, you have to come up with a new marketing strategy.

As for the brand awareness campaign example of UBER, you can say that this strategy best works for increasing brand awareness for service.

3. Paid Social Media Promotion

Whether you have an online business page or just a social media page for your company, boost your page through paid promotion. Paid promotion boosts your manual efforts of promoting your page.

While you work for paid social media promotion, you might notice that social media asks about your target market profile.

That is, you actually pay for getting your brand exposure on your potential customers’ newsfeeds.

Therefore, create such content or copyright such that people tend to follow your business page or at least become curious about your company.

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4.  Growing Brand Awareness via Social Media Contest

Contests can get you many followers followed by brand exposure. But note that, the ‘prize’ of the contest should be attractive and demanded by your target market. This is a type of referral marketing too if you analyze it.

You create a contest for the existing followers of your page or profile. Whatever content you plan, for brand exposure, keep these two strategies must:

  • Aspire your followers to add more followers
  • Make your followers share your post

Now, these two strategies can be creatively implemented aligned with your content in social media. Aren’t contests common in social media? Well, the answer is yes. Don’t worry, it still works fruitfully.

5. Sponsor an Event

One of the brand awareness campaigns includes sponsoring an event. Sponsoring an event has the maximum chance of brand awareness. Whether be a title sponsor of the event or platinum or gold sponsor, you can hit the maximum exposure both outside and inside the event. Along with the event, your brand gets promoted too.

Although the investment in event sponsoring is a lot higher, brand awareness is higher too.

6. Participate in an Event

If your budget does not cover sponsorship fees, try at least participating in events. This is your one big chance to get different segments of your target market assimilated into one place. Participating in fairs or events not only exposes your brand but also gets your product sold too.

One of the features of being in an event is your customers will expect discounts or offers from you. So before participating make marketing strategies for your products or services.

7. Regular Billboards

Sure outdoor advertisements are a great way to expose your brand. Conversely, they cost a lot, you cannot measure the reach of your advertisements, and most importantly, people opt out of information due to clutter.

To avoid such disadvantages, your billboard ad must be catchy, and creative. Now what exactly creative billboards are? Just google some creative billboard examples for getting an idea. [Do not copy those of course].

8. Mobile Billboards

If you have a budget constraint in the case of regular billboards, you can use mobile billboards. A budget-friendly way to your brand exposure strategy is the use of mobile billboards.

This works excellently as a brand awareness tool. Since the billboards are mobile or in motion in different areas, your brand message can be sent to your potential customers.

Some examples of mobile billboards are the ads on the vehicles, on the side of the truck mainly. The benefit here is that you can take this step of brand awareness on the vehicles that travel on your target market’s geographical location.

9. Transit Branding

You can advertise your product on services at the airport, railway stations, subways, or even a shopping cart. These are basically some of the transit advertisements.

Railway stations and airports are places of a great crowd and great advertisements too (clutter alert again!). So, it is easier to raise awareness about your brand through these places.

10. Guerrilla Marketing

Have you ever seen graffiti or flash mobs or stickers bombing or flyers in shopping malls? If you have you might notice that these are sponsored by certain companies.

This is exactly what guerrilla marketing is. Added advantage besides brand awareness is that these are low-cost, unconventional means. So here you go another budget-friendly brand awareness strategy.

11. Packaging & Shelf Effect

Accept it or not, the packaging of your products speaks a lot about your brand. Your target customers’ decision to purchase your product depends on your packaging too.

Your packaging design should be sophisticated but easy to deal with and should include necessary instructions (if relevant). Reminder- attractive packages catches the attention of customers.

But what creates brand awareness more persuasive is your separate shelf (full of your products) in shops, superstores.

Have you seen the Nescafe shelf in a separate section in the superstore? Or that Dove shelf? Or the Pond’s booth? This separate shelf acts as an effective brand awareness implementation.

The superstores might charge you differently for each shelf or stage of the shelf (front or back) depending on the exposure location.

12. Brand Awareness for B2B

Generally, Business-to-Business or B2B marketing adopts direct marketing or door-to-door sales. However, B2B marketing requires certain brand recognition too.

With a well-established brand, it is easier to convince and acquire loyal customers. Furthermore, the more trusted a brand is, the more the retention of customers.

So you can already guess why brand awareness is important in the B2B sector.

Once again, know your potential clients’ profiles. Determine what they need. Then reach up to them.

This can be done by co-sponsoring an event with them or setting up a campaign in their office or being a part of the employee benefits of your client (the companies).

Some corporate offices allow advertisements inside their premises. That is an excellent opportunity for brand awareness. Also, the content in B2B marketing varies from that of B2C.

Strive to create such content that the target clients become curious about you and contact you.

Once the contact has been made, the rest is in sales marketing. Brand awareness is something that assists and brings customers to the sales department of marketing. Branding shows the way sales reach the destination.

Since email is the formal medium of corporate communication, plan on your email contents too. Create e catchy subject line that your potential clients tend to open the mail in the first place.

Carefully choose your wordings; they should be convincing. You can be a bit flexible but do not be too informal. Put your company logo on the ending sign of your mail.

That plays a role in brand awareness as well.

Wrapping Up

Often while reaching out to a target market, you realize that you need both reach them and create an image of your firm in them both.

Building perceptions about your products, services, and values of your company are not fully out of your hand.

Your strategy to create brand awareness can shape, alter, and form the belief or perceptions of your product in your customers’ minds.

Thus, take control of Growing brand awareness. Most of the tactics or steps here are some forms of support media. It is important to realize that your brand awareness helps you to achieve customers and their trust too.

And there is a limit to creativity. Every marketing strategy is strengthened by creativity. For your unique content, you can win hearts.

Was this relatable? Got some more ideas to build brand awareness? Share in the comments.

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